A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers – episode 19


Hi guys….I am back with another part…sorry I couldn’t reply for your comments. Thanks for your support guys…so here goes the next episode.
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All were laughing seeing om and ishana’s singing fight . Om silently escaped from the room and ishana ran into the washroom.
Om was smiling to himself thinking about ishana not even noticing that anika is standing infront of him .
Anika : om my leg is paining leave some place for me to sit….
Om realised that anika was standing and asked her to sit.
Om : anika I am sorry….didn’t notice you.
Anika : I know you would have been dancing for a duet song with ishana…
Om : yes….no…no…I mean..
Anika : what yes no…you are confusing now a days.
Om : I am confused anika….I don’t know what’s wrong with me….
Anika : you…and wrong they won’t gel together. Speak your heart out may be I can also be a relationship guru like you…
Om : anika I am confused…I like ishana infact I love her that I always want her around me but when she is very close to me suddenly the thought that she left me a day before our marriage pops up in my mind and that’s it anger fills my head and I hurt her with my words…
Anika : I know you don’t do anything foolish but you do have some qualities of both of your brothers….see om it hurts when someone cheats you….but in this case ishana didn’t cheat you….she was trapped as you were trapped. The only difference is that you were trapped by ranveer and she by roop bua. Think om if she wasn’t related to you they wouldn’t have tortured her family.
Om : my problem is that I understand all these things said by you and agree to each and every fact but I couldn’t forgive her.
Anika : it’s because you value truth more than anything else….you are not angry on her because she left you or that she took the video….your angriness is a result that she hid everything from you…am I right.

Om : yes…you are right but tell me what should I do now….my head is breaking .
Anika : take my case….I left billuji saying that you live your life with tia but my heart didn’t want to do it….I am also a person who follows what my heart says but sometimes brains are not less . That day I followed my brain and left him . If I haven’t done that your brother wouldn’t have realised his mistake. Now I am the happiest person in the world. Sometimes following brain will also help…all I wanted to say is think.
She was about to leave when om held her hands….
Can I lie down on your lap for sometime….
Anika gave a gentle smile….you are always welcome….
After sometime om slept and anika helped him lie on bed and silently went out of the room .
She saw some hooded man walking in the corridor and was shocked….
Anika : who is that?
The man slowly walked towards her . Anika was trembling with fear and no words came from her mouth.

The man came near him and said there you are….
Anika : billuji…you…oh god I got scared…
Shivaay : actually I must be scared seeing you walking in a white gown and also your free hair adds more ghostly look towards it…..but you know what you look like a cute ghost.
Anika : you…you…are cat…you are impossible and why are you roaming like this.
Shivaay : I was searching for you…
Anika: I was in om’s room….why you didn’t sleep till now?
Shivaay : how can I sleep without having my doll .
Anika : billuji….you are grown up….do you still have the habit of sleeping with a doll?
Shivaay(shouting) : panika….the doll is you…you can’t even understand even a single thing.
Anika : okay…okay…don’t shout all will wake up.
Shivaay : ya it’s correct then rudra will come and tell why are we romancing in the corridor as it is only for bromance….
Shivaay and anika laughed….

Next day morning rudra was getting ready to give those papers as instructed by the mysterious lady….
Without even having his breakfast he ran out of the house and saumya was worriedly looking at him. Shivaay who noticed that started enquiring saumya….

Shivaay : saumya….is everything okay.
Saumya : bhaiya…actually…there is something wrong with rudra.
Shivaay : what?
Saumya : yes bhaiya….I am sure he is disturbed….three to four days before he got a call as he was unavailable I took the call….a girl…I mean a kid of may be 7 or 8 years talked….from her way of speaking itself It was evident that the girl is close to him….
Shivaay : did you ask him about that?
Saumya : every time I start the topic there is some distraction bhaiya…and finally I end up not asking him.
And now only I remembered that day his gym staff brought him home na….my friend called the very next day and told me that after attending a call only he sat on shock like that…..
Shivaay : why you didn’t tell me saumya?
Saumya: I thought….it’s nothing serious but yesterday night fully he didn’t sleep…I am afraid bhaiya…
Shivaay after a lot of thinking he asked saumya to come with him and left in car….
Anika who didn’t know this was searching for Shivaay….
Ishana : didi….. bhaiya and saumu went out now only….
Anika : oh….but he told that he will take me to see the land to set up the wedding planning agency….
Ishana : I think he had some urgent work with saumya..so what we both will go and see the land….
Anika : but I don’t know the place….he said that land belongs to one of his clients and his name is Mr. Sharma…
Ishana : this information is enough….
Anika : how?
Ishana : we will directly go the art gallery our Zulfi Singh Oberoi would definitely know about Sharma…we will drag him with us…that’s it so simple…
Anika was giggling hearing Zulfi Singh Oberoi….finally she too agreed and they both went to the art gallery….
On the other side saumya and shivaay some how tracked rudra…..he went inside a old rice mill….he gave the papers to the masked lady.
Shivaay and saumya were hiding and seeing this…..
Saumya : who is that lady and what is that rudra is giving her….it looks like document papers….
Hearing this a thought strikes in shivaay’s mind….oh god no we should not let this happen.
Saumya : bhaiya….what happened?
Shivaay : he is selling our company shares…he got om and my sign yesterday and we both signed without looking it for once….
Saumya : bhaiyaa come let’s stop him…
They both ran towards rudra….seeing them the lady ran with all the papers….Shivaay chased her but within seconds she vanished….
Saumya was eyeing rudra angrily and rudra was in a shock seeing them there…..
Saumya(in an angry tone): who is that lady and what did you give her?
Rudra wasn’t able to speak a word and was kept on swallowing in fear…
Saumya lost her temper and shouted……I know what you did now….how cheap you have become….you are a fraud rudra….you forged your own brothers to sell the shares of the company….get out of my sight otherwise I will do something….don’t ever show your face to me.
Shivaay : saumya….don’t scold him there should be some reason….I trust him…
Rudra hugged Shivaay and started crying uncontrollably……Shivaay and saumya were confused….
Shivaay : rudra….just calm down and tell me what happened….I want to help you….tell me…
Rudra : I didn’t cheat you bhaiya but I didn’t have another option…..I am sorry….
Shivaay : I know…I know…now tell me who is that lady and what are you hiding from us….
Rudra took saumya and shivaay to a house that is located far away from the city…..
A cute little girl of 7 years came running to rudra and hugged and kissed his cheeks in happiness…..seeing Shivaay and saumya the girl went near them…
Girl : Rudy….this is Shivaay bhaiya right.
Shivaay was surprised….he bent down and asked the girl how she knew him.
Girl : Rudy only showed your photo….he also told that you are his superman.
She then went near saumya and called her sumo bhabi…..Rudy told that you like parathas…..I also love them .
Shivaay and saumya were staring at rudra…..
Rudra : bhaiya and sumo this is Kiara……
Shivaay : who is she?
Kiara : I am his sister bhaiya…..no…no…I am both of your sister…
Rudra : where is your caretaker ?
Kiara : she is inside…
Rudra : you too go in I will come afterwards….
Kiara : pinky promise….
Rudra : pinky promise…you go in.
The girl left and rudra turned towards shivaay and saumya who were now hell confused…..
Saumya : rudra….what’s going on….
Rudra : she is my sister…..
Shivaay : if she calls you bhaiya then she is your behen and I know that.
Rudra : no bhaiya she is really my behen…
Saumya : I didn’t get you….
Rudra : she is Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi’s and Svetlana’s daughter and it means she is my stepsister.
Shivaay and saumya was shocked….

Anika falls unconscious…..rudra and shivaay confront tej…..he goes missing.

Finally done with the episode…..thank you all for your wonderful comments and I have also got a mystery reader….really my head is breaking to know the name of reader….anyways thank you for your support….I am thinking of a perfect ending to the ff…I hope I won’t disappoint you all….do comment guys it really means a lot to me.

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