A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers – episode 18


Hi guys….thank you all for the support and merry Christmas to all. So here goes the next episode…..

Prinku was getting ready to attend an interview for the job of a teacher….
Ranveer : prinku give me sometime I will search and get a job soon…
Prinku : when after I become old? Ranveer you are a criminal to this society and how can you expect that someone will give you a job.
“ WHY SHOULD SOMEONE GIVE HIM A JOB” said a voice standing near the door…
Prinku ran and hugged him….Shivaay bhaiya how come you are here this early.
Shivaay : why I should not come to my sister’s house ?
Prinku : no bhaiya not like that come and sit .
Shivaay : prinku I will give job to ranveer…why he should search for a job when he is already granted a job.
Saying this Shivaay took an appointment letter.
Ranveer not even opening the letter said I don’t want any job from your side Shivaay…I am capable of getting my own job. Sorry if I had said anything wrong.
Shivaay : who said it’s a job from my side….open the letter and see….
Ranveer was surprised to see the letter . It was a letter to re-join the police department as assistant commissioner of police.
Ranveer : Shivaay….how..how is this possible.
Shivaay : om contacted the commissioner and said you were not responsible for that happened a year ago and who will say no to artist omkara….so here you go…your got your job back….actually he wanted to come here but….
Ranveer(tears in his eyes): I know seeing me Will bring all his horrible days back into his mind.
Shivaay : it’s not like that ranveer…
Ranveer : it’s okay…but I didn’t expect this….I want to thank om personally.
Shivaay : sure come to house….

Prinku was irritated with all that is going on….okay I am getting late.
Ranveer stopped her and said….prinku I got my job back so there is no need for you to search job.
Prinku (harshly): I don’t like to sit simply here and waste my knowledge.
Ranveer in a raising tone….all these years you were like that only now what…
Shivaay : guys stop arguing….prinku do you really want to work?
Prinku : I am sure about it.
Shivaay : then ranveer give her a chance.
Ranveer : what will others think?
Shivaay : why are you thinking of others…if prinku is happy to work then let her do it….why should we block her way thinking about others.
Prinku : ranveer pinch me…is this my Shivaay bhaiya…
Ranveer : I am confused whether it’s shivaay singh oberoi or his imposter.
Prinku : oh my god bhaiya….you have completely changed .
Shivaay : if change is good and it’s required….
Prinku : bhaiyaa I will get heart attack if you keep on talking like this.
Shivaay : okay enough I have to leave .
Ranveer : thanks Shivaay…

It’s evening……rudra again gets a call from the lady……
Lady : hi rudra….how are you?
Rudra : what do you want?
Lady : okay I want some money.
Rudra : how much tell me.
Lady : money means not direct money…I want all your shares in oberoi industries….
Rudra : that’s not possible.
Lady : then I will tell everything to everyone.
Rudra : it’s really not possible because all the shares are common to all three of us…then how can I…..
Lady : no problem rudra atleast get me 25% share.
Rudra : no I can’t….
Lady : then get ready to lose your brother on….think what he will do when he comes to know the truth.
Rudra : no….no….don’t do anything like that….I will do it…I will do…what you say….
Lady : that’s good rudy darling…first get the papers signed from your brothers and then call me….I will tell you what to do…
Rudra : I don’t know your name then how can I….
Lady : it’s simple….take the sign in blank papers….and believe me I will write it in such a way that I will get only 25% shares….
Rudra : how can I believe you…
Lady : you don’t have a choice…
The call ends….
Rudra : how can I do that…..no I can’t do it but if I don’t then the truth….no…no way I can’t let the truth out….somehow I have to get the papers signed…

After sometime….rudra got the papers ready and went to om’s room…
Rudra : om….can I come in.
Om : rudra are you going to do something wrong?
Rudra was taken aback by his question….so many thoughts went through his mind within seconds which made him stand like a rock…after collecting himself….o…om why are you asking like that?
Om : duffer I was just joking because for the first time you asked permission to enter my room….
Rudra came and sat near him.
Om: what are these papers?
Rudra : om…it’s actually some papers related to my gym…I wanted it to be collaborated with oberoi business…
Om : why you wanted to do that?
Shivaay who entered the room….because I told him to do that.
Rudra : the clients of oberoi industries are coming to my gym they asked me if I collaborate the work with them they can visit gym frequently.
Om: so you are gonna shift the gym near the office.
Shivaay : ya…so we two have to sign the papers in agreement to that.
Rudra placed the papers on the table…Shivaay went only through the first paper and signed all others without noticing the blank paper…same as om.
Rudra who couldn’t sit there for even a minute said some excuses and ran out of the room….
Rudra (in mind): why are you doing this with me….my worst nightmare came true today…I haven’t even thought of lying to them but today I cheated on them….I don’t know where it’s gonna lead to….

All went to their respective rooms after finishing their dinner.
Om was about to enter his room when he heard someone singing….the sound was coming from prinku’s room.
Om silently walked into the room and saw ishana singing….he loved her soft voice and was admiring her inner beauty that is conveyed through the song….the sweet voice of her made him forget that he is not in talking terms with her.
Om : I thought you dance well but I didn’t know you are a good singer too.
Ishana stopped her singing for once after she heard the voice her ears were always longing to hear.
Ishana : om…you here…come sit.
Om : you are really a good singer….
Ishana : my mother sings well…I think I inherited from her.
Om : you miss her right….
Ishana : no I don’t miss her.
Om : why is it so? And how that is possible….
Ishana : she don’t like when I miss her. When I was a kid she used to go to places for work and I cry saying that I will miss her….but you know what she used to say….

Om’s eyes was deeply engaged in the conversation.
Ishana : she says that a mother-daughter relation is connect by soul and even the god can’t break it…..so she is always with me and I don’t miss her….
Om : your mother should be beautiful…
Ishana: yes…she is and how you know that…
Om : for me beauty lies in heart and in that way your mother is beautiful.
Ishana: thanks….can I ask you one thing.
Om : sure…
Ishana : sometimes….you speak with me nicely and sometimes you don’t even want to see my face.
Om now realised that for a long time he has been in conversation with ishana…
Om : actually…I…I
Ishana : see I told you na….few seconds before you were speaking with me….now this reaction.
Om : give me sometime ishana….I can’t forget the fact that you betrayed me…
Ishana : what is betrayal….ya I wasn’t loyal to you but there was only two options before me one is to leave my sister and father to die and the other is to marry you….tell me what you would have done in that situation….
Om : I…I ..would have…
Ishana : you don’t have an answer om…ya…you don’t have an answer…when it came to save your sister’s life or to save yourself…you were ready to give your life…and that is what I also did I lost my life for my family…

Om was giving a confused look….
Ishana: my life is you om and I lost it to save my family. In my view you and me are pray to the situation that surrounded us….I am not telling that I was not wrong…but give me a chance to rectify it.
Om : okay rectify your mistake….
Ishana : what?
Om : I am not getting sleep so song a song.
Ishana : om are you serious….
Om : see my eyes are not shutting done…if you sing automatically my eyes and years will shut down.
Ishana : really am I singing that much well…
Om : actually….not able to hear you sing they will shut down.
Ishana with full rage then I will sing more and started shouting at the peak of her voice near his ears….om also shouted in her ears….
Hearing them the whole family gathered there but these two didn’t even see them and was busy in their shouting business. The shouting was going on without a pause…to control them the whole family shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Ishkara was shocked to see the whole family there and om slipped out silently .

Om-anika convo…Shivaay sees rudra giving papers to someone masked.

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  1. Akshaya

    Omg chandini it’s awesome. Ishkara rocked , so as shivaay and priveer. Wanna know more about Rudy’s character

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    It is great chandini…Priveer track is awesome…And Om-Ishu.. that was so emotional and cute too..Singing fight..haha, loving this side of Om…And waiting for Rudra’s suspence..Post the next one soon

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    Its amazing dear. Loved the ishkara part. And Priveer forgot their fight when they were not believing that Shivaay changed soo much. That was soo cute. ?

  8. Too good but now I have read every part to completely understand the story but its really well

  9. Puvi

    It was fantastic chandini ishkara rocked post asap soon waiting for next part eagerly

  10. Be it the mystery or the comedy your writing is totalllllllly on point! Simplyy in loveeeeeeee with your writingg!! Thankyou sooooooooooooo sooooooooo soooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooo much for the super fast update! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Your best fan xp
    ChandinisFan! :*

    P.S. im very good at mysteries too so ill let my name be a mystery xp

  11. Amazing… ishkara’s fight.. just loved it… Waiting for the next episode….

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    u totally rocked it..??
    ishkara were the stars od the epi..
    their shouting fight was damn good..??
    ishana’s dialogues were very well written..
    priveer nd shivaye’s scene was also good…☺
    eager to know what is rudy hiding..our poor baby is in much tension.. ?
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