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A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers – episode 17


Hi guys sorry for the delay from today I think I can update only on alternative days…thank you all for your sweet comments so here goes the next episode……


The whole family was seated to have breakfast….ishana was sitting opposite to om. He was staring at her and she is not ready to back off and was giving a pleasant look towards him.
Shivaay : badi papa….
Tej : I remember shivaay I will come and pick you by noon we will go to them and speak….
Om : Shivaay is everything okay….you look tensed…
Shivaay : it’s just the tension to grab a deal nothing else…
Anika looks at Shivaay and senses that something is not right….
Rudra : ishana didi…as you told I called your dance institute and said you will join them in a week….
Om spitted the food in his mouth and was giving a confused look….
Om : why….why…in a week…
Anika : because she has her own work…she can’t stay here forever….
Om : why…why can’t she….she….
He then realised what he was about to tell and changed his lines…..
Om : I mean…why…should she leave after a week she can leave today itself…who wants her to stay here….

Not knowing what to talk…om said okay bye I have some work and left for art gallery…even tej was smiling seeing his son’s helplessness….
Shivaay : what is this one week drama?
Anika : it’s my plan billuji…did you see how his face changed….I know what you want to tell “Anika you are great”…tell me…
Shivaay : do you think my brother will melt within a week….
Anika : I know…he is your brother and will not melt easily but he is not a bagad billa like you so it will be easy…
Shivaay : oh god I can’t win by speaking with you…I will come and talk with you in the evening bye….
Shivaay was about to get into his car….anika came running there
Anika : billuji….you told there is some surprise for me….
Shivaay : Mrs.ASSO you have to wait for that till today evening….
Anika : billuji….give me some clue otherwise my head will break….
Shivaay : no way wait till four…bye…
Shivaay went hurriedly….
Anika : oh god…I have to wait till evening….
After sometime rudra also went to his gym….the three girls were sitting simply not to know what to do….
Saumya : didi…it’s very boring…
Anika : ya…saumu for me also…
Ishana : okay we will go somewhere…
Anika : ishana…but…
Ishana : but…what…

Anika : billuji told that there is a surprise for me and I will get that only in the evening..
Saumya : anika didi how cute….bhaiya and surprises you have changed him a lot.
Anika : that is not over yet…it will take a very long time for him to change…
Saumya : ishana didi….om bhaiya is perfect there is no need to change him….so you can be happy.
Ishana : so much perfection also hurts saumya….
Anika : ishana…it’s not the way you think…I know he is one complicated person to see from outside but inside he is the purest soul in this whole world.
Ishana : I know that….but I don’t know why I always end up hurting him…
Anika : ishu…everything will be okay you and om will be back together soon…I will fix it and I promise this as your sister.
Saumya : and I am also in it.
As ishana was sitting in the middle she hugged both of them….you both are my strength I am blessed to have sisters like you….
Anika : enough of senti scenes actually we three should be funny because there is already three senti babies in this house….
All three laughed….

He was busy training his clients then suddenly he got a call…
Rudra :hello rudra singh oberoi here…
Lady : I know that rudra….
Rudra : may I know who is speaking…
Lady : it’s not important….all you need to know is I know that you are hiding a child in a house and raising it .
Rudra was tensed….hello who are you? And how do you know….
Lady : I know everything rudra….I also know who that girl belongs to…she is 7 years old right…
Rudra : who are you?
Lady : rudra darling…I am not gonna tell you that and also if you try to trace my call…problem is for you only…I will tell the truth to whole family then you itself know what will happen….
Rudra : what do you want?
Lady : haha…that’s my boy directly onto the point…I will tell you what I need when the time comes….bye sweetheart…the call ends…
Rudra dropped the phone and sat on the floor with a shock….all came running towards him and asked him if he is alright….a staff helped him to car and accompanied him till oberoi mansion….
Saumya was shocked to see rudra tired and sweating terribly….she ran and held him….
Saumya : rudra…what happened ?
The staff tells them that it may be due to excessive fitness training….
Anika: thank you for helping him..we will take care….saumya take him inside…
Rudra felt better now but his usual chirpiness was missing….
Saumya : rudra….are you feeling okay now.
There was silence from his side….only that lady’s voice was ringing in his ears and also the thought that what will happen if his family comes to know about the truth took him away from the real world…
Anika and ishana who entered with the food saw rudra sitting silently…
Anika : what happened to my naughty devar…why is he so silent .
Ishana : rudra you always tell that I am your masti partner…I am in a mood to do masti tell me what we can do.
Saumya: rudra…what is wrong with you…don’t be silent like this I am afraid. Say something rudra…if you want to talk about girls it’s okay…I won’t say anything even I will join with you….but don’t maintain silence plzz rudra….plzzz.
Saumya started crying…anika and ishana consoled her but there was no reaction from rudra…
Dadi : I think we should call billu and omkara.
Ishana: that’s the best….he will open up only with them.
Anika called them and informed about rudra….within half an hour they both were present near rudra….Shivaay couldn’t see his brother sitting so silently….om didn’t know what to do to make rudra happy.
Shivaay asked everyone to leave them alone and took om and rudra to the pool side.
Rudra was silent and was looking at his own reflection in the water.
Shivaay : rudra…..if you have any problems you can share it with us….we both are there for you…
Om : duffer….do you remember our promise that there is should be no secret between us.
Shivaay : rudra I know there is some problem that affected my little brother so much that he couldn’t even talk to his own brothers.
Saying this Shivaay gets teary eyed…
Rudra who couldn’t see his brother crying finally broke his silence….
Om what will you do if I hide something from you….
Om : rudra something is wrong….what have you hid from me.
Rudra : om….I…I am just asking.
Om : don’t lie rudra your lips are saying something and your eyes are conveying something….
Shivaay : rudra….feel free to talk. It’s us you can tell us anything.
Rudra : no….bhaiya I am not hiding anything…
Om : okay we won’t force you but whenever you want to share anything we are always there.
Rudra : okay done….now I need a bone crushing hug…
Shivaay : only hug no kisses….
Om nodded in agreement.
Rudra : who will kiss this long hair creature….
Om : duffer….don’t call me that.
Rudra: what will you do long hair creature….
Shivaay : guys stop it….
Om and rudra : billu shut up.
Shivaay was shocked to hear billu from them….you naughty brothers how dare you can call me that….you both are gone now.
Om : what will you do….cat fight.
Shivaay : no….I am panika’s husband so I will do pani fight only.
Rudra : if you do pani fight….I will do paratha fight…om you tell your wife’s speciality….
Om : ishana…..does dance so I have to do that which is the most difficult thing in my life…so I have to stand and look upto your fight.
Saying this he moved his head up and saw his two brothers giving a jaw dropping look….
Om : why you both are giving that awkward look.
Shivaay : you…you…said…
Om : what?
Rudra : om..I asked do something that your wife will do…
Om : ya..I know that and I said I can’t dance like ishana…
Finally om realised what he told and bit his tongue…a slight smile appeared in his lips…
Shivaay : om……enough of ishana dreamzzz..
Om : shut up….okay I need a hug.
Rudra : from us or ishana didi…
Shivaay : it’s bhabi rudra….
Om : no hug means go….but don’t come after .
Rudra and Shivaay tickled him and three were laughing their heart out….
After sometime anika was restlessly walking in the hall and collided with shivaay…
Shivaay : anika….do you have hypertension.
Anika : no billuji…I am fine.
Shivaay : then why are you walking like a pendulum.
Anika : billuji…it’s four .
Shivaay : anika have you gone mad….time always moves.
Anika : my surprise….
Mr. Khanna came in and gave a parcel to anika…..
Shivaay : open and see it.
As she opened it she was shocked….
Anika(tears in her eyes): billuji…..this…
Shivaay placed his hands on her cheeks….anika this is your dream….go and live it….
Anika : but I wanted to….
Shivaay : I know….I know that you wanted to achieve this on your own…
I haven’t invested a single penny in this…I just applied for a loan on your name that’s all….okay now tell me how is the name board….
Anika : “saahil wedding planning agency”
Billuji….thank you so much…I thought this dream of mine is not possible….
But billuji….will the family accept this…I mean….a big business family and their bahu is doing this business.
Shivaay : anika…..the whole family is on your side and you are doing this independently so they will all feel proud of you….I know you were ready to start this a long ago….but our marriage….and above all you kept aside your dreams for taking care of my brother….now om is alright everything is back to normal….so I thought it’s the right time for you to start the agency….
Anika buried her head in shivaay’s chest….thank you very much…I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a caring husband and a loving family….
Billuji but I have one doubt….
Shivaay : shoot it.
Anika : how do you know that I want saahil’s name….I haven’t talked about that to you…then how…
Shivaay : it’s very easy….as you are a simple girl you won’t prefer your name….so the next close person is saahil…I just guessed it.
Anika : you are also close to me….
Shivaay : me no way….think of the name board having “billuji wedding planning agency”……oh god thinking of it in itself is horrible….
Anika : you know what …..I have fallen more for you….
Shivaay : me too.
Anika : billuji how is that possible how can you fall for yourself…..are…are you that….
Shivaay was staring at her like anything and chased her to the room.

Rudra gets some papers signed from om and shivaay…..ishkara fight.

That’s it for the day guys…..plzz do read and comment because it means a lot to me.

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