A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers – episode 12

Hi guys….another part today…plzz bare with my mistakes because I have typed it in a hurry….link for previous episodes

Om’s room

He was drenched physically by the water masti and mentally by the thought of ishana that kept on pricking his mind….

Ishana was in om’s room and she has messed up the room like anything with her clothes….
Om : ishana for past three hours you are selecting your bridal attires and messed up everything here but still not satisfied with any of them.
Ishana : om….it’s our marriage tomrrow and I am yet to choose the bridal dress.
Om : ishu come here….
Ishana was suprised with om calling her ishu….
Om : what? My would be wife is so tensed and it’s my duty to solve her problem. Okay come on tell me what’s the problem.
Ishana : I like all the clothes here and I don’t know what to choose.
Om : is this your problem….

Ishana : don’t give that look…it’s irritating now help me.
Om made ishana sit on bed and asked to close her eyes…
Ishana…now follow my instructions and don’t think of anything else…you know my bridal attire right…
Ishana : ya…
Om : now imagine that the whole oberoi mansion is decorated with yellow lights and in the middle of the hall a cute beautiful mandap which is longing for it’s place to be filled with the beautiful persons on earth….
the fragrance of the flowers make us feel that paradise is recreated on earth……and
I am walking down the stairs to the mandap with my brothers…..
you are covered with a red veil and anika asks you to see the mirror….you look yourself in your bridal attire and a slight smile occurs on your face…you along with anika and saumya walked through the flowers which were laid as carpet for your soft foot….you come and sit near me….the whole family is smiling at us….ishana was blushing imagining all this…..okay now open your eyes…..
Ishana: no…..continue till you fill my hairline with sindoor.
Om : no ishana…we must feel it only during our actual wedding not the imaginary one. Now tell me in what dress you imagined yourself….
Ishana pointed to a dress with huge smile on her face….
Om : that’s it…problem solved this is the dress that your heart loves….
Ishana placed her head on om’s shoulder….you know what I am the luckiest girl on earth .
Om : I promise that our life will be filled with happiness.

Om : ishu where are you???
tears ran through his cheeks as if they are searching their way to reach ishana but they landed on ishana’s painting .
Shivika and rumya saw this from the corridor.
Both shivika and rumya were present.
Saumya : how long should we hide the truth from bhaiya….
Anika : Shivaay it’s his right to know about ishana….because she is his…
Shivaay : what….she is not his wife and they are not married…
Saumya : bhaiya but they were about to marry….they have already became husband and wife from heart…
Rudra : bhaiya…bhabi and sumo are right….we must tell truth to om…
Shivaay : do you all know what will happen if he comes to know the truth….his heart will break because his love is true….after so many difficulties we got our om….I don’t want to lose him again…no never…

Anika : Shivaay…you must understand that ishana also loved om from her heart….
Shivaay : haha…what a joke….does her love from heart tell to betray om …
Anika : it’s due to her situation she did that….
Shivaay : you know what….. if om would have been in that so called situation of hers he wouldn’t have done what ishana did….
Anika : may be…but…
Rudra : why you both are fighting?
Saumya : but the fact is if om bhaiya comes to know about ishana di by himself then he will not forgive us.
Anika : billuj…think about it….ishana is not that bad…
Shivaay : ya….she may not be bad but her upbringing is bad…she is an orphan…and doesn’t have any status…
Anika was taken aback hearing shivaay’s words and was starring at him with tears….
Rudra noticed that and alerted Shivaay. He and saumya then left the room sensing the awkwardness.
Shivaay : I didn’t say about you….you are an oberoi….
Anika : ya I am an oberoi now but whatever you said about ishana….orphan…no status….that was me when I am just anika….
Shivaay : but now you are married….
Anika : now also I am same old anika who has self respect and also demand respect from others….may be a surname is attached to my name but that doesn’t mean my individuality is lost….I thought you changed billuji but you are same old Shivaay singh oberoi who believes in family , status , blood lineage and soo on

Shivaay : anika this is total nonsense I didn’t point you….then why are you talking like this..

Anika : you know what I am fed up with you….you can’t even understand what I am trying to tell.
She goes from there crying…

Pinky came running inside the mansion…..
Pinky : where is om?
Dadi : he went out with anika….
Janvi : what’s the matter pinky….why are you tensed…
Shakti and tej : why are you asking about om….is he fine?
Shivaay : all of you stop for once…let ma speak…
Pinky : I saw that girl….that girl….
Dadi : which girl pinky?
Pinky : ishana….
Shivaay : no way she is not in this city….
Tej : I think you should have seen some one else….
Pinky : no I am sure it’s ishana….
Rudra : where you saw her choti ma?
Pinky : near shivji’s temple….
Saumya : we have a problem then…
Shivaay : what problem?

Rudra : bhaiya….om and bhabi have went to that temple only…
Shivaay(tensed) : what?? No….no…he can’t meet her…no this can’t happen.
Tej : saumya call them….
Saumya : I am trying papa…but they have switched off their phone as they are in temple.
Shivaay : I will go and get them…om should not see her…
Dadi : billu…..but ishkara are made for each other…if god has decided to make them meet then no one can stop it….
Shivaay: but Shivaay singh oberoi can….saying this he did his signature step and left….rumya also followed him…
Tej : why is om like this?
Janvi : I can’t get you…
Tej : I am telling that why he always bring trouble to the family and also to himself . Neither him nor his surrounding is happy. Sometimes I feel that our son is unlucky….
Janvi (raising her voice): tej….
Dadi : tej what are you talking….how can you think like that….your father always tell that the one who has a pure heart suffers a lot not because he is unlucky but god checks if their heart is really pure or not by giving them infinite pain…if they pass those then they are the one’s whose life will be the happiest and our om is like that….
Pinky : mummyji you are right…
Tej : you all can’t understand me….if he leaves his art and come to business itself all problems will be solved…
Shakti : bhaiya…where did his passion come in this problem…
Janvi : tej….you are hopeless…
Tej gave a deadly glance towards all and went inside….

PRECAP: Ishkara meet…..

Today I have posted two parts because I can’t update tomorrow…..and thanks all for your immense support and continue providing them.

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    Its emotional.but I am angry on shivay and after watching today ib I am like hell angry n ne he made it more in this ff.but chandu its superb

    1. Chandini

      Thanks nans and ya I am also angry on shivaay after seeing IB and unfortunately my episode also showed shivaay’s attitude but it’s not that bad as Shivaay in IB

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    Everytime, I read ur ff thinking that it can’t get better but u proove me wrong everytime by giving a blockbuster next one…. It was so emotional. The Ishkara part in ur ff is, best among the ones I have ever read. Thank u so much for this beautiful ff and post the next epi soon

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    Hi ? Princess ? I know I am late as always but I think so it’s ok now, you will soon get habituated ????.
    Coming to today’s episode.
    IshKara were driving me all awwww today especially Omi darling, he is such a sweetheart yaar and you portrayed his personality so amazingly. Day by day I am falling in love ❤ with Om more and more, he is such a spectacular character. The way he described their entry in the marriage hall, the paradise part it was something beyond beautiful. Your description is marvellous.
    Although I hate this never changing baagad billa, nothing can happen of this idiot and bichaari Anika is stuck with him for lifetime. Shivaay he is such a aaaaahhhhh michmichi horahi hai mujhe iss sa???.
    Overall the epi was a splendid hit, you nailed it dear ???.
    Well for now bye bye ? Tata catch you super soon.
    Love ❤ you princess ?
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