A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers – episode 11


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Seeing rudra and shivaay crying anika and saumya went near them to console….as anika kept her hand on shivaay’s shoulder with full rage he shook her hand away….if anyone comes near me….I will kill you all…..why you all insulted him….see what he have done to himself…..who gave you right to blame my brother……..infact if he kidnap me also no problem…..but no one here has the right to point him…..ranveer arrest all of them except rudra….they all are the reason…..arrest them .
All were shocked by Shivaay statement.
Pinky : Shivaay we didn’t think he will do like this….
Janvi and dadi : you are correct Shivaay punish us….
Anika : everyone stop it….I shouldn’t have trusted that video….soo arrest me ranveer….it all started because of me.

Ranveer : it’s a suicide attempt….till I get the exact information no one is at fault….he tried so much to control himself as his heart knows that he is the one behind all the happenings. Just then he got a call and escaped from the scene.
As he was standing behind a pillar and talking….he heard a ward boy and a doctor speaking…
Ward boy : sir…..we have a problem…I just now saw that ACP ranveer…
Doctor : what are you telling? That man….for whose sister we gave a duplicate post mortem report.
Ward boy: don’t worry doctor he doesn’t know it’s duplicate so we can be relieved.
Doctor : if anything happens I will tell the truth that his sister was dead because of a bullet shot not by accident.
Ward boy : what will we tell his sister’s husband….he gave us money.
Ranveer who couldn’t control his anger…got hold of ward boy and doctor and beat him black and blue….they revealed that his sister was killed by her husband because he thought that she may be having an affair….so he shot her and pushed her in front of a car…..ranveer arrested the doctor and the ward boy….he asked his colleague to arrest his jeeju.

After sometime ranveer went to the oberoi’s with tears in his eyes….
Ranveer : you all are not the culprit….I am the real one….because of me only he jumped from the terrace.
All gave a plain look towards him not able to get what he is telling….
Ranveer then narrates the whole incidents which shook everybody and prinku was the most affected….
Prinku slapped ranveer and punched him hard asking him why he did this with her brother…..
Prinku (shouted): you cheated me and my family that too for the accident which we didn’t do….I will kill you…
Saying this she took a knife from a tray kept there……

All were shocked by her gesture…anika and saumya stopped her from doing anything.
Shivaay holded ranveer’s collar…..you are a cheap fellow…now your life will be a hell…he took ranveer with him to the police station and asked them to beat him till he suffers with immense pain….but remained them that he should not die at any cost .
There prevailed a silence…om came forward to break the silence.
Om : ranveer yesterday only I came to know that I wasn’t behind your sister’s death….it all happened because of some misunderstanding….let us leave all these behind us and start our lives.
Ranveer : you have a big heart om….I have become very small infront of you.
Om : I will try my level best to be normal with you….but I need one thing from you…..
Ranveer : I will do anything for you om…
Om : don’t cheat my sister….I know you also love her….I can see that in your eyes..take care of her ranveer.
Ranveer : I promise you all today that I won’t leave her hand .
Prinku (in mind) :that’s not gonna happen….I won’t forgive you even for seven births…
Shivaay : I am proud of you om….
Shivaay and rudra hugged om and said one for all and all for one.
After sometime in shivika room…..
Anika om and rudra were there…

Om: anika where is Shivaay?
Anika : he left for some work…. now only he called and told that he will be here in 10 minutes….
Rudra : we will do some masti. …..
Saumya : don’t give that evil smile….I am not gonna support you…
Om : rudra…….no….
Rudra : om….you shut up for the past one year…..you were doing masti all time…
Anika and saumya nodded their heads and laughed.
Om : why are you all laughing….I was a kid at that time…..I did only countable masti….like…
Rudra : wait….I will complete….like throwing Shivaay bhaiya’s clothes in the pool……putting flour on anika bhabi’s face….hiding mom’s cosmetic things….pouring paint on papa’s face…kicking me….hiding bhaiya’s car keys….not leaving choti maa to watch tv and doing your silly dance in front for her…and
Om : enough…..enough….I agree that I did all that….enough…I myself couldn’t control the laughter.
They all laughed…

Anika : I think billuji has come…..
Rudra : haha my prey has come….let’s rock…
Om : shut up….
Rudra : om and bhabi plzzz it’s been days since we laughed our heart out…plzz do this for me….plzzz …
Anika and om : okay….we will do it..
Rudra : good……sumo come we will hide inside the bathroom.
Om : keep one thing in mind….don’t mess up the washroom with your romance .
Rudra : shut up…..
Saumya : bhaiyaa….
Anika and om giggled…

They saw Shivaay coming through the window…sumo and rudra hide in the bathroom….
Shivaay has planed a romantic dinner with anika in the poolside….but when he entered the room he was shocked to see om lying on anika’s lap and was hearing stories from her….
Shivaay ran near om….
Shivaay : om….
Om : billuji….don’t disturb me…
Shivaay was shocked by om’s behaviour…
Shivaay : anika….why he is behaving like that??
Anika : billuji what are you saying….he always hear stories from me.
Shivaay : anika….what’s going on…he was fine after rudra’s accident now suddenly he is behaving like this…
Anika : are you suffering from memory loss or you had any dream…when did rudra had accident..
Shivaay : anika you are speaking as if…

He was cut down by om…
Om : hey bagad billa get out….anika tell me stories.
Shivaay was giving a look such that if that look continues for some more time his kanji eyes will come out and fall.
Anika: om chalo…we will go to other room..
Om : no wait…billuji
Shivaay : om..I will call the doctor…
Om got hold of his phone and threw it somewhere.
Billuji come I will do hairstyle for you…
He made Shivaay sit and dressed him up with one small pony which was like top of coconut tree in his head and powdered him.
Shivaay seeing him in mirror was totally shocked…om and anika who couldn’t control anymore laughed loudly…rudra and saumya also joined them…and they all forcefully took a selfie with shivaay in that make over.Shivaay soon realised that’s it’s a prank played on him and chased om throughout the house….and finally caught hold of him near the pool…he pushed om inside the pool and he too jumped…

Rudra : bhaiya what are you doing…it’s not bhabi to do pool romance it’s brother….I think you are confused due to the long hair…
Anika; rudra you are gone…saying this she pushed rudra also inside who in turn pulled anika…saumya was giving a million dollar smile looking all .
Om : saumya jump in…otherwise I will pull you.
Saumya also joined them and all five like a kid enjoyed their water masti…
Shivika and rumya were splashing water on each other…om saw them with a smile and came out of the pool…and clicked their picture…
He silently went to his room and saw a painting of ishana….
You can’t go away from me…..I am coming to you ishana…

Shivika fight….tej angry on om….

That’s it for the day…keep commenting guys it means a lot to me.

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  1. Nithu

    Chandini…its superb…lovely…i laughed like hell whn all played prank with shivaye..aka..billuji..

    1. Chandini

      Thanks nithu…

  2. Yashu

    It was awesome….loved the prank…..

    1. Chandini

      Thanks yashu

  3. Nansshivika

    I also luaghed to core when om pranked on shivay.that coconut tree pony is damn funny……superb yaar

    1. Chandini

      Thanks nans….I had that hairstyle when I was 2 years old?

      1. Nansshivika

        Me too when I was kid??

    2. Nithu

      I had that hairstyle till my 5th class….

    3. Chandini

      Same pinch my hairstyle partner

      1. Nansshivika

        I think almost south Indian kids have same hairstyle.????

    4. Chandini

      Oh you are from south? which state are you from? And you are right???

      1. Nansshivika

        Andhra Pradesh dear.u?

    5. Chandini

      I am from Tamil nadu dear?

  4. Lisaaa


    1. Chandini

      Thanks lisa

  5. Priyali

    lovedddd the prank… it was super funny!!!!

    1. Chandini

      Thanks priyali

  6. Lalitha

    Its awesome yar….just loved it

    1. Chandini

      Thanks lalitha.

  7. Jayashree

    Superb… loved the prank !

    1. Chandini

      Thanks jayashree

  8. Puvi

    Awesome chandini i loved prank and shivay with pony i could not control my laugh oh my god its fablous

    1. Chandini

      Thanks puvi

  9. Priyadarshini

    No words . Just luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it

    1. Chandini

      Thanks priyadarshini

  10. Akansha

    Loved d prank I laughed so much could imagine every bit… Awesoe

    1. Chandini

      Thanks akansha

  11. I laaughed so much that my stomach is paining good work

    1. Chandini

      Thanks shrusvri I am glad you like it.

  12. Amazing… waiting for ishkara meet… Plz update next episode Asap…

    1. Chandini

      Thanks anjali

  13. Shivika22kapoor

    Ffffuuuu finally I read all the three previous episodes and it was such a treat to read them all together. You might be thinking that I have gone mad ?, well that’s true my papers drove me mad ? so that’s the reason I didn’t read or comment on any update from previous two days and now when I don’t have any paper so I am reading as well commenting. So kindly pardon me for the delay and now coming to all the episodes that I missed here goes the comment.











    YOU NAILED IT DEAR, I CAN TRULY SAY THAT I AM TOTALLY, COMPLETELY AND MADLY IN LOVE ❤ WITH YOUR FF AND THE WAY YOU WRITE, YOUR JUST OUT OF THE WORLD. OM’S PAST was really heart wrenching and Ranveer I wish I could kill him how dear he do such a cheap act with Prinku & Om. Om calling Tej papa was really sweet dear and AniOm bond is soooooooooooooo cute. And today’s epi Rudra ????? he is just amazing, I really like him a lot and the prank ??????????????
    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? it was mind-blowing and moreover I was reminded of my childhood incident as well.
    I know u don’t know Hindi much but if you don’t understand this then i will try to translate it.
    ” Chand raat Ka raja hai,
    Andhaara chaha kitna bhi gehra kun na Ho Roshan kar ta hai yeh jahaan ko aapni Chandani Sa.
    Chandani sirf naam Ki hi nahi tum roshani Ho tum Jo saaja di hai duniya ko aapni khobsoorat likhawat Sa”
    I don’t know it’s good or not but genuinely dear you are an amazing writer.
    SORRY for the delay
    Bye bye ? for now and pls post next asap as I just can’t wait ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Chandini

      Hi sweety…….i am sooooooooo happy ???????????that you commented and you know what these are big words I am really bowled over by your gesture so happy that you like my ff….
      ???????don’t be sorry because…when you comment you burst like crackers and that’s what is so special about you….❤❤❤I know you would have done all your papers well but sometimes I also become like that …..
      Last but not the least I understood your cute little snippet and I really loved it and those words are a really big compliment .
      Oh my maata…I forgot to tell…I am waiting for your ff post it soon?
      Love you loads and my next update will be by today evening?????
      You are such a sweet person and I am happy that I got to know you through Tu.
      Tata….lov u loads dear??????

      1. Shivika22kapoor

        Awwww itni bhi tarif mat karo Mai Sharma jati Hon. ( I mean don’t praise me much I feel really shy ????.)
        And trust me babes what ever I say I always mean that .
        And I am sooooooooooo happy ? that you will post next part by evening and I will also try posting it by today itself dear. Even I feel blessed to have you in my life. Love you too princess ?❤❤❤❤❤❤

      2. Shivika22kapoor

        Well I will tell you a secret message me through PM if you have some time dear?? ?

  14. Safa

    So cute

    1. Chandini

      Thanks safa

  15. Anah

    wow….iam awestruck yaar….
    no words to say…..simply amazing….rofl….coconut tree pony scene i remember my child wood i also done same with my bro…..

    1. Chandini

      Thanks anah

  16. Nida

    Hahahahahahah well nicely written prank

    1. Thanks nida

  17. Mihra-101

    Awesome loved the prank ?

    1. Thanks mihra

  18. SairaBarkat

    wow.. what an episode. i am having a hard time imagining shivay in a coconut tree ponytail and powdered face. loved it to the core. we have photos of my sister in that hairstyle and we still tease her with those. bachpan ki yaad dila diya aapne toh.. hahaha..

    1. Chandini

      Thanks saira

  19. nice prank… I loved it. awesome.

    1. Chandini

      Thanks lincy

  20. amazing episode chandni..??
    loved the prank..??
    shivayy in coconut ponytail with powdered face.. ?????????(see how much i m laughing )
    nd that water masti.. ????
    too good..?
    i really like the name of ur ff.. it is so nice..
    nd ur ff what to say it is as awesome as ur name..(i really like yr name also “chandni” quite nice yr) ☺
    post next part ASAP

    1. Chandini

      Thanks for your compliment sara

  21. Mrunal

    hello dear….
    i am one silent reader of ur ff….
    may be u know me bcoz i am an author also….
    but i never get time to comment…
    i am reading ur ff’s each & every part and trust me u r doing fabulous job dear….

    i am loving ur ff a lot…..
    Lot’s of love for u…???

    1. Chandini

      Thanks mrunal

  22. this is fantastic. please put more OMRU bromance. I love them a lot.

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