A journey through the lives of Oberoi Brothers-EPISODE 1:


Hi ishqbaazians….I am chandini and this is my first ff ever. Suddenly an idea popped up in my mind and I thought of giving it a try. Now let us straight away go into the EPISODE…
The story is after 2years of shivika’s marriage.

Oberoi mansion:

A man is shown wearing his blazers and getting ready for a meeting.
Man:janvi…..bring my shoes nw u lazy lady
Yes it is tej. ….
Janvi: holding a wine glass in her hand says tej I am not a slave give me some respect.
Tej:ohhh vare vahh a drunkard is asking for respect….wow the world must be proud to have u as daughter….nw bring my shoes u idiot.

Janvi who was fully inherbitted lost her balance and fell on tej. Tej who lost his cool raised his hand to slap Janvi but he was not able to because another hand held him so tightly that he could not escape from his clutches. It’s none other than Rudra Singh Oberoi.
Rudra : papa what are you doing ?? You know mom’s condition then why are you expecting her to be a perfect wife when yourself is not a good husband. As he said this….a tear escaped from his eyes. Tej who could not answer his question went out like a storm .

Rudra made janvi lie on the bed and straightly went to shivaay’s room.
Bhabi can I come in?
Anika : Rudra how many times I have told you not to ask like this. It’s your room..you can come here anytime you want. Seeing Rudra sad anika went near him and asked What happened to my naughty devar? Why in the world is he sad? Come on tell me….as she was about to finish the line Rudra who could not hold it anymore hugged anika and started crying like a baby. Anika who was quite taken aback by seeing Rudra in that condition consoled him and enquired what had happened.
Just then our bagad billa entered seeing Rudra crying he asked what happened to my baby why is he crying now.

Rudra explained all the happenings . Shivaay to enlighten his mood started telling funny poems. As he continued saying……… a sudden silence prevailed. The three heard a manly but soft voice telling poems and laughing. They all with full happiness turned towards the door but for their disappointment it was their imagination. Once they realised it…… they broke down and started crying. Anika controlling herself….. comforted Rudra and Shivaay .
Anika: I am sure one day we will get our om back. How long god will play his tricks on us .
Shivaay who gained himself back said rudra I know it’s really tough for us to handle this but I promise I will bring our om back saying this he did his signature step and went .


Pinky : mummyji why jethaniji is doing like this??

Dadi : It all happened because of one person. That person turned our lives upside down and you know pinky…..directly or indirectly the one who suffered the most is our om. I know god always test good people…atleast he could have made om’s heart as a stone but he played with him so cruelly that his heart which is pure as glass is broken into pieces and which cannot be attached.

Pinky: mummyji you don’t worry I know om will come back really strong and he along with shivaay and rudra will punish that person.


Sivaay was seeing his own reflection in the water and goes into flashback….

Shivaay I will kill you….I won’t leave you said a voice in a funny way encircling him with his hands.

Shivaay: if you don’t leave me I will tell this to rudra and that is enough om the whole world will know within seconds and freed himself from om’s clutches. Okay now tell me whose this girl asked holding a painting done by omkara…..tell me om plzzz .

Om: okay I will tell you but first give me the painting and he almost snatched it from shivaay . Smiling by seeing the photo om said I don’t know who is she or what she is doing….I only know that she is good at heart.

Shivaay : I thought there will be something interesting om but you na always boring saying this he pushed om in the pool. Om who was about to fall pulled shivaay also with him….they both fell into the pool. Rudra who saw them was feeling sad because he thought his two brothers are having fun without him.
Rudra : you both are very bad…
Om : drama queen enough….help me out it’s freaking freezy here.
Rudra without any thoughts jumped into the pool and asked a hug from his bros.
Shivaay : om…you asked help from this duffer.come we will have a hug…atleast then we will feel warm.
The three bros hugged each other.
Shivaay(tears flowing): I want my om back…

Om crying….everyone trying their own way to pacify .

Okay how is it guys….should I continue or not. Feel free to comment .

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  1. Waiting for the next update

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  4. Nice episode dear….continue

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    It was amazing dear…..

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  6. It’s good dear,update asap and plz make it more long.

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      Thanks Luna. Will try to make it long. I am waiting for your ff dear.

  7. Interesting….do continue plzzz

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    Awesome episode…. Waiting for next episode…..

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    Interesting episode and please do continue it is really noce

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  10. Nice too good to read

  11. Super chand nice too good to read

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    Hey chandni your start was fabulous. I feel like crying when one missing in obros . Obro moment was awesome.???

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  13. Episode romba nice but y ? Is the only question came in my Mind y the separation ? Chandhini try to add shivika scene but a good tale really liked it??

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    Thanku shab.

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