The journey to heaven (yeh rishta kya khelata hai)


Naksh: Akshara’s son
Singhania family
This story is about Naksh & Sonarik(Bhadoria).
Naitik just returned from switzerland after so mych of stress hapiness finally entered singhania sadan. Bhabima & entire family welcomed Naitik Akshara & Naksh . That night Naksh along with other member plan a suprise tour for them . Naksh planned out a Europe trip for their family. It was Naitiks birthday when Naksh broke this news . At first everyone was hesitating to go but finally with the kids & Akshara’s request they agreed. On the next morning Naksh received a call that they all have to meet with the group called Roy & travels so that they can make them understand everything in details (ticket) etc. Naksh was excited as he was expecting that maybe their would be many beautiful girls but to his misery there were one . Only one girl with a specks were sitting with their parents .Naksh came out disappointed Akshara have already understood why he came out & while going back home Akshara consolled him.

Finally the day arrive when singhania fimaly will be going to Europe . They reached airport by 6pm & there flight was on 9:30 pm. Naitik & Akshara was chitchatting with the members of the group while Naksh was sitting ideal . Naksh was feeling hungry so he thought of having a coffee & some cookies while passing the counter he saw a girl & his eyes got fixed She was wearing a blue top with a black jeans a brown jacket her hair was neatly tied & she was smiling for some reason . Naksh stand there like that for 5mins he was distracted when Naitik was calling him. Throught out the flight his mind was wondering about that mysterious girl the more he thought the more he want to know her .Next day the tour manager meet them at a particular place & fortunately that girl was also in that group , when Naksh noticed that he was abt to jump but naitik stoped him to do so. Akshara also noitced that Naksh was looking at that girl ?. After reaching hotel they all have to wait for 2 hours as rooms were not ready so Naksh didnt waste any time & he himself introduce himself to the girl, the girl polietly look upwards & said “Hi” to naksh then…

Naksh:What’s your name?
She:Hi i am sonarika
(Udaipur based girl parents living in udaipur & by profession her dad is a doctor & mother house wife. Sonarika likes to live a independent life she is working as a teacher in udaipur)
Naksh: hello i am Naksh by the way nice name ?
Sonarika: Thank you!
Naksh: what do u do?
Sonarika: I am a teacher & u?
Naksh: I have my own restruant & i also help my dad in buisness.
Sonarika: ok.

Naksh was about to say something when the tour manager came & said that rooms are ready & hand over their keys .
That night Naksh couldnt sleep he was thinking about her her smile her way to talk her sweetness everything …
While sonarika was sleeping peacefully?
Next day the group make a tour of London throught out the tour Naksh cant focuse on any other place rather than sonarika, Akshara was now a little bit worried she called Naksh & asked him what is going on at first Naksh tried to ignore but after many attempt he gave in & said that he likes sonarika listening to this Akshara smilled & said that she will support him ?

& naksh was relieved that his mom will support him. Next day they were supposed to travel in a ship in order to reach Holland. That night sonarika was wearing a red gown Naksh jaws dropped when he noticed her. She was coming towards Naksh & then finally she asked him is he free ? & do he want to go to the deck Naksh said yes . while walking towards the deck they were talking about random things but suddenly sonarika was about to slip but Naksh hold her in such a manner that for the 1st time their eyes meet ?cold winds were blowing outside & sonarika’s hair was moving here & there Naksh removed one of her locks & tucked it behind her ears? .After that incident they both was feeling uncomfortable to talk to each other. Now it was time to visit paris there also sonarika avoided Nash but that day when all of them were enjoying the night in paris Naksh called her twice y her name &

then she looked back he asked is everything fine? she said yes everything is fine? That night Naksh become desparate & ask her about her phone no at first she hesitated but finally she gave it. After that they started chatting regularly about everything but still Naksh could express his feelings . Only 2 days were left for their tour to get over & still Naksh was not sure if he should express his feelings or not? But on the 2nd last day he should courage & ask sonarika that can they meet after dinner she agreed . It was a beautiful full moon night Naksh was waiting in the hotel lobby with a bunch of flowers as soon as he saw sonarika arriving he hide those flowers .
Sonarika: yes say u called me here
Naksh: (mentally still in confusion) ya i want u to show the moon see how pretty it is?
Sonarika: hahahaha ya i have seen full moon many times . Anything else ?
Naksh : Yes I like u
Sonarika: what???
Naksh : yes i have fallen for u from the first day i saw u i want u to mine forever
Sonarika: i i love u too

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  1. is it a one shot? I really liked it, keep it up

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    It was awesome sis loved it to the core pls post next part soon

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    it was osam I love it

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