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Hi all. I am back. Fatarajo is back. I know most must be mad at me as I publish very late. What to do I was very busy with so many things like projects and also my aunt had an operation so I had to take care of her. Now she is fine. I got some time so I m writing this promo. Honestly speaking, I thought of stopping this fan fiction as I thought you all are not liking it but I later I realize you all are eagerly waiting for my fan fiction. I know is stupid of me to think like that so sorry 😛 my classes will end in mid August and then I can publish the episodes more frequently.
I hope you all didn’t forget my fan fiction

And summary You will find after reading the promos for both the shows

As for the intro and episodes if you haven’t read them you can read them in this link :




So here is the recap, precap and promo now.

Part 1: MATSH only
Part 2: MMZ only
Part 3: Both

Part 1
Ishani always fought with Ranveer whenever she meets him. Ranveer knows because of him Ishani is in legal trouble. So he decides to apologize to her so he goes to her shop to meet her. But they both get stuck at the shop.
Ranveer and Ishani are stuck in the shop where they spend some moments and Ishani tries some dresses out and Ranveer chooses the dress.
Ishani and Ranveer as you know are stuck in the shop so Ranveer tells some stories to cool her down. Later, Ishani offers her hand and says friends and Ranveer looks at Ishani surprised. Later, in his cabin Ranveer thinks about how Ishani offered her hand for friendship and he gets thinking. Later, Ishani and Shihkar make entry at the same time, and Shihkhar says that he will win this case for sure. Ishani is teary-eyed and leaves. Later, Ranveer makes a dashing entry in his lawyer avatar and Ishani is stunned.

Part 2
Arjun and Radhika got in a tiff whenever they meet each other. Later, Arjun fires Radhika from her interview. And when he knows her talent he decides to speak to her. Later, he and Radhika are in the car and their car break down.

Arjun and Radhika are on the roads walking and Arjun wishes Radhika happy birthday and Radhika looks at Arjun surprised.

Arjun and Radhika are stuck as Arjun’s car break down and they walk on the roads. Radhika scolds Arjun and Arjun hands Radhika her diary and Radhika takes it. Later, Arjun says Radhika this is for you. Radhika opens the envelope and Arjun say you are hired and Radhika looks on. Later, Radhika is working in the office and Arjun opens the window and sees her working and smiles. Later, Radhika sees this and she comes to Arjun stunning him. Radhika says what do you want? Arjun says let’s be friends. Radhika is stunned.

Part 3
For Both
Summary of this fan fic from epi 1-3: Ishani and Arjun are siblings and Ranveer and Radhika are siblings. They are from well renowned family. Both Ishveer and Ardhika met each and other one day in childhood and became friends. But due to misunderstandings and tragedy , Ishani and Arjun’s dad get killed and Arjun misunderstands it’s Ranveer’s dad wheras it was his collegue instead. They don’t know each other’s name just that Ranveer knows Ishani’s name.(Arjun doesn’t know that Kailash is Radhika’s dad he only knows Radhika’s grandfather, Radhika knows Arjun’s mom but she was too young so she don’t remember) and Ranveer saved Ishani’s life (They don’t know anything else about each other just that Ranveer knows Ishani’s dad). Later leap, and they all are busy with normal life. Arjun is a sucessful businessman, Ishani a fashion designer, Radhika a writer and Ranveer a lawyer. And you all already know from recap how Ishveer and Ardhika met each other, and none know that they are the same one whom they meet in childhood on that one tragic day. And how destiny made them meet each other and spent some time.

Ishveer and Ardhika are surprised as they see each other. Like their siblings.
Ishani and Arjun are surprised seeing each other, Ranveer and Radhika are surprised seeing each other.

Ishveer and Ardhika are getting along well with each other and also is on the step of going to be friends with each other but not yet. Ishani smiles remembering about Ranveer in her childhood (she doesn’t know his name or that he is Ranveer), and says that I want to meet you one day. Kailash is worried and Ranveer sags that it’s not your fault , dad you didn’t kill Ishani’s dad (he doesn’t know that the Ishani he met on childhood and now are the same one). Kailash is sad. Arjun’s mom is serving him food and she serves him burger and Arjun smiles how he fought with Radhika about burger and later he remembers about his dad and he gets up. He looks at the picture of his dad and he tells his mom Falguni that he will take revenge for his dad’s death. Later, Radhika sees her dad worried and she writes a story and thinks why is dad so worried.
Will Ishani and Ranveer know that they are the same friend whom they meet in childhood on that tragic day?
Will Arjun get to know that Radhika’s dad is the one whom he is aiming to take revenge?
And will this stop Ishveer and Ardhika’s friendship?

As I am busy the episodes I will publish on the first week of August. I hope you all won’t forget my fan fiction.

Promo is for epi 4-6.

Please do express and feel free to express your opinions 🙂

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