Our Journey of Friendship to Love, But then…Story of Ishveer and Ardhika Episode 3


**With Recap and Summary of Episode 1-2.**

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Here is the recap and summary of episode 1-2:
The fan fiction begins with Ishveer and Ardhika’s childhood. Ishani and Arjun are siblings and Ranveer and Radhika are also siblings here. It is Ishani’s birthday and for that she went out for boating with her family. On the other hand, Ranveer and Radhika also went for boating with their family for outing too. Ishani-Arjun and Ranveer-Radhika’s are on the boat, and Arjun, his mom, Radhika and her grandfather goes out to buy food. (MATSH) Later, Ishani’s dad gets a call who is hiding something and leaves from there and Ranveer’s mom also get a call and leaves from there.Ishani and Ranveer are left alone on their boat and they talk to each other. And they also get along well and Ranveer even makes a crown out of flowers for Ishani. (MMZ) Arjun and Radhika reach to but food at a stall along with their guardian where they get into a fight for a burger. And due to this they both can’t tolerate each other.(MATSH) While Ranveer and Ishani are enjoying their bond with each other, just then Ishani’s dad gets a call, and he quickly takes her and they elope. Ishani and Ranveer both are cluless. Later, Ranveer’s dad who is an police officer one of the police officer of his team shoots him as they were in find with of a criminal which the clue matches with him, and he and Ishani falls down in the water. Ranveer sees this and gets shocked and saves Ishani. (MMZ) while Arjun and Radhika continue to fight, Dadaji tries to make everything fine between them. Arjun gets along with Radhika’s dadaji and slowly Arjun and Radhika forget their fight and becomes friend. Later, they get news of someone getting shot which frightens Radhika a lot and Arjun tries to make her feel better. (all) Ranveer manages to save Ishani, and her mom gets to know this and hugs crying Ishani, later Ishani’s dad body is taken out by some of the rescue team, and Arjun while walking with Dadaji and Radhika sees his dad in this state and gets shocked. Arjun’s dad makes Arjun to promise him to take for his sister, Ishani and his mom and he dies and Arjun misunderstands that Ranveer’s dad is the one who killed his dad and he doesn’t know that he is Radhika’s dad too.

After the leap, Arjun is a renowned businessman now, Ishani is a fashion designer, Radhika is a writer who recently graduated and Ranveer is a lawyer. And both Ishveer and Ardhika have an encounter in a different way.They dont have any idea is the same friend they met during boating in childhood.It’s Radhika’s birthday and Ranveer wants to gift his sister something. So he decides to give her a designer clothes, he checks Radhika’s laptop as he wants to surprise her. (MATSH) Ranveer gets some nonsense designs from the laptop and thinks Ishani is the bad designer . He even told his friend Shihkar about it, so he calls Ishani and badmouths her which angers her a lot. (MMZ) Radhika is getting ready for her job interview and while walking someone accidentally hits her by his car and she falls down which is Arjun. Radhika calls Arjun blind and scolds him a lot. Later, Arjun gets Radhika’s interview letter and gets to know she is one of his interview member and Radhika have no idea Arjun is the same person who is going to take her interview for job. (MATSH) Ranveer gets to know that Ishani is the good designer and he fees bad for badmouthing her so he personally goes to her shop to seek for forgiveness. Later he collides with Ishani not knowing she is the same one he is going to meet. Ishani gets a call for file being cased against her, and she gets angry and when Ran veer goes to the shop he finds Ishani is not there so he goes to Shihkar who calls him for some work. (MMZ) Radhika is about to go for office, she meets her friend Neil who wishes luck for her job and while she leaves she accidentally drops her diary and decides to accompany her to pass the diary. (MATSH) Ishani gets to know is Shikhar who did so and Ranveer waits for shihkar in his cabin which makes Ishani assume that Ranveer is Shihkar and she scolds him a lot which shocks Ranveer who tries to tell he is not Shihkar but he fails. (MMZ) Radhika is waiting for her name to be called out, and there she meets Aradhya who us Arjun’s assistant who have a crush on Arjun and she calls Radhika behenji. Radhika answers her back calling her Arjun ki Behenji which irks Aradhya, later while Aradhya pretends to fall so that Arjun holds her, Neil holds her instead. (MATSH) Ishani leaves, and Ranveer feels bad for Ishani, so he talks with Shihkar to withdraw the case, Shihkar misunderstands the situation and becomes more bent in fighting case againnst Ishani making the situation worse. Ranveer knows he is the only one who can clear the misunderstanding. (MMZ) Arjun and Radhika finally meet in office she taunts him more. Later, she gtes to know Radhika gets to know that Arjun is her boss and Aradhya is his secretary. Arjun takes Radhika’s interview where she says all from her heart like a writer’s biography , and whatever Radhika strongly believe is what Arjun strongly disbelieve leading him to fire her. Radhika feels she won’t change her thinking so she lives and Neil sees this and decides to make everything fine.
Sorry for the super big summary :P.

Here is the link for the introduction and episodes:

Which scene(s) is for which shows:
Scene 1, 4, 6, 8, 10: MMZ only
Scene 2: All
Scene 3, 5, 7, 9, 11: MATSH only

Here is Episode 3.
Scene 1:Arjun’s office
(MMZ part only)
The episode begins with Arjun sitting in his cabin and just then someone comes and knocks the door.
Arjun: Come in.
Just then Neil comes in,
Arjun: Start your interview.
Neil: I have not come her to give interview, Mr.Arjun Mehta.
Arjun: Then what are you doing here and who are you?
Neil: I am Neil Khanna, nice to meet you.
Arjun smiles.
Arjun: So why did you come here for?
Neil: The girl whom you have just fired, you have done a very big mistake.
Arjun: Oh so she is your girlfirend?
Neil: For you it may seem so, but for me she is my best friend.
Arjun: First of all tell your friend to learn some manners. And with this kind of attitude I don’t think she can get any job.
Neil: First of all, did you ever tried to find her out her talent. You don’t even have any idea about it.
Arjun: I have taken her interview I can see how much talented she is. This office is not made for her, she should work in some circus.
Neil: You may find it funny. Well, I will just do a small thing, I am leaving this diary, read when you are free. Just think about it once.
Neil leaves from there. Arjun looks on.
As Neil is about to go, he collides with Aradhya, Aradhya is surprised
Aradhya: What are you doing here, idiot!
Neil: Now, you will have to see me here seldom.
Neil winks at Aradhya and leaves,
Aradhya: This guy is freaking me out. Irritating guy.

Scene 2: Vaghela Residence
Here Ranveer comes home and he gets thinking.
Ranveer: (in his mind) This Shikhar is bent on fighting case on Ishani, now how do I explain to him that the bad designs were not by Ishani but someone else.
Just then Radhika comes in home.
Radhika: Mom!!! I am very hungry. Give me some food.
Ranveer: I am sure something must have happened Chotti, what happened?
Radhika: Meaning?
Ranveer: I know you are very angry right now and you may burst out in anger, tell me what’s wrong.
Radhika: That Arjun Mehta.
Ranveer: Mehta Mehta everywhere.
Radhika: Meaning?
Ranveer: Nothing. You tell me what happend.
Radhika: That Arjun Mehta he that blind idiot,
Just then Mala serves Radhika food,
Mala: Ranveer! Radhika! Quickly come I have prepared some food it may get cold.
Radhika: Let’s eat.
While Ranveer, Radhika and Dadaji are eating,
Ranveer: Why are you so angry on Arjun Mehta?
Mala: Chotti! It’s okay, never mind you will get job somewhere else if not here.
Ranveer: Oh so this is the reason.
Radhika: Bhaia! This is not the reason, the reason is that how dare he called my ideologies stupid.
Ranveer: He called it stupid, what ideology?
Radhika: He told me to say what I think about and I said whatever I think about, if he dont like what’s my fault. I don’t mind him firing me, but why would he called my idealogies stupid. You know I don’t like it when people say something bad about my ideologies.
Dadaji: Then he is wrong, my grand-daughter can never be wrong.
Radhika: I wish… I wish all were sensible like you Dadaji, not stupid and arrogant like that Arjun Mehta.
Ranveer: Chotti! This businessmen are good for nothing, they are very arrogant and also quite stupid like who take risks for millions.
Radhika: That I don’t know but he is definately the most arrogant person I ever met.
Mala: Okay, finish eating and then do whatever you want to.
Ranveer thinks about how to get Ishani out of the problem, Radhika snaps at Ranveer,
Radhika: Where are you lost?
Ranveer: Chotti, I have a question since you are a writer and you also have a lot of ideas, I have decided to ask you.
Radhika: Ask me.
Ranveer: Assume you scold someone for her mistake, and then you tell your friend about it. One fine day, you realize that it’s not her mistake, it’s your mistake, but your friend punishes that person already. You tell your friend that she is innocent, but he doesnt agrees what do you do.
Radhika gets thinking, and Ranveer finishes eating, and he looks at Radhika who is in deep thinking and then Ranveer looks at her, he takes the water and as he was about to drink it,
Radhika: Idea!
Ranveer chokes. Mala makes him feel better by rubbing his back.
Mala: What Chotti?
Radhika: Sorry. What to do, I got an idea.
Ranveer: Tell me.
Radhika: Areh Bhaia if you know is your mistake, why don’t you and her together go and tell your friend. Your friend will see you with her and he will understand. Simple.
Ranveer: Wow, Chotti, I haven’t even think about it.
Radhika: Sometimes do read some books.
Ranveer: Okay no need to give me lecture.
Ranveer gets up.
Ranveer: I have a work mom, I have to go now.
Mala: At this time?
Ranveer: Yes, what to do?
As Ranveer was about to go,
Radhika: That girl is your girlfriend right?
Ranveer: You keep quiet, sometimes you think too much.
Ranveer leaves.

Scene 3: Outside
(MATSH part only)
Ranveer is about to go, his mom comes to him,
Mala: Ranveer, what are you up to? Is it some girl?
Ranveer: What Ma? Whatever, Chotti say you will just agree.
Ranveer looks around.
Ranveer: I am just going to collect the designer dress I ordered from Chotti, and that I just said for fun to cool her down.
Mala: At this time?
Ranveer: Now Chotti’s birthday at 12, what is my fault in that? And also she is not happy as she got rejected.
Mala: But still?
Ranveer pulls Mala’s cheek.
Ranveer: I will comeback soon mom, bye.
Ranveer leaves.
Ranveer is in the car,
Ranveer: Now I will go to Ishani Mehra’s stall, and then I will do something which make sure she comes there.
Ranveer calls Ishani on the phone,
Ishani: Hello?
Ranveer: Madam there have been a thief in your shop.
Ishani: What?
Ranveer: We are in doubt but not sure, but the shop is closed.
Ishani: Who are you?
Ranveer declines the call.
Ishani: Hello?
Ishani gets worried.
Ishani: Oh no, I have to go to the shop now.
Ishani leaves and Ranveer smiles on the other hand.
Ranveer takes out one of Radhika’s book
Ranveer: Chotti’s story saved the day today.

Scene 4: Arjun’s office
(MMZ part only)
Arjun finishes his work, and Aradhya comes there.
Aradhya: Sir, can I leave and go home now.
Arjun: Sure, you can.
Aradhya leaves, and Arjun is about to go, he sees the diary, and he remembers about Neil and Radhika.
Arjun: This diary?
Arjun was about to put it back, he gets a call from Ishani,
Ishani: Bhaia, I will be late tonight.
Arjun: Okay, do call me when you are done with your work. I will pick you up.
Arjun keeps the phone.
Arjun: By the time I wait for Ishani, let me read this diary.
Arjun reads the diary, and he starts getting enthusiastic in reading it. He gets fasinated by the story, and he smiles reading it. Later, he gets surprised and later, he finally finishes the diary.
Arjun: Such a wonderful story. Really the writer is great. She knows how to wake one’s emotion up,
Just then Arjun gets into flashback about his conversation with Nei,
Neil: Did you ever tried to find out her talent?
Arjun gets out of the flashback, and feels bad.
Arjun: Oh no I have done a very big mistake. This girl can bring our office to heights, I should have not fired her. Now I have to do something.

Scene 5: Ishani’s shop
(MATSH part only)
Here Ranveer comes inside the shop and he finds it locked. He sees Ishani coming. Ranveer quickly hides from behind.
Ishani: Strange! If the robber didn’t come from door, then where did he come from?
Ranveer: This girl is so stupid. It’s window.
Ranveer shouts,
Ranveer: Window!
Ishani: Right, window.
Ishani is surprised and she looks around Ranveer closes his mouth, and he quickly hides somewhere.
Ishani: Who was that? Anyways, I have to open the door and catch the robber red-handed.
Ranveer: (in his mind) RV you are so stupid sometimes.
Ishani opens the door,
Ranveer: Finally, that stupid girl opened the door.
Ishani goes in, and Ranveer quickly goes in too.
Ishani is looking around the shop using her phone torch as it is dark, Ranveer sees Ishani as he was about to pat her,
Ishani: That Shihkar Raheja is my bad luck, whenever I see him I lose my temper, really I hate him a lot. If I find him again, I will hit him so much I won’t spare him. He must be responsible for this.
Ishani leaves and goes on other side,
Ranveer: This Lady Hitler won’t spare me if she sees my face and I urgently need to speak to her, what to do?
Ranveer looks around the shop, and he sees a ghost mask and he smiles seeing this.
Ranveer takes and wears it.
Ranveer: This is better.
Ishani sees Ranveer from the back, she finds and takes her hockey stick, and she pats at Ranveer,
Ranveer: (in his mind) Now it’s time.
Ranveer looks around, and Ishani was about to hit him, she sees the ghost masks and shouts,
Ishani: Ghost!
And she faints, and Ranveer is surprised as he holds her and stops her from falling.

Scene 6: Radhika’s room
(MMZ part only)
Radhika is walking around, and she looks at the time, its 11.59pm.
Radhika: One more minute to go, I am sure everyone will have a special surprise for me this time also.
Just then Radhika quickly comes and stands near the door, and she is waiting for them, she sees the clock turn to 12am, and then she smiles and closes her eyes, just then her phone rings,
Radhika: Oho, this phone had to ring now. Must be Neil ki Bacchi.
Radhika in anger holds her phone and talks,
Radhika: Neil ki Bacchi, you had to call me now, you know Bhaia and mom will give me surprise for my birthday.
It turns out to be Arjun.
Arjun: I am not Neil, I am Arjun Mehta, Miss Vaghela.
Radhika is surprised.
Radhika: Arrogant Arjun?
Arjun: Look Miss Vaghela, I know you must be quite angry with me, I am so sorry.
Radhika: Why what happened?
Arjun: I know you must be angry, but its regarding you please come to my office soon I need to talk to you.
Radhika: Office and at this time?
Arjun: Okay, I think it’s too far for you, never mind I will come to your house.
Radhika: No!
Arjun: Then?
Radhika: Do I have to come today?
Arjun: Well, tomorrow I dont mind but its weekend and I want to do this now only, if not it will get too late.
Radhika: (in his mind) Is that Arrogant Arjun crazy?
Arjun: I know this is crazy, you can do one thing, you can come to my nearby the road in your house, as I also have to pick my sister up. And then we can talk on the way, I will drop you home back only for an hour please.
Radhika: Okay fine, I am coming.
Arjun: Thank you.
Arjun keeps the phone.
Radhika: What is wrong with that guy? I am sure he must be planning to teach me a lesson. But I am no less also, I am not coming.
Radhika walks and gets thinking.
Radhika: (in her mind) Did everyone forget my birthday this time?
Radhika: Let me write a new short story, yes.
Radhika opens her bag and is surprised to see the diary missing.
Scene 7: Ishani’s shop
(MATSH part only)
Ranveer is surprised and confused as he finds Ishani unconscious,
Ranveer: Oh no looks like I scared her out, but I didnt know she will get this much scared.
Ranveer looks around and somehow he manages to get a water bottle, and he sprinkles water on Ishani, Ishani gains conscious and as again she was about to faint again,
Ranveer: I am so stupid, she will definately faint if she see me like this.
Ranveer quickly opens his mask, and then
Ranveer: Nooooo! Not again!
Ishani slowly gains consciousness, and her eyes is wide open and she is shocked,
Ishani: Oh so you are the one!
Ranveer: Look Ishani, you are misunderstanding me.
Ishani: Yes, you are right I was misunderstanding you as a bad lawyer, you are not a bad lawyer, I didnt know you were such a big thief and cheater also.
Ishani takes her hockey stick and starts hitting Ranveer.
Ranveer: Ishani spare me.
Ishani: Just because I called you Raheja Valak doesnt mean you will look like one. You thought you will scare me like that?
Ishani continues hiting him.
Ishani: I won’t sapre you. You called my design bad?
Ranveer: I am so sorry.
Ishani: How dare you RV?
Ishani continues hitting him.
Ishani: And you also filled the case against me.
Ishani does so and Ranveer finally speaks up,
Ranveer: Areh that was not me, that was Shihkar, Shihkar Raheja is my friend I am someone else, I am his friend.
Ishani stops hitting him.

Scene 8: Outside
(MMZ part only)
Radhika: Where is my diary? It was here?
Radhika starts to find her diary,
Radhika: Did that Arjun also took my diary?
Radhika remembers seeing it while meeting Neil,
Radhika: Wait a minute, if the diary was still there, then who is it with?
Radhika remembers about Neil and she calls him.
Neil, on the other hand is partying hard he is dancing with two girls.
Nuszhat: Hey Neil, you look happy today.
Asma: Yes Neil, happy to see you like this.
Neil: Today my best friend got a job.
Both girls: Wow.
Neil: You are cute Nuszat, and you are sweet Asma.
(They are my friends, crazy Shravan Reddy fans :P)
Neil gets a call
Neil: Chasni? Birthday girl.
Neil: Hello.
Radhika: First of all tell me where are you?
Neil: With two most beautiful girls, Asma and Nuszhat.
Asma and Nuszhat blushes as each are on one side of Neil.
Radhika: You will never change right. Tell me clearly where you kept my diary.
Neil: That? That I gave to Arjun Mehta.
Radhika: What have you done Neil?
Neil: I did this for you. Call me back later.
Neil declines the call.
Radhika: What is wrong with this Neil? How can he give my diary to that Arjun like that?
Neil: C’mon girls let dance.
Neil, Nuszhat and Asma dances on Kar Gayi Chull from Kapoor and Sons.
Radhika: This Neil is busy in partying what to do now? Looks like I have to meet that Arjun maybe he really wants to give me back the diary. And he is also stupid. He wont understand a single thing written.
Radhika leaves, Mala sees her.
Mala: Where are you going?
Radhika: Dada called me.
Mala: Ranveer? At this time?
Radhika: Yes, maa he say he is nearby. I will be back in 15 mins. Bye. Love you.
Radhika leaves.
Mala: What are this both siblings up to? I think Ranveer must be giving Chotti a surprise.

Scene 9: Ishani’s shop
(MATSH part only)
Ishani: Wait a minute. What do you mean? Aren’t you RV?
Ranveer: Yes, I am RV.
As Ishani was about to take the hockey stick again,
Ranveer: RV as in Ranveer Vaghela. Shihkar Raheja is my friend.
Ishani: So you are not Shihkar Raheja.
Ranveer nods.
Ishani: Oh I am so so sorry, Mr. Ranveer Vaghela I didn’t know.
Ranveer: It’s okay.
Ishani: What to do? Your friend have made my life difficult for me I don’t know why he is so desperate in defaming my designs. He even filed a case against me.
Ranveer starts sweating,
Ishani: By the way, what are you doing here?
Ranveer: Look Ishani I have all the answers for your questions.
Ranveer describes all the problems like how he misunderstood the designs and how he told Shihkar and how he later misunderstood the situation.
Ishani listens to him.

Scene 10: In the car,
(All part)
Radhika is walking around and is trying to find Arjun, and Arjun uses the horn. Radhika looks at Arjun. Arjun gestures her to get in the car. Radhika does so.
Arjun: You called me blind this morning, wheras you can’t even see this big car.
Radhika: Give me my diary.
Arjun is surprised.
Radhika: I said give me my diary,
Arjun: Look Miss Vaghela, I know what I did today was wrong and I am here to speak about it.
As Arjun is driving the car, Radhika takes out a knife shocking Arjun.
Radhika: Stop the car.
Arjun: I won’t.
Radhika: I said stop the car.
As Arjun disagrees, suddenly he stops the car.
Radhika: Good.
Arjun: The car stopped itself.
Radhika: Meaning?
Arjun: The car is spoiled.
Radhika is shocked.
Radhika: What!

Scene 11: Shop
(MATSH part only)
Here Ishani and Ranveer are speaking,
Ishani: I am so sorry, you must be hurt.
Ranveer: I didnt know I will face so much problems only for a dress.
Ishani: Did you say something?
Ranveer: No no nothing.
Ishani: My brother must be waiting, I need to call him.
Ranveer: Oh no my plan is foiled already. No use.
Ishani goes to open the door and she is surprised.
Ranveer: Oh its locked? Never mind you open with the key, I will be waiting.
Ishani: Oh no I have left the keys.
Ranveer: What do you mean by you left the keys? I myself saw you opening the door.
Ishani: Yes, but I was so scared when I heard theft in my shop that I just threw the keys outside in excitement.
Ranveer: What!
Ranveer is shocked .
The episode ends as Ishveer are stuck in the shop and Ardhika are stuck on the road.

Precap: Ishveer and Ardhika spent some moments in the shop. Ishani wear some different saree and clothes and try them out and Ranveer compliments and comments on it. Arjun and Radhika enjoy ice cream together, and Arjun wishes Radhika happy birthday surprising her. Later, Ishveer and Ardhika come face to face to each other and are surprised.

I am so sorry, I know today’s episode was slightly boring. But I promise you all, you all will love the next episode a lot. It will be full of Ardhika and Ishveer moments only.
Hey all I am so sorry for updating the episodes late. Well this may also continue this month. The reason is because firstly I have projects and quizzes. Secondly, next week is Eid, and thirdly my aunt is coming for treatment. So this july is a super busy month for me. I wanted to write as many episodes as I can during my holidays, but unfortunately my laptop had to be spoiled that time. Well, I will try my best to upload the episode next Friday if not next Sunday latest.
And please feel free to express your opinions. Criticism is open here. But no flaw language is to be used: P .You can write whatever you feel and sorry if I disappointed you and please do say what else should I do to improve on my fan fiction. Thank you once again 
And yes Eid Mubarak in advance, and do comment that will be a great eid gift for me 😛

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