Our Journey of Friendship to Love, But then… Story of Ishveer and Ardhika Episode 1

Hi all. I am back with Episode 1 of Our Journey of Friendship to Love, but then…-Story of Ishveer and Ardhika. Well, I will mention which scene is for which so need to worry about that. By any chance, if you didn’t read the introduction, here is the link:
Which scene(s) is for which show:
Scene 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 : All
Scene 4, 9: MATSH
Scene 5, 10: MMZ

Here is episode 1.
For episode 1 I will show the childhood of Ishveer and Ardhika first, and in second half there will be leap. So, you can assume these kids to play the childhood role.
Young Radhika: Palak Dey last seen as previous Kuhu in Bahu Hamari Rajni_kant, currently in Tashan-e-Ishq
Young Arjun: Vishesh Banswal seen as Aarav in Iss Pyaar Ko Naam Do, last seen as young Dev in Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Eisa Bhi
Young Ranveer: Sagar Hingonia last seen as young Raja in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani
Young Ishani: Ruhanika Dhawan currently seen as Pihu/young Ruhi in Yeh Hain Mohabbatein

Childhood part
Scene 1: Vaghela Residence
(All part)
The episode begins with a lady doing Pooja and then after doing Pooja, she is finding her children.
Mala: Ranveer! Radhika! Where are you both?
Just then Ranveer and Radhika hugs Mala,
Radhika: Look mom Bhaia took my doll away he is not giving me my doll.
Ranveer: I won’t give it to you so easily.
Ranveer makes faces and Radhika chases Ranveer.
Radhika: This is not fair.
Just then Radhika collides with Dadaji,
Dadaji: What happened?
Radhika: See Dadaji, he took my doll away.
Dadaji: So what happened the most beautiful doll is still here.
Dadaji pulls Radhika’s cheek,
Radhika: But I am your doll. And I want my doll also.
Dadaji: Okay I will help you out.
Dadji holds Radhika’s hand,
Dadaji: Radhika, let’s play chess.
Radhika smiles,
Dadaji sits and as Radhika was about to sit,
Ranveer: No way, only I have the right to play chess with Dadaji not you.
Radhika makes faces, Ranveer and Dadaji plays chess, and Dadaji slowly takes the doll and gives it to Radhika. Radhika smiles.
Radhika: Finally I got it,
Ranveer gets surprised.
Ranveer: This is not fair Dadaji.
Dadaji: Sorry, Ranveer beta
Radhika smiles and leaves.
Ranveer: You always do like this. I am angry with you.
Dadaji: Okay, now who will play chess with me? Ranveer is angry with me. Let me call Radhika. Radhi
Ranveer: Okay, I forgive you let’s play.
Dadaji and Ranveer plays chess.
Mala: Ranveer, Babuji quickly finish the game after that we have to go for the boating trip.
Dadaji: How about Kailash?
Mala: He will come there from his work. I will check on Radhika.
Mala: Radhika!
Scene 2: Mehra Residence
(All part)
Here a girl is shown sleeping, and her parents and brother come to her room. She wakes up.
Arjun: Surprise!
Ishani sees this and smiles.
And her parents and brother sing Happy Birthday song.
All: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ishani, Happy Birthday to you.
Ishani is very happy, Falguni brings cake and makes Ishani cut the cake,
Ishani and Arjun’s dad, Nitin (Assume Hiten Tejwani as Nitin) sits beside Ishani,
Nitin: So what does my princess want as her birthday gift.
Ishani: I want to go for boating trip.
Nitin: Okay done. So all of us will go for boating trip.
Ishani: Yeah! Yeah!
Ishani immediately gets up from her bed,
Falguni: Ishani, careful.
Ishani: Bhaia, let’s go and play.
Ishani and Arjun leaves,
Falguni: What Nitin? You are spoiling the children.
Nitin: Let it be, after all today is Ishani’s birthday. I don’t even know if I will be able to celebrate her next birthday.
Falguni: What are you saying?
Nitin: Usually I am outside most of the time, and this time luckily I am here to celebrate Ishani’s birthday. I have some work, I will make the call and then talk to you later.
Nitin talks on the phone.
Nitin: I am coming there and don’t worry no one will get to know about it.

Scene 3: Boating place
Here, Vaghela family and Mehra family at different boats are doing boating trip. They reach at a stop, like they are midway done at different times.
Vaghela family reaches first, all are enjoying, Radhika is seen wearing a hat, and Ranveer wearing a cap.
Radhika: Mom, I am very hungry.
Mala: No, Radhika once we reach home we will have food we cannot waste money like that.
Dadaji: Bahu, let Radhika eat whatever she wants.
Mala: But Babuji.
Dadaji: Come, Radhika let’s go and buy some food.
Radhika and Dadaji leaves to buy food. Ranveer, Mala and Kailash is here.
Kailash: It’s very hard to get signal here.
Just then someone calls him,
Kailash: Finally, there is some signal.
Kailash picks up the phone,
Person: Sir, we finally got track of that criminal.
Kailash: Where is he?
Person: He is in the boating place, the famous one here.
Kailash is shocked.
Kailash: I am here too.
Kailash gets up and leaves.
Mala: Listen, I am coming.
Mala accompanies him,
Mala: Ranveer, you stay here.
Ranveer agrees.
On the other hand, Mehra family reaches the boating place too,
Ishani: Wow finally we are here, it’s so nice.
Arjun: Wow Ishani, your boating wala idea is very good.
Ishani: Thank you Bhaia.
Ishani talks to Falguni,
Ishani: Mom, I am hungry.
Falguni: Not now Ishani,
Arjun: Mom I am hungry too.
Nitin: Areh, if the children wants some food just buy some food.
Arjun: Yes, mom lets go,
Nitin: Falguni do one thing you and Arjun go and buy food, while me and Ishani will stay here.
Falguni: Okay as your wish.
Ishani: Bhaia bring burger for me if you find them.
Arjun: Okay, Ishani.
Arjun and Falguni leaves.
Nitin and Ishani stays there. Nitin gets a call.
Nitin: Ishani, you stay here for a while I will go and attend this call. I will comeback soon.
Ishani: Okay dad.
Nitin leaves.

Scene 4:
(MATSH part only)
Here Ranveer is in one boat and Ishani is in another boat, they are waiting for their parents and their boat is parked nearby. Ishani and Ranveer see each other.
Ishani: You are alone here?
Ranveer: No, my sister and grandfather went to buy food and my parents went to talk on phone for a while.
Ishani: My family also went to buy some food.
Ranveer: What is your name?
Ishani: My name is Princess. Everyone calls me that.
Ranveer: Oh
Ishani: What is your name?
Ranveer: My name is Ranveer.
Ishani: Lets be friends Ranveer. Friends?
Ishani forwards her hand. Ranveer handshakes with Ishani.
Ranveer: Friends.
Ishani: Do you know today is my birthday?
Ranveer: Oh happy birthday nice to know.
Ishani smiles.
Ishani: I was so bored I am so happy. I got you here.
Ranveer: Me too.
Ranveer looks around and finds some flowers and plucks them out.
Ishani: What are you going to do with them?
Ranveer: I am going to make a flower chain.
Ishani: Really? Teach me.
Ranveer teaches Ishani how to make a flower chain. And he finally makes it.
Ranveer: There it is.
Ishani claps.
Ranveer: My sister and Dadaji taught me.
Ishani: Wow, it’s so nice.
Ranveer: You can keep it.
Ishani: Really?
Ranveer makes Ishani wear the flower chain on her head.
Ranveer: This is your birthday gift on behalf of me.
Ishani: Thank you friend.
Ishani shows Ranveer her doll.
Ishani: This is my favourite doll.
Ranveer: Even my sister loves dolls a lot.
Ishani: Nice to know.

Scene 5:
(MMZ part only)
Here Radhika and Dadaji comes to the fast food stall, at the same time Arjun and Falguni also comes at the same stall.
Radhika: Uncle, I want one burger.
Guy: Okay beta,
Arjun and Falguni also comes.
Arjun: Uncle, I want two burgers.
Guy: Okay beta,
The guy go to prepare the burger,
Guy: I am sorry beta, there is only one burger left.
Arjun: What? Never mind give me one burger can.
Radhika: Hello, I was the first one to ask for the burger.
Arjun: But I asked for two burgers, so I should get the burger.
Radhika: No, I asked first I should get the burger first.
Arjun: No, I asked for two I should get that burger, you only asked for two.
Radhika: Uncle, you don’t listen to him, give the burger to me.
Arjun: Uncle, no I asked for two so I should get the burger.
Radhika: You cut queue, you are so stupid.
Arjun: How dare you call me stupid, you fatty.
Radhika: You call me fatty, I won’t spare you.
As Arjun and Radhika were about to fight,
Falguni: Why are you talking to her like this? Apologize to her.
Arjun: I won’t apologize to this fatty.
Radhika: See Dadaji he is teasing me.
Falguni: Beta, I am so sorry you may take the burger.
Radhika takes the burger and is about to leave,
Arjun: What Maa this burger was for Chotti.
Falguni: We can get the burger later.
Radhika: Take this burger
Arjun is about to take,
Radhika: Not you.
She passes the burger to Falguni
Radhika: Make sure Chotti gets this burger only Aunty.
Radhika leaves.

Scene 6:
Here Nitin is talking on the phone.
Nitin: What they are here?
Nitin sees the police force and he quickly rushes to the boat.
Nitin: Ishani, we have got to go now.
Ishani: But mom and Bhaia?
Nitin: They will come later.
Nitin quickly rides the boat and leaves quickly. Ranveer is surprised too.
Kailash meets his police force,
Kailash: Did you find him?
Police: Sir he is eloping.
Mala: What happened?
Kailash: You go to dad.
Mala leaves.
Police: He is wearing a yellow t-shirt.
Kailash and the police force tries to find them.
Here Radhika and Dadaji is sitting down and Radhika is eating,
Radhika: Yummy yummy.
Dadaji: Radhika lets go, everyone must be waiting for us.
Radhika: No Dadaji, I want to eat here. If not Ranveer Bhaia, will eat everything.
Dadaji: Okay, quick.
Radhika is eating and Arjun sees her.
Arjun: Oi Motti stop eating, how much more will you eat?
Radhika: You again! What are you doing here?
Arjun: Don’t eat too much you will burst.
Radhika: I shouldn’t have given the burger to you, you are an idiot.
Arjun: Hey fatso, see yourself first then talk.
Radhika: If you call me that one more time, I will complain to Aunty.
Arjun: Complain. Complain as much as you want. Mom is at another place.
Radhika: Dadaji, say something he is teasing me.
Dadaji: Beta, come and join us.
Arjun: No thank you.
Radhika: Why you told him to join us?
Dadaji: Doll, let him be your friend.
Radhika: Impossible.
Dadaji: Beta, don’t feel shy come and sit down with me.
Arjun does so, Arjun and Radhika angrily look at each other,
Kailash and his team finally find him.
Kailash: Are you sure that’s him?
Police: I am 100% sure sir. He is wearing yellow t-shirt.
Kailash: There are so many others wearing yellow t-shirt we should be careful.
Kailash: I look at one side , you all look at other side.
Kailash and the police looks. One of the police finds Nitin and assumes him to be the one, the police aims his gun at Nitin and is about to shoot him, Kailash is shocked as he finds the police doing so, and he sees Ishani with Nitin and realizes its not right to do so.
Kailash: Stop!
As Kailash runs to stop them, he fails to do so as the police shoots Nitin at the back, Nitin gets shot.
Ishani: Papa!!!! Ranveer sees this and is shocked. He gets scared.
Nitin loses control over the boat and he falls down in the water. Ishani cries.
Ishani: Papa!!!Papa!!!!
Suddenly the boat starts to sink and Ishani drowns.
Ranveer sees this and he gets into flashback,
Ranveer: Dad! I won the swimming championship.
Kailash: That’s good Beta, but remember always use your swimming skills they make help you in saving one’s life one day,
Ranveer jumps into the water, to save Ishani.
Later one of the boat guy at the restaurant starts shouting,
Boat guy: Come everyone a boat just sank and one guy got shot. A little girl also got drowned.
Falguni gets shocked.
Falguni: Nitin? Ishani?
Falguni rushes there.
Radhika, Dadaji and Arjun also listen to this.
Radhika: Dadaji I am feeling very scared.
Arjun: Don’t be scared. I am sure all will be okay.
Radhika cries, and Dadaji and Arjun tries to console her. Arjun feels bad,
Later some men come and take out Nitin.
Men: A body is found.
Radhika, Arjun and Dadaji are walking,
Dadaji: Don’t worry beta, your mom will be here soon.
Arjun: I am not scared about it.
Later, everyone gathers around the body and Arjun is shocked to see his dad.
On the other hand, Ranveer is swimming and he saves Ishani.
Falguni comes and cries more.
Falguni: Ishani! Ranveer passes Ishani to Falguni and Falguni hugs Ishani.
Falguni: Beta are you okay?
Ishani: Papa. Papa.
Falguni: Where is he?
Ishani is super scared and Falguni tries to console her,
Mala hugs Ranveer,
Mala: Beta are you okay?
Ranveer: Yes, I am but her dad got shot.
Mala and Falguni get shocked. Falguni rushes with Ishani in her arms.
On the other hand, Arjun is crying seeing Nitin like this
Arjun: Dad! Nitin is in danger,
Dadaji: Someone call the ambulance.
Nitin: Arjun looks like its time for me to leave.
Arjun: No dad no.
Nitin: Beta promise me you will take care of your mom and sister and make sure get what they want. Promise me.
Arjun starts crying.
Nitin: Please,
Arjun: Promise.
Nitin is about to point to the police.
Nitin breathes his last. Arjun sees Kailash and he looks and he breaks down.
Arjun: Dad!!!!!!!
Arjun cries, Falguni and Ishani gets shattered seeing the body. And they cry.
Radhika hugs Mala,
Radhika: Mom, I am not liking it.
She cries.
The Vaghela family sympathizes Mehra family and they leave.
Arjun angrily looks at Kailash.

15 years Leap
Scene 7: Mehra Residence
Here a guy is shown and his eyes is shown as he eyes Nitin’s picture and he is none other than Arjun, who is grown up and a successful businessman now.
Arjun: It have been 15 years since that incident. Once I find him I will not spare him dad this is your son’s promise.
Just then Falguni comes to him,
Falguni: Forget about it beta
Arjun: No mom, I will never forget it. I won’t spare him.
Arjun leaves.
Falguni: Arjun! Arjun! Now only one person can help me make Arjun’s mood alright.
A girl is shown. She is seen doing makeup and her mom calls her out.
Falguni: Ishani! She is none other than Ishani, Ishani flunks her hair and she smiles.
Ishani: Coming.
Ishani comes and covers her mom’s eyes.
Falguni: Ishani? Leave me.
Ishani does so.
Falguni: I called you because.
Ishani: I got it no need to tell me mom just chill. I am here na.
Ishani goes.
Falguni: This girl?
Ishani comes to Arjun.
Ishani: Hi Bhaia.
Arjun: Ishani what are you doing here?
Ishani sits down besides Arjun
Ishani: Bhaia do you know today I got some orders from my website.
Arjun: Okay that’s good. So what do you want me to do? Throw a party for you?
Ishani: Areh Bhaia, this is a small order. Once I get a big order do throw a big party for me.
Arjun smiles.
Ishani: Bhaia, do tell your clients about my website okay. I am leaving now.
Arjun: What is this? You just came here now.
Ishani: Let me allow you to do work. Later, you will blame me it’s my fault.
Arjun: You act very strange sometimes.
Ishani: After all I am your sister.
Ishani leaves.
Arjun: Crazy girl.
Arjun continues his work.

Scene 8: Vaghela Residence
Here Mala is walking around her house, and just then two person comes and takes her blessings and touches her feet. They are Ranveer and Radhika.
Mala: So you both finally woke up.
Ranveer: Areh mom today is Sunday na that’s why let us sleep more.
Radhika: Sunday and other day is same for me. Its bhaia’s fault not mine.
Ranveer: You stop making excuses.
Mala: Okay, you both can stop fighting.
Just then Radhika gets a call,
Radhika: Mom, I got a call let me pick it up.
Radhika leaves.
Mala and Ranveer starts talking.
Ranveer: Mom, what have you thought about Chotti’s birthday?
Mala: I have not yet thought anything, just cook some food.
Ranveer: Mom, that’s not enough. Can tell me anything Chotti loves?
Mala: Yes, I remember now. Recently she saw some suits in a website and she loved that.
Ranveer: Really? But how to know?
Mala: She have saved some designs in her laptop you may find there.
Ranveer: Which design?
Mala: I will try to talk to her indirectly about that topic and then I will tell you.
Ranveer: Okay mom.
Mala: And I have phone number of that place, and also address its in my phonebook diary,
Ranveer: Okay mom.
Ranveer leaves, and Radhika comes,
Radhika: Mom I have to go out for a while.
Mala: Okay come back by evening.
Radhika leaves.

Scene 9:
(MATSH part)
Here Ranveer checks in Radhika’s laptop
Ranveer: What kind of nonsense design is this? I didn’t know Chotti have such a bad choice. No my sister cant have such a bad choice.
Ranveer gets into flashback,
Radhika: Bhaia, you know I have this irritating friend who always forces me to buy her dresses its so bad design. If I tell her she will kill me, and I can’t even sell it online. I can make curtains using this.
Ranveer gets out of flashback,
Ranveer: Oh so this girl is the same girl forcing Chotti. Let me teach her a lesson now.
Ranveer uses the phone guide and calls Ishani.
Ranveer: Ishani Mehra?
Ranveer remembers about young Ishani
Ranveer: No, there is so many Ishanis.
Ranveer calls Ishani, Ishani picks up the phone,
Ranveer: Ishani Mehra?
Ishani: Yes, who is it?
Ranveer: Before I say my name, I must say your designs are a disaster.
Ishani: Wrong number,
Ranveer: Don’t pretend, your designs are so bad have you ever seen them?
Ishani: How dare you speak about my designs badly?
Ranveer: Oh please
Ishani: Till today none of the customer complained whats your problem sir? What kind of design you like short ones?
Ranveer: I am not a coward like you. I know people like you very well who threat others.
Ishani: First do you even have the guts to tell me your name?
Ranveer: My name is
Suddenly the phone gets disconnected
Ranveer: Hello?
Ishani: Hello?
They keep phone.
Ranveer: Stupid girl.
Ishani: Coward.
Ishani gets into a bad mood.

Scene 10:
(MMZ part)
Radhika: Finally I got an interview for the new job, I have to get this job at any cost.
Radhika is walking, and suddenly Arjun doesn’t see and he sees Radhika as he was about to apply the brake, he hits Radhika. Radhika falls down.
Radhika: Idiot!
Arjun comes out of the car,
Arjun: Are you alright madam?
Radhika: Alright? Madam?
Arjun: I didn’t know that
Radhika: Look if you don’t know how to drive a car don’t drive.
Arjun: Excuse me.
Radhika: You injured me for no reason. First check your eyesight then talk to me.
Radhika leaves, Arjun is about to help her,
Radhika: I no need your help.
Radhika walks anyhow and leaves.
Arjun: Such an ill-mannered girl. She should have seen the car also. No use of helping these kind of girls.
Arjun was about to go, and he finds a document, he reads it.
Arjun: Oh so her name is Radhika Vaghela. Now she will get to know with whom she messed up.
Radhika comes again and Arjun hides the paper,
Radhika: And yes please be careful. Do you need any number for any good eye doctor?
Arjun: No thank you.
Radhika leaves.
Arjun: What kind of girl is she?
Arjun looks at Radhika, nodding.
The episode ends.

Precap: Radhika comes to the cabin and is shocked to see Arjun. Arjun says surprised yet. Radhika tries to find her paper, and Arjun shows her and Radhika gets surprised. On the other hand, Ishani comes and barges in Ranveer’s office, and says who are you to talk bad about my design and close down my shop? I wont spare you.

Well, I hope you all loved the first episode. Sorry no much of Ishveer and Ardhika scenes as first half was used for the intro and childhoof of the characters but I hope you all liked it overall as there was Ardhika and Ishveer parts too. Don’t worry from episode 2 there will be more Ishveer and Ardhika scenes but please don’t stop reading my fan fiction. And I am sure you will love it more.

The next episode will be published on next Saturday, 25th June. It will be published once a week.

Please do comment and feel free to express your opinions. Thank you (

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