Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love episode 29

Hey guys!!! This is RadhikaSharma back with another episode of my ff.

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Recap: Diwali preparations in oberoi mansion. Tasha and omkara share few romantic moments.

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the story continues…..

scene 1: shivaay’s room

shivaay is talking on his phone. Anika enters.

A:shivaay aap yaha hai. Sab aapka niche wait kar rahe hai.
{shivaay you are here.everyone is waiting for you downstairs.}

S:(keeps the phone) Ek important call aya tha. Abhi chalo
{an important call had came. now we will go}

Khanna comes there.

K: sir this courier have come for you.

S: ok keep it on the table. I will look afterwards.

K: sir its written important. I think you should look now

S: ok give.

Shivaay opens the envelop and sees omkara and tasha’s intimate photos from their date. He and anika gets shocked.

A:shivaay yeh…

S: (to khanna, shouts) khanna find out who have send these. I want each and every detail.

K: ok sir (leaves)

Shivaay sits on the bed in tension. Anika sits beside him.

A: shivaay agar om ya tasha ko pata lag gaya to….
{shivaay if om and tasha will get to know about this then….}

S: no aisa kuch nahi hoga…
{no nothing will happen like this.}

A: shivaay last time aisa hua tha tab tasha depressed ho gayi thi. Abhi pata nahi kya hoga.
{shivaay last time when lioke this happened tasha became depressed. Don’t know what will happen now.}

S: (hugs her) anika sab thik hojayega.
{anika everything will be fine}

Omkara and tasha comes there. Both coughs.

Anika and shivaay gets shocked seeing both of them. Shivaay hurriedly hides the photgraphs under the pillow.

O: tasha hum badme aate hain. Yaha par to romance ho raha hai.
{tasha we will come afterwards. Romance is going on here.}

S: om kya kaam hai?
{om what is the work?}

T: shivaay and anika the guest mr. bakshi and his family have come. And you both are missing so we came to call you.

S: thik hai tum dono jaao hum aate hai.
{ok you two go we will come}

O: no tum dono romance badme kar lena.
{no you two do romance afterwards}

 Om holds shivaay’s hand and tasha hold anika’s hand and take them forcefully down.

Pinky who was hiding behind the door comes in the room.

P: ye shivaay aur anika kis chiz ke bare me itne pareshan the.
{shivaay and anika were worried about which thing.}

She sees something below the pillow. She takes the photos and smirks.

P:jeth ji apne high class bahu ke sapne bhul jaaiye.
{brother in law forget your dreams about high class daughter in law}

She leaves from their with the photos.
Scene 2: oberoi mansion.

Everyone gathers in the hall tashkara and shivika comes there. Shivaay greets mr. bakshi , mrs. Bakshi and their daughter Sonia and introduces everyone to them.

Later everyone sits for the puja. Shivika do the puja. Omkara comes and sits beside tasha.

 T: yaha par kyu baithe ho.
{why are you sitting here}

O: dekho sabko apne apne partners ke saath baithe hai to mujhe bhi toh..you know…
{see everyone are sitting with their partners. So you know I should also…}

T: (sarcastically) aww… so sweet or so stupid.

O: be it sweet or stupid but you liked it,didn’t you?

T: (slowly)yes..

Tasha sees Sonia and goes to her.

T: hi I am tasha. Omkara’s secretary. You need anything.

S: oh hi. Actually I was trying to find washroom.

T: oh I will show you.

Both go upstairs. While returning..

S: so since when are you working with omkara

T: almost a year.

S: oh.. (hears a phone ringing) someones mobile is ringing.

T: oh yes.. I think its coming from omkara’s  room.

Both enters in omkara’s  room.

Tasha sees om’s phone ringing and picks it. She talks while Sonia sees his room. She sees painting of obros which tasha gifted him on his birthday. She also sees few photoframes of obros and family and also with tasha.

T: (after the call.) so we should go.

S: yeah sure.

T: wait a second.

 She opens a drawer and gets few chocolates.

T: you know omkara doesn’t eat these in front of all. So he hide them here. And since when I got to know about this he hardly ate those because I always took them

Sonia smiles but feels little uncomfortable

They leave.

S: I saw that painting of omkara and his brothers. That was beautiful.

T: glad you liked it. Actually I made it and gifted omkara on his birthday

S: oh wow. So you both are good friends

T: best friends…

Sonia smiles.

Omkara comes to them.

O: tasha where were you. Suddenly you went somewhere. .

T: I went with Sonia.

O: oh hi.
Sonia tries to say to him but om doesn’t hear.

O: so shall we go.

T: omkara I got your phone from your room. It was ringing I picked up. That man said he had some important work

O: did he told to you.

T: no I said I am your secretary but he didn’t told me.

O: ok..

Trio walks downstairs.

O: well how many chocolates you took.

T: (lies) 1

she signs sonia to stay silent. Sonia smiles and signs yes.

O: really?

T: ok 2

O: tasha please

T: ok 3 but not more.

O: see Sonia she is like this. Tasha I know you better than you know
yourself ok.

Sonia smiles but feels uncomfortable seeing their closeness. She goes to her father who was sitting on the sofa.

S: dad

Mr. B: hi beta where were you?

S: dad are you sure about this marriage. I mean omkara hasn’t even talked to me.

Mr. B: looks like someone is getting desperate. Don’t worry he must be shy.

Tej: hello everyone. Please gather here.

Everyone gather around the sofa.

Dadi: tej kya baat hai.
{tej whats the matter}

T: ma aaj mujhe sabko ek surprise dena hai.
{ mom I want to give everyone a surprise}

Shivaay: bade papa what surprise

T: om beta please come here.

Om goes towards him.

T: maine mere bade bête omkara ke liye ek achi ladki dhund li hai. Sonia!!!
{ I have found a perfect girl for my elder son omkara. Sonia!!}

Everyone gets shocked. Om and tasha look at each other.

O: dad what are you saying.

T: (hugs him) om I know you are very happy. (to others) why are you all so shocked. Jhanvi, shivaay, maa.

Mr.B: they are not shocked but surprised mr. oberoi. So now with business partners we are also relatives.

Both hug.

Pinky : Sonia I am very happys  that you would be this house daughter in law. Shakti ji you too says somethings.

S: yeah I am very happy.

Tasha tries to leave from there but shivaay stops her.

Jhanvi: tej tumne pehle kyu nahi bataya.
{tej why didn’t you said before.}

Mrs. B: jhanvi ji it was surprise. Now we are samdhis and samdhans.

Jhanvi tries to say but…

Om: (shouts) ek minute. Yeh sab kya ho raha hai. Mujhe bataye bina aapne mera rishta tay kar diya. Me ye shadi nahi kar sakta.
{ wait a minute. What is all this happening. You fixed my marriage without even saying to me. I am not going to marry her}

Mr. B: mr. oberoi what is he saying.

Tej: omkara yeh kya bakwas ka rahe ho.
{omkara what rubbish are you saying.}


O:I am not saying anything rubbish. I cannot marry her. Why didn’t you told me before.  This is decision of my whole life. I didn’t even had time to think

Mr. B: its ok omkara you think now.

O: I am sorry mr.bakshi. its not a game I can think now.I cannot marry Sonia. And its nothing about your daughter there are my own reasons. Please understand

T: om what are you saying. I promised them.

O:without even asking me.

Tej and om talk continues.

A servant comes and gives Sonia an envelope. She opens it and sees the same photos which shivaay got. She gets shocked and give those to mr. bakshi.

 pinky smirks and remembers giving servant the envelope and asking him to give to Sonia.

Mr. B : mr. oberoi rehnedijiye. Hume pehle hi samjh jana chahiye tha ki jaisa baap waise hi beta hoga.
{ mr. oberoi leave it. We should have had understood before that like father like son.}

Shivaay: aap kya kehna chahte hai mr. bakshi. Say it clearly.
{what do you want to say mr.bakshi. say it clearly.}

Mr. B: jaise mr. tej oberoi ka affair tha apni secretary ke saath waise hi unke bête ka hai apni secretary ke saath.
{like mr. tej oberoi had affair with her secretary same way his son have affair with his secretary. }

O:what the hell are you saying.

Mr,bakshi throws the photos on the centre table. Everyone sees them and gets shocked. Shivika see each other. Tears flow from tasha’s eyes.

Mr. B: what happened mr.omkara. truth is out. See mr.oberoi your son is following your path. Because of you people world think rich people are only for controversies. And you girl(points towards tasha) characterless. You all just need money.

O: shut up mr.bakshi. not a word against her.

Mr. B : why did I said anything wrong.

Omkara comes to tasha. He holds her hand and takes her to centre.

O: mr.bakshi I know unintentionally we have hurted you and your daughter. But that doesn’t mean you can say anything about anyone without even knowing them. What tasha and I have is not any affair. What we have is a meaningful relationship. I don’t have any problem in accepting my relation with her. I can say it to the whole world. I am not embarrassed about mine and her relation. I can proudly say it. Ok.

 Tasha looks at om.

Saathiya plays in bg….

Shivaay: mr.bakshi we are really sorry about whatever happened today. There was some miscommunication between bade papa and om. We are really sorry for hurting you.

Mr.B: its ok. We know you didn’t do it intentionally. But from next time please discuss about such matters before. It hurts not only you but also others.

S: yeah sure. I am sorry again.

Mr.bakshi and his family leaves. Tej too leaves from there.

O: tasha I am sorry ye sab….

T: its ok omkara. I will talk to you later.

She leaves from their.

Everyone leaves for their respective rooms.

Scene 3: omkara’s room.
ShivRu enters.

S: om.

O:shivaay rudra come na.

S: aaj jo kuch bhi hua… I am sorry.
{whatever happened today.. I am sorry}

O: but shivaay why are you saying sorry.

S: om those pictures were courier to me. Anika and I knew about those. When you and tasha came to call us we were tensed about that. After you both came we hide those under the pillow and we went down before keeping those in cupboard.

O: shivaay it was not you mistake. We both took both of you forcefully.  We are so stupid. 

R: O its better you forget that as bad dream.

O: its not the only thing I am upset about. Whatever dad did today. I mean how could he do this without even asking me. Atleast he could have had told me before. Or I could have had told him before about me and tasha. You know I am feeling angry on myself.

S: om calm down.

O: shivaay how could I calm down. I don’t know how tasha is.

S: anika and soumya have gone there to talk to her.

@tasha’s house.
Doorbell rings.

Tasha opens the door.

T: anika soumya come in.

Both hug her.

S: how are you?

T: I am fine. Why are you asking me this.

A: tasha whatever happened today.

T: anika forget it now.

A: tasha pata hai me tension se michmichi ho rahi thi ki tum kaisi hogi. Waha par om itna pareshan hai, upset hai to tum to yaha. Par you are calm.
{tasha you know because of tension I was feeling so uneasy that how you would be. There om is so worried and upset so you would be… but you are calm}

T: that should be the good thing.

S: achi baat hai. We didn’t mean to say that but..
{yes it is good. We didn’t mean to say that but..}

T: soumya I believe jo hota hai ache ke liye hota hai.
{soumya I belive whatever happens it happens for good}

A: aaj kya acha hua.
{what good happen today}

T: anika humesha acha ho aisa bhi to nahi Na.
{anika everytime good should happen it is also not like that}

A: tum kya bol rahi hu mujhe kuch samajh nahi raha. Iss bure me tumhe kya acha laga.
{I don’t understand what you are saying. What good you found in this bad}

T: anika, omkara aur riddhima 2 saal saath the. But omkara was commitment forbid. Commit karne se wo darta tha. Lekin aaj usne sab ke samne humare relationship ko accept kiya. He said he is proud about us.isnt that great. Anika listen jab shivaay ne sabke saamne accepted you as your wife jo use pehle wo kar nahi pata tha. But uss din usne sabke samne accept kiya. You were so happy that day. Aaj omkara ne wo kiya. He is committed. He took a stand for me for us and what can be better than that. I know wo photos shaadi ke wajah se me upset thi. but now I don’t care.
{anika, omkara and riddhima were together for two years. But omkara was commitment forbid. He was scared of any commitment. But today he accepted our relationship in front of everyone.He said he is proud about us.isnt that great. Anika, when in front of everyone shivaay accepted you as his wife. I mean he wasn’t able to say that before. But that day he did in front of everyone. You were so happy that day. Today omkara did that.He took a stand for me for us and what can be better than that. I know those photos marriage because of that I was upset before. But now I don’t care.}

A: tum sahi keh rahi ho. Hum hi negatively soch rahe the.
{You are saying right. We were thinking negatively.}

S: tasha hum nikalte he. You would be alright, wont you?
{Tasha we will leave.You would be alright, wont you?}


They leave

Episode ends.

 Precap: Tasha is about to sleep in her room. Suddenly the doorbell rings.

Tasha opens the door and sees tej.

So guys my episode ends here. Hope you all liked it and please do comment.

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