Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love (A Dil Bole Oberoi ff) episode 8

Hello everyone. This is RadhikaSharma. I am back with another episode of my ff.
I am really glad that you all liked my previous update.

The story continues….

Scene 1: oberoi mansion
In morning, Tasha enters sees shivaay and asks

T: GM shivaay. Omkara kaha pe hai.
{ GM shivaay. Where is omkara?}

S: he is in his room.

Rudra comes .
R: you can go.

S: are par omkara…
{But omkara…}

R: ( winks shivaay) Tasha agar upar jaa rahi ho to please O ko ye coffee de Dena.
{Tasha if you are going upstairs please give this coffee to O}

T: OK.

She goes and while shivaay and rudra give each other hi-fi

Tasha knocks on omkara’s room door.

O:(from inside) are aa jaa na
(Come na)

Tasha enters and screams seeing him shirtless.

T: aahh… (Turns)

O: (hurriedly wears shirt) why did you came in?

T: because you said.

O: I thought it was rudra with coffee. I told him not to send anyone else

T: rudra told me to give you this. You drink this I am waiting for you downstairs.
She leaves.

She comes down. Rudra and shivaay tries to control their laugh.

R: Tasha O ko coffee do na.
{Tasha you gave O coffee?}

T: Mr. Rudra Singh Oberoi, agar tumhare protein shake me Maine butter aur ghee milake tumhe pilaya nahi toh mera naam bhi Tasha nahi.
{Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi if I didn’t mix butter and ghee in your protein shake and made you drink it my name won’t be Tasha.}

R: what butter + ghee , my abs?? OK OK…. Me tumhe maaf karta hu. I mean please forgive me.
{I forgive you…. I mean please forgive me}

Tasha sees his puppy face and laughs
Omkara comes.
O: Tasha we are getting late.

T: yes

O: bye shivaay and rudra.

Scene 2: at afternoon outside a NGO in slum area.
Omkara and Tasha are standing outside car.

O: it’s good exhibition work was done.

T: yes. But what are we doing here?

O: riddhima has come here for some work. We will go for lunch from here.

T: so what am I doing here?

O: actually we will go by her car. So you have to take this home.

T: OK. So birthday celebration with girlfriend huh ??

O: please don’t talk like rudra.

T: (laughs) so treat for girlfriend. No treat for friend.

O: OK I will give you in evening. OK?

T: done
Omkara gets a call from riddhima and she tells him that she will be late.

O: riddhima will be late. Tab take kya late?
{Riddhima is late. What we will do till then}

T: treat!!

O: now I have to go for lunch.

T: we will eat something light like chat.

O: here??

T: we will find a good shop. Please come.(pulls his hand)

O: OK OK. ( Checks his pocket) OMG I have forgot my wallet.

T: (sarcastically) oh have a good lunch.

O: wait there must be something in car. (Checks in car) yes I got it.

T: what?

O: credit card and 100 rupee. But here there won’t be any ATM.

T: we will eat from 100 rupees. Come on there will be many things to eat under 100.


They walk forward trying to find a chat shop. They walk little far from the place engrossed in talks with each other.

T: hey it’s a good shop.

O: are you sure?

T: yes. Now come.(to shopkeeper) 2 plate sev Puri Dena please.
{ Give 2 plate sev Puri}
O: sev Puri?

T: (sarcastically) you are no gonna get any pasta here, Mr.oberoi.

O: OK..

Some 5 poor children were standing at the shop.one of them said.

Child: uncle please ek sev Puri Dena.aaj raju birthday hai.(pointing at a boy)Sirf 5 rupees kam hai. Hum aapko baadme de denge.
{Uncle please give us sev Puri. Today is raju’s birthday. Only 5 rupees are less.we will give later}

Shopkeeper: nahi tum bacche baadme bhaag jaate ho. Aise har din koi karega to mera nuksaan nahi hoga. Chalo jaao.
{No. You kids run away afterwards. If everyday someone will do like this I will have loss. Now go}
They leave from there and sit on the bench nearby.

T:(to shopkeeper) bhaiya air 5 sev Puri Dena.
{Excuse me. Give me 5 more sev Puri}

O: Tasha why so much. It won’t come in 100 rupees.

T: for them (pointing towards children) don’t worry I will pay.

Omkara gets confused.

Shopkeeper: madam ye lijiye.
{ Madam take this}

T:ye paise lijiye.{take this money}
omkara please help me


Both walk towards children.

T: hello baccho. Itne udas kyu ho? Aaj raju ka birthday hai Na. Ye lo party karo. (Gives them sev Puri.)
{Hello kids.why are you sad.today there is raju’s birthday. Take this and party}

Child: ye humare liye hai?
{This is for us}

T: ha. Par pehle apne naam bataao.
{Yes. But first tell me your name.}

Child: me pinku, ye raju, Sonu, chutki aur anju.

T: are wah aap sabke to bohot pyare naam hai.
{Oh wow. You all have cute names}

Raju: aap mere birthday pe ye leke aane ke liye bohot shukriya. Par
hum ye nahi le sakte.
{You brought this for my birthday. Thank you. But I can’t take this.}

O:pata hai aaj mera bhi birthday hai. To ye meri taraf we birthday gift le lo.
{ You know today is my birthday too. So this is my birthday gift}

T: abhi maine aur inhone dono me kaha to abhi to aapko khana hi Padega.
{Now we both said. You have to take this}

R: shukriya.
{Thank you}

Omkara and Tasha smile seeing all of them eating.

Anju:(to omkara and Tasha) aap bhi khaiye na
{You both also eat.}

T: ha khate hai.omkara(offers him)
{Yes we will eat.omkara}

O: no thanks I am full

T: really. (She takes one and forcefully feeds him)

A person in black coat hidden click their photo.

O: hmm.its nice.

T: see I told you.

O: now it’s your turn. {He also takes one and feeds her}

T: omkara!!??

Kids laugh seeing them like this.

O: kyu baccho barabar kiya na.
{So kids I did right na}

All: ha!!!

All laugh.

Omkara sees someone and goes there.

He comes with few balloons.

T: omkara tumme balloons kaise laaye?
{Omkara how did you brought balloons}

O: from that hundred rupees.


Omkara gives each of them balloons.

O: are balloons to bach gaye.
{Balloons are left}

Sonu: aap ke liye rakh Lena.
{Keep it for yourself}

T: oh smart ha Sonu. I will take them.

O: it’s for kids.

T: omkara I love balloons.
(Takes it from him)

O: so kiddish.

T: bachho ek chij reh gayi.
{Kids one thing is remaining}

All kids+O: kya?

T: photo. (She takes her mobile and clicks photos of children)

Pinku:(to omkara and tasha) aap log bhi photo khichaiye.
{You also take your photos.}

Both sit on the bench while pinku clicks their photo. That person with black coat too clicks their pictures.

Tasha and omkara bids them adieu and leave. While walking towards car

O: tasha abhi to balloons chod do.

T: no. I will take them as your treat.
One of the balloon releases . Tasha try to catch it by jumping but hits the rock and going to fall but omkara catches her.
Both have an eyelock
Saathiya plays…

That same person click their pictures.

Air blows and all the balloons fly away.

Their eyelock breaks and they composes themselves.

T: oh my balloons

O: Tasha I saved you from falling and you still care for balloons?

T: aww.. sorry and thank you Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi.

O: now come on we have to go.

Both reach to the car.

O: omg how could I forget.

T: what?

O: riddhima

T: oh yes. It’s 4’O clock. She must have left. Call her.

O:(checks his mobile) 10 missed calls. I will call her.( On phone) hi riddhima I am so sorry I forgot…

R: it’s OK om. I know tum busy honge..{I know you were busy}

O: actually woh…

R: it’s ok. I don’t need your explanation. Aaj hum time spend nahi kar paaye. But promise me ki kal ka din tum mere saath spend karoge.
{It’s ok. I don’t need your explanation. Today we weren’t able to spend time with each other. Promise me that we will spend time together tomorrow}

O: I promise.

R: bye.
Call ends.

T: what happened?

O: she handled it well

T: good let’s go.

Both reach Oberoi mansion.

@Outside Oberoi mansion
O: tasha lets go for a walk

T: now, where?

O: Oberoi mansion garden is quite big.

T: ok.

They were walking in the garden.

T: now say what you wanted to say.

O: what nothing.

T: omkara please.

O: ok I want to say thank you so much

T: for what

O: you know this was my best birthday.

T: oh really

O: yes and I must say it’s just because of you.

T: I am glad.

O: can I hug you?

T: friends don’t ask.

Omkara hugs her.
Shivaay and rudra see this from terrace.

O: thank you

T: now go your family will be waiting.

Both leave.

S: rudra woh tasha thi ya riddhima
{Rudra was she Tasha or riddhima}

R: dikh toh tasha raju thi kahi O ko riddhima lagi hogi
{She was looking like Tasha but O must have thought her as riddhima}

S: rudra??

R: niche jaake O ko puchte hai.
{We will go down and ask O}

S: yes.

Both go to om’s room.

S: so how was your lunch with riddhima.

O: oh hi shivaay and rudra. Actually…

R: shivaay bhaiya riddhima nahi Tasha.
{Shivaay bro not riddhima, Tasha}

O: why are you both behaving like some detectives.

S:you say. Riddhima ke saath jaane wala tha par Tasha ke saath gaya.
{You say. You were going with riddhima but went with Tasha}

O: actually (explains them how his whole day went)

R: so O, how was your day sorry “birthday” with Tasha

O: frankly speaking I felt really great. You know shivaay she is a very nice girl. I mean how she behaved with kids today… Tasha did like Riddhima does in NGO. But there was some difference.

S: how?

O: seeing that smile on those kids face I felt nice. Her professional work I have seen it’s good. Today I saw her personal approach for that kids. Come on in this world today who would do like this to unknown kids.

S:bas bas Om. Kitna bolega.
{Wait om. How much will you talk}

O: no shivaay. Actually I am glad that I found a friend like her.

R: oh just a friend. Sure??

O: rudra shut up.

S: ok om you rest we will go.
They leave.

Episode ends

Precap: omkara is at tasha’s house at night.

T: I am your best friend

O: yes why are you so shocked

T: I never had one

O: now you have.
Both hug each other.

Next morning Oberoi children,Tasha , riddhima, anika are sitting on sofain Oberoi mansion.

They see a news on TV.

After some time,

O: Tasha wait.

T: how can I wait omkara. You saw that news.

O: you are upset because of that news?

T: no. I am upset because I don’t wanna lose my best friend.
What has happened that Tasha is about to lose her best friend???To know stay tuned for my next update

So guys this is my today’s episode. I hope you all liked it and please do comment.

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