Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love (A Dil Bole Oberoi ff) episode 7

Hey guys. This is RadhikaSharma. I am back with another episode of my ff.
Thank you so much for your comments. I am really glad that you all liked it.

The story continues…

Scene 1: Oberoi mansion

Tasha enters and see shivaay,rudra , anika, priyanka discussing something.

T: hey guys what’s happening?

R: oh hi Tasha. Bhaiya, Tasha ko bhi hamare plan me shaamil kare.
{ Bro let us include Tasha in our plan}

T:Which plan?

S: Omkara ki surprise birthday party

T: what birthday? Kabhi{when}

R: do din baad
{Two days later}

A: to hum ekdum khidkitod party ki tayari Kar rahe.
{So we are a wonderful party}

They all huddle up and discuss about the surprise party.

Scene 2: oberoi mansion.

It’s midnight. Omkara is sleeping in his room suddenly he receives a call from Tasha.

T: omkara ek bohot badi problem hogayi hair. Please jaldi aao.(Call ends)
{ Omkara there is a major problem. Please come fast}

O: OMG Tasha bohot tensed lag rahi thi. I must go asap.
{Omg Tasha was looking very tensed. I must go asap}

Omkara walks downstairs. he walk down the stairs in dark suddenly all lights turn on and everyone screams ‘surprise!!!’ omkara gets surprised seeing all the decoration.

He sees shivaay, rudra, jhanvi, anika, tasha, riddhima, dadi and other family members. He walks down. Shivaay and rudra goes towards him and hug him and wishes happy birthday.
Everyone wishes him.

T: (to omkara) happy birthday boss.

O:(sarcastically) so what was the problem?

T: agar birthday party me birthday boy Na ho to problem to ho hi jaayegi Na.
{ If in a birthday party there won’t be birthday boy then problem will arise Na?}

Everyone laughs.

Riddhima hugs him and wishes happy birthday.

Everyone gather around table to cut the cake.

O: omg it’s wonderful

S: cake katne se pehle gifts.
{Before cutting the cake gifts}
Om this is from me.

O: ( he opens it and says ) a key?

S: a key to your new Porsche.

O: wow!! Thank you so much shivaay.(hugs him)

R: O, ye meri taraf se.
{O, this is from me}

O: wow a laptop. Thank you so much rudra (hugs him)

Riddhima: Om, this is from me. It’s a watch

O: thank you so much riddhima.

T: excuse me boss, it’s time for my gift. (She gives him the gift wrapped with colourful sheet)

O: wow it’s big. It looks like a painting. (He opens the wrap and sees backside written ” happy birthday omkara, from your best employee and stupid friend tasha.
He turns it and says)
wow it’s wonderful.
(It’s a painting of oberoi brothers)
Omg Tasha it’s wonderful.

S: tasha, it’s is beautiful.

T: thank you shivaay

O: ( he sees in the bottom corner her signature) tasha you made this painting??

T: well yes.

O: OMG. (He hugs her) thank you so much tasha it’s the best birthday gift I have ever got!!

T: omkara I am really glad you liked it.
Riddhima stands in jealously.

O: so what do you want as a return gift.

T: (she thinks and whispers something in his ear.) So done .

O: yes

R: tasha it’s return gift manga.
(Tasha what did you ask for return gift)

T: it’s a top secret. Don’t worry I will tell you later

S: so lets cut the cake

O: yes

(Omkara cuts the cake and feeds shivaay, rudra , jhanvi. He feeds the cake to tasha while riddhima gets jealous.)

T: omkara have a happy birthday
( smudges the cake on his face. Rudra too join her.)

Everyone laughs.

The party gets over.

O: riddhima it’s late. I will drop you.

R: no it’s OK I will go. You are tired.

O: riddhima it’s late. I won’t let you go alone.

Shivaay and rudra comes.

S: hey Om why don’t you take your new car for a spin. We will come too.

O: actually me riddhima ko drop karne jaa raha hu.
{I am going to drop riddhima}

S: it’s OK Na take this car.


Rudra: we will also come.

O: rudra koi aur reh gaya hai.
{ Rudra anybody else is left}

R: oh yes( to tasha) tasha hum log O ki new car me ride me liye jaa rahe hai. Wanna come?
{ Tasha we are going for a ride in I’d new car. Wanna come?.}

T: yeah sure.

They all leave.

O:(sees car) shivaay it’s wonderful car.

S: I am glad you like it.

Riddhima: Om let me drive Na please.

Shivomru gets shocked.

O: riddhima you are very tired you drive it some day later.

Riddhima: OK. So lets go.

All sit I the car. Om drives while riddhima sits in seat beside him. Shivaay rudra and tasha sit back.

They reach riddhima’ s house. Om and riddhima gets down. Tasha too gets down.

Om and riddhima talk alone.

O: riddhima I know aaj Hume time spend karne nahi mila isliye upset ho.
{ Riddhima I know today we didn’t get time to spend with each other}
Don’t worry tomorrow we will go for lunch, ok?

R: (smiles) ok.bye

She leaves.

Om opens the door of driver seat. Tasha comes from backside and closes the door.

T: mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi, did you forgot about the return gift.

O: abhi?

T: yes

O: it’s too late.

T: it’s never too late. Keys??

Omkara gives her keys and goes towards other door to seat while tasha sits on driver seat. Riddhima sees this from Window and gets jealous.

Rudra in car sees tasha on driver seat and says.

R: O, tumhare Baal itne lambe kaise ho gaye.
{O, how did your hair grown so long}

T: because it’s me. And O, is sitting with his short hair there.

O: my hair is short?

T: comparatively…


S: no it’s not OK.

T: what?

S: tasha how could you drive?

T: wait I will show you.

S: no I mean do you have license?
(Tasha shows him her license) OK but….

T: shivaay trust me I am a good driver.

S: hmm.. lets hope.
( Tasha gives him frown look and drives the car)

They reach oberoi mansion.

T: see shivaay I drove so nicely.

S: yeah I know.sorry.

T: no problem.

They leave for their respective rooms.

O: shivaay rudra tum dono jaao me tasha se Baat karke aata hu.
{Shivaay rudra you two go I have to talk with tasha}


R: enjoy.

Omkara gives him irritating look and goes

O: tasha

T: yes kya hua?
{Yes what happened?}

O: thank you so much

T: for what?

O: that painting. It’s wonderful.

T: omkara it’s a birthday gift you don’t need to say thanks.

O: but still thank you. And you painted so well.

T: really.you know I was so worried if it will be good or not

O: it’s not good…… It’s the best.

T: thank you so much.

O:. Well tomorrow we have to go for that exhibition thing…

T: yes I remember. At 3 or 4

O: no in morning. I have lunch with riddhima. So..

T: OK I will come at 9

O:OK, bye

T: bye. Happy birthday again.
Both hug each other and leave.

Episode ends.

Precap: it’s next day evening. Omkara and tasha are walking in Oberoi mansion garden.

O : tasha aaj ka pura din tumhare saath spend karke bohot accha laga.
{Tasha by spending whole day with you I felt really good}

T: well that’s good.

O: you know this was my best birthday.

T: because of me??

O: I can say yes.
Both smile.

So guys my episode ends here.hope you liked it and please do comment.

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