Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love (A Dil Bole Oberoi ff) episode 6

You guys. This is RadhikaSharma. I am back with another episode of my ff.
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The story continues….

Scene 1: Omkara’s gallery

tasha sees om painting. She goes towards him.

T: you are a really nice painter.

O: thanks. Why don’t you try it. Its simple. Take this brush.

T: no its not my cup of tea

O: come on try. (while moving towards her he stumbles and all colours in his dish fall on tasha’s clothes)
Oh I am really sorry. ( laughs)

(tasha takes the glass of coloured water and throws on omkara.)

Tasha laughs on him.

O: hey! This is not done. Why did you…

T: see Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi, everything is fair in love,war and friendship. And you did it too.

O: it happened mistakenly.

T: same happened with me.

O: you did it intentionally

T: no it happened unintentionally.

O: really, how?

T: wait I will show you.
(She takes another glass of coloured water and throws on him.)
T: see it happened like this.(laughs)

O: me tumhe chodunga nahi.
{I won’t leave you}

Tasha runs and Omkara runs behind her.

Tasha slips due to water but Omkara holds her. Both have an eye lock.
Saathiya plays.
Their eye lock breaks .

O: are you okay?

T: yeah. And sorry.

O: me too

T: I will go, change

O: yes I have to go too
Both leave for their room.

Scene 2: Omkara’s gallery
It’s afternoon. Tasha was working.
Om comes.

O: Tasha you should really try to draw.

T: Omkara really??

O: come in take this canvas board an draw anything that you want.

T: OK.
(Takes the board from him and thinks what to draw.)
After an hour

T: it’s done

O: really? Show it to me. OMG you drew my picture.

T: it’s good Na?

O: good? It’s wonderful. Why did you said this is not your cup of tea?It’s beautiful. Where did you got my picture?

T: actually when I was cleaning this table I found it in one of the drawer. I kept it aside to give it to you but forgot.

O: well, now paint it.

T: Omkara why do you want me to ruin your face.

O: what do you mean?

T: see Omkara I can draw wonderful pictures like this. But I am not good in painting.

O: then I will teach you.

T: no thank you. I have my work to do.

O: it’s an order from your boss to do it. Come on please.

T: OK. If you insist so much.

Omkara puts her picture on the stand and teaches her to paint.

T: wait let me record this.

O: why?

T: in future if I need it then.

O: OK.

They both paint . After some time

T: OMG it looks so beautiful. Thank you so much. Agar tum nahi hote to me ye kabhi kar hi nahi paati.{ If it hadn’t been you I would have never done this}

O: well thank you. But one thing is remaining.

T: kya?

O: signature of the artist.

T: my signature??

O: yes yours.

She signs at the bottom corner.

T: now you do it.

O: me kyu?
{Why me?}

T: if you wouldn’t have had insist and helped me I would have never done this.please.

O: OK {signs too}

T: tumhare gaal pe kuch laga hai.
{There is something on your face}

O: kya?

T: it’s black color. Wait I will do it.

She tries to clean it but the black colour on her hand comes on his face. So there becomes three strokes of black colour on his cheek. So notorious Tasha does the same on other cheek}

T: yeah it’s done. Wait nose par bhi laga hai.
{Yeah it’s done. Wait it’s on nose too.}
She rubs black colour on his nose making him look like a cat.

O: all OK.

T: yes now it’s done.( Controls her laugh)

O: mujhe kuch kaam hai. Me aata Hun.
{ I have some work. I will come}
(While going he sees himself on mirror)

O: Tasha what is this?

T: what?

O: on my face?

T: nothing.

O: nothing??
( She runs and he runs behind her. It seems both are playing kabaddi)

T: Omkara see you look good.

O: oh really my face looks like a cat.

He holds her hand and pulls her closer. Both have an eye lock.
Saathiya plays….

T: Omkara mera haath chodo.
{Omkara leave my hand}

O: no
(He twist her hand on her back and hold her close)
[Just like shivaay did with anika when she came to Oberoi mansion first time.]

T: Omkara please leave me.

O:miss Tasha Malhotra I will leave your hand only on one condition.

T: kya?

O: I will draw the same thing on your face.

T: noo….

O:yess.. so done..

T: yes

He paints on her face }

T: I look like a cat.

O: so do I look like a dog?

T: hey it’s selfie time.

O: like this?


O: it’s stupidity

T: that’s what friends do.

O: really. I will bring my phone.

Both click selfies with each other.
All these masti{fun} and stupidity gets recorded in the video.

Scene 3: at night
Tasha is sitting on the bed looking at her mobile. She checks her gallery and found the video.

She texts him.

T: OMG. Just see this video.
He sees it.

O: OMG we look so stupid.

T: there’s one thing good.


T: yes. MATLAB when we will grow old we would have something to laugh. Huh???

O: well that’s true. Things are changing so fast. I mean earlier you were an irritating employee and now a stupid friend.

T: yeah. Like you were a karela (bitter gourd) now you’re a raw mango.

O: oh yeah so funny.

T: it is.

Both laughs.

O: good night.

T: good night.

Episode ends.

Precap: Oberoi mansion

Tasha enters and see shivaay,rudra , anika, priyanka discussing something.

T: hey guys what’s happening?

R: oh hi Tasha. Bhaiya, Tasha ko bhi hamare plan me shaamil kare.
{ Bro let us include Tasha in our plan}

T:Which plan?

S: Omkara ki surprise birthday party

So guys my episode ends here hope you like it and please do comment…

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