Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love ( Dil Bole Oberoi ff) episode 5

Hi guys. This is RadhikaSharma. I am back with another episode of my ff.
I am really happy with all your comments. Thank you so much.

The story continues….

Scene1: jhanvi’s room
Omkara enters the room and sees jhanvi sleeping. He goes and sits besides her. She wakes up.

J: Om how are you? I hope tum thik ho. Me bohot pareshan ho gayi thi…
{om, how are you? I hope you are fine. I was so worried..}

O:shushh. Calm down mom. I am fine. How are you?

J: tujhe aise dekh kar acha lag raha hai. You are really ok na?
{seeing you like this I am feeling well now. You are really ok na}

O: mom, I am really ok. Don’t worry. Me sab kuch thik kar dunga.
{ mom, I am really ok. Don’t worry. I will make everything fine}

Jhanvi smiles.

Rudra and Shivaay enters with food.

R: mom bhuk nahi lagi?
{mom, aren’t you hungry}

J: are rudra, shivaay tum dono khana lekar idhar kyu aaye. Me niche aa jaati.
{rudra, shivaay why did you bring food upstairs. I would have come down}

S: no badi ma aapki tabyet thik nahi hai. You should rest. Lekin pehle aap ye khaiye.
{badi ma, you are not well. You should rest. But first eat this.}

J:so mere baccho ne kya banaya hai.
{so what have my children made?}

R: nothing special. Dal rice with “salt”

Omkara gives him a shut up glare.

Trio feed her one by one.
Lafzon ka yeh rishta… plays

Scene 2: oberoi kitchen
At night around 8, shivaay and rudra enter kitchen and sees omkara cooking something.

S: Om kya bana raha hai?
{om, what are you cooking?}

O: pasta

S:phirse?kal hi toh banaya tha
{again? We made it yesterday}

O: I know. But yeh humare liye nahi hai.
{I know but this is not for us}

R: to kiske liye hai?
{then for whom?}

O: tasha

S and R: (together) oh tasha

S: par kyu?
{but why}

R: badla lene ke liye.
{for taking revenge}

O:badla? {revenge?}

R: ha badla. Pehle Tasha ne aapko khilaya. To abhi aap Tasha ko khilaoge. Toh hua na badla.
{yes revenge. First she fed you. Now you are going to feed her. So isn’t this a revenge}

Shivaay and rudra laughs and give each other hi-fi

O: shut up rudra

S: om waise ye chakkar kya hai. Tu tasha ke liye pasta…
{om, what is this going on. You are making pasta for tasha….}

O: as a thank you gift.

R: kisliye? {for what?}

O: first let me confess to you something. Aaj jo kuch bhi hua that telecast and all. I was very upset. I didn’t know what to do. So I was going to take sleeping pills. But ek nahi jyada.
{ first let me confess to you something. Whatever happened today about telecast and all. Iwas very upset. I didn’t know what to da. So I was going to take sleeping pills. Not one but more}

S: (shocked) Om? Tu kya… {om, what?}

O: wait shivaay. Let me speak. Tabhi tasha waha aayi and she stopped me. She consoled me. We started talking about today. Toh baato baato me she made me think why mom and mr.oberoi marriage is failing. She gave me solution for this problem.
{wait shivaay. Let me speak. At that moment tasha came and stopped me.she consoled me. We started talking about today. So in our conversation she made me think why mom and mr.oberoi’s marriage is failing. She gave me a solution for that}

S: really? kya?
{really? What?

O: woh hum badme discuss karte hai.
{we will discuss that later}

R: toh O, Tasha ne tumhe khana kab khilaya
{so O, when did tasha fed you}

O: (gives him irritating look) actually baato baato me mujhe kuch pata hi nahi chala.
{actually in our conversation I didn’t realized}
I realized it later. So this is a thank you gift for solving the biggest problem of my life.

R: toh hum log bhi chalte hai thank you bolne
{so, we both will also come to say thank you.}

O: no abhi nahi. I want to talk to her now. Tum dono kal jaao, please.
{no, not now. I want to talk to her now. You two please talk to her tomorrow.}

S: ok. You go. We will talk to her tomorrow.

They leave.

Scene 3: Tasha’s house
Someone knocks on Tasha’s door. She opens the door and see Omkara.

T: hello Omkara …. Sir. Woh I am sorry tabhi ke liye me kya boli woh mujhe badme realise hua. Aap mujhe koi bhi punishment dijiye. It’s ok
{Hello omkara…. Sir. Actually I am sorry for what I said I realized it afterwards. You can give me any punishment.}

O: punishment toh milegi.
{You will get punishment}

T: kya… punishment… Hai..
{What is the punishment?}
O:who me badme bataunga. Par andar invite nahi karogi?
{I will say that later.but won’t you invite me inside?}

T: oh sorry. Please come.

O: (enters) wow you changed this whole room. It looks so beautiful.

T:thank you. You want something??

O: actually I came to give this to you.
(gives her the bowl of pasta. She opens it)

T: pasta. Par kyu?
{pasta. But why?}

O: tumne meri itni help ki isliye.
{you helped me that’s why}

T: oh thank you sir

O: sir? Omkara would be better.

T: I am so sorry. Tabhi galti se ho gaya.
{I am so sorry. It happened unintentionally}

O: to abhi jaanmuch ke karo. Come on, I will feel nice.
{so now do intentionally.come on, I wil feel nice}

T: ok omkara

O: waise pasta thanda ho raha hai.
{well, pasta is getting cold}

T: oh yes, I will come in a minute.
(she goes to kitchen. When she comes back she sees omkara seeing her photo frames. She gives him the plate)

O: oh I don’t need this.

T: please take

O:ok (takes. Pointing towards photo frame he says) so it seems you like travelling

T: oh yes. I love to travel. Nayi jagaho ko dekhna. Nature enjoy karna. I like it.
{oh yes. I love to travel. Seeing new places, enjoying nature. I like it.}

O: aur teddy bears ke saath khelna bhi pasand hai.( points towards the shelves of teddy bears)
{and to play with teddy bears}

T: actually woh… kuch nahi
{actually it is… nothing}

O: come on. Speak. Share.

T: ok. you know I was an orphan. I didn’t had anyone. Bachpan me akeli thi badi hui tabhi akeli thi. Kabhi kabhi upset hoti thi. You know inhe dekhti hu to akelapan feel nahi hota. { ok. you know I was an orphan. I didn’t had anyone. I was alone in childhood, alone when became adult. So whenever I see them I don’t feel lonely}

O: oh. Tasha you remember you said that sharing your feelings with family and friends is good. So I have family but I don’t have any friend. So will you be my friend?( he forwards his hand)

T: your friend? Sure.
(both shakes hand)

T: waise tum punishment dene wale the na.{ well, you were going to give me punishment, right?}

O: mujhse friendship karna.{ being friends with me}
Isn’t it like a punishment?

(both laughs)

T: well, a good punishment

O: oh really. Thank you for the compliment.

T: its my pleasure.

O: so tasha as we are friends now. Say something about me. What do you think about me?

T: well frankly speaking I once compared you with karela.

O: karela? Iss duniya duniya me koi aur sweet chij nahi mili. Like mango.
{karela. Didn’t you find anything sweet. Like mango}

T: raw mango.

O: really?

T: yes. Its sour but everyone like it.

O: are you praising me or taunting me?

T: (laughs) what do you think?

O: nothing. I must leave its getting late. Bye.

T: ok bye.

He leaves

Scene 4: omkara’s gallery.(next morning)

(Tasha is working when shivaay and rudra enters)

T: oh hello.

R: hii. Actually we came to thank you. Tumne kal O ko help kiya.{ yesterday you helped O}

O: om badi ma ko leke bohot sensitive hai.isliye.. { om is very sensitive regarding badi ma, so}

T: yeah understand. And you don’t need to thank me. I did what anyone would have done if they were in my place.

R: still thank you.

T: your welcome.

Episode ends

Precap: tasha sees om painting. She goes towards him.

T: you are a really nice painter.

O: thanks. Why don’t you try it. Its simple. Take this brush.

T: no its not my cup of tea

O: come on try. (while moving towards her he stumbles and all colours in his dish fall on tasha’s clothes)
Oh I am really sorry. ( laughs)

(tasha takes the glass of coloured water and throws on omkara.)

So omkara and tasha’s journey of friendship starts. Let us see where destiny takes them.

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