Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love ( Dil Bole Oberoi ff) episode 4

Hello guys. This is RadhikaSharma. I am back with another episode.
I have read all the comments. I am really glad that you liked my ff.

The story continues…

Scene 1: Oberoi Mansion
Riddhima enters.
R: hi Om.

O: hi. I am really sorry. I forgot about our lunch.

R: it’s ok. But we still can go.

O: actually mujhe mere new exhibition ki jagah pe Jana hai. Sorry I can’t. Hum kal jaate hai Na.
I am free tomorrow.
{ Actually I have to go to my exhibition’s place. Sorry I can’t. But we will go tomorrow. I am free}

R: ok we will go tomorrow. But don’t forget.bye

O: I won’t forget.bye.

She leaves.

Shivaay enters while talking on phone.

S: (talks angrily) how could this happen. Mujhe pata kaise nahi chala{how come I didn’t knew}. I will sue them. Tell them to stop the telecast now. (ends call)

O: shivaay kya hua?
{ Shivaay what happened}

S: nothing everything is fine.

Everyone enters. Tasha also enters.

They all see news channel telecasting news about Tej singh Oberoi talking with swetlana about giving divorce to jhanvi. ( I have taken this from serial ishqbaaz)

Everyone gets shocked seeing the news. Om tries to console jhanvi . She gets unconscious. Everyone takes her to her room.

S: Om kaha hai??
{ Where is om?}

R: pata nahi abhi to hamare hi saath tha.
{ Idk he was there with us}

Shivaay and rudra goes to Omkara’s room

S: Om sab thik hojayega.
{Om everything will be fine}

O: mujhe abhi kisi se baat nahi karni please .
{ I don’t wanna talk with anyone. Please.}

S: thik hai. We will go. But Om tu Akela nahi hai.ok . Hum hai there saath.
{Ok. We will leave. But remember you are not alone. We are there with you}

They leave.

After some time , both comes there asking Omkara to have his lunch.

O: shivaay ,rudra please go mujhe kisi se baat nahi karni nahi kuch khana hai.
{ Shivaay rudra please go I don’t wanna talk and don’t wanna eat}

R: hum jaate hai. Khana yahi rakha hai .kha Lena.
{ We will go. Food is kept here. Please eat}

They leave.

Scene 2: Omkara’s room
Tasha passes by his room. She sees him having some pills.

T: sir aap ye kyu kha rahe hai. Itni pills mat khaiye.
{ Sir why are you eating this. Don’t eat so much pills.}

O: who the hell are you to order me. Just get lost.

T: Sir it could kill you.

O: aisi zindagi jeene se acha Mar jaaun.
{ It’s better to die than to live such life.}
Tasha gets shocked.
She snatches the pills from Omkara and throw them away.

O:( angrily) what the hell are you doing.

T: just shut up Omkara. I can’t let you have these pills.understand.

O: what do you think ha? Tum bahar wale kya samjhoge hamara dukh.meri ma ki halat Dekhi.
{ What do you think ha? You outside people won’t understand our pain. Have you seen my mom’s condition}

T: (interrupts) aapke ye karne se unki halat thik hoti.answer me. She must be thinking that today she have lost her husband. Aur kal sochegi that she have lost her son too. Aapko kya lagta hai tabhi unki halat kya hogi. Aapko apne dukh dikhai diye unke dukh nahi. Sab pareshan hai. Jhanvi aunty hosh me nahi hai. Kisine kuch khaya nahi hai.
{By doing this she would be better.She must be thinking that today she have lost her husband. Tomorrow she will think her son is dead too.what do you think about her condition at that point.you saw your pain but what about her.everyone is worried. Jhanvi aunty is unconscious. No one has eaten anything.}

O: me kya Karu. I am feeling helpless. Meri maa aisi halat me hai woh bhi mere papa ki wajah se.
{What could I do. I am feeling helpless. My mom is in this condition because of my dad}

T: shussh. First of all calm down and sit here.
She makes him sit on the bed and drink him water.

O:(cries) me haar chuka hu. Apni mom ko protect nahi Kar paya. Unhe…
{ I lost. I cannot protect my mom}

T: wait aap agar aise haar manenge to jhanvi aunty ka kya hoga. Unhe apne baccho par confidence hai ki woh sab thik Kar denge. Aur aapne yaha haar maanli. Me jaanti Hun ki problem badi hai. Uska solution dhundne me waqt lagega par solution hi nahi hai aisa kyu sochna hai.
{ If you will give up then what will happen to jhanvi aunty. She is confident that her sons will make everything fine.And here you have given up.i know the problem is big. It will take time to find solution.but why to think that there is no solution.}
O: me akele kya Karu.
{ What can I do alone}

T: kisne kaha aap akele hai. You have your whole family. You have your brothers. They will help you. Omkara families isliye hoti hai khushiyo me saath me celebrate karne me liye aur dukh ke waqt ek dusre ko console karne me liye.
{Who said you’re alone.You have your whole family. You have your brothers. They will help you. Omkara that’s why families exist. To celebrate during happiness and console each other in sorrow.}

O: but..

T: Omkara jab tak tum apne Dil ki baat unse share nahi karte woh kuch nahi Kar sakte. Omkara you need to share with others.
{Omkara if you did not share what you think they won’t be able to do anything.omkara you need to share with others}

O: kisse share karu? Tumse?
{With whom? You?}

T: whoever you want. Why me? You have your brothers. Mene suna tha something.. yes “great wall of shivaay” woh saari problem solve Kar denge aur rudra woh aise solutions dega ki tum problem hi bhul jaaoge.
{I have heard something yes.. “great wall of shivaay” he will solve all the problems and rudra he will give you such solutions that you will forget about the problem.}

A small smile drew on his face.

O: mujhe samajh nahi Aa raha.
{ I can’t understand anything}.
What should I do?

T: yahi to sochna hai. Lekin sochne ke liye taakat chahiye. Aur taakat ke liye khana chahiye.
{This is what we have to think. But to think we need energy. For energy we need to eat}

O: I am not hungry.

T: phir bhi khana to padega.
(She sits beside him with a plate of dal rice)
O: mujhe nahi khana. Tumne suna nahi.
{ I don’t want to eat. Didn’t you head}

T: to khana kaun kha raha hai. Me to yaha isliye baithi Hun taki aapke problem ka solution nikaalu. So aapke parents ki love marriage thi?
{ So who is eating. I am here to find solution of your problem. So your parents marriage was love marriage?}

O: yes. Ek baar dadi ne kaha tha.
{Yes,once dadi told us}

T: phir kya hua . Love vanished. Omkara tumne mujhse pucha tha na what should I do..
{Then what happened? Love vanished.Omkara you asked me na what should I do…}

O: toh yeh baat usse kaise related hai.
{How is that related to this?}

T: Omkara listen to me. You know ek particular age ke baad na insaan akele nahi reh sakta. He needs a partner jiske saath woh apni life ki hasi , khushi,dukh sab share Kar sake. Ek dusre ke saath apne sukh celebrate Kare aur dukh ke waqt ek dusre ko sambhale. Your parents found that in each other. They called it love. Phir kuch saal baad love vanished. Kyu?
{Omkara listen to me.You know after a particular age a person can’t live alone. He/she needs a partner with whom they can share their happiness and sorrow.at times of prosperity to celebrate and at times of sorrow to console, care for each other.Your parents found that in each other.They called it love.and then after some years love vanished.why?}

O: kyu ki woh ek dusre ka saath nahi de paaye. Mr.oberoi apne business me busy hogaye. Aur mom ham baccho me.
{Because they were unable to care for each other.mr.oberoi got busy in business and mom got busy with us}

(In between the talks tasha starts feeding him food.)

T: thats it . Tumhare parents ki priorities ,responsibilities alag hoga ye. They expected ki unka partner unhe samjhe.
{That’s it . Your parent’s priorities and responsibilities changed. They expected their partner to understand them.}

O: aur jab expectations tute toh Mr.oberoi ka ego hurt hua aur woh mom se gussa hoga ye.
{ And when expectations were not fulfilled Mr oberoi’s ego got hurt. He felt frustrated of mom}

(She feeds him another spoon of rice)

T: when people praise about a good relationship or marriage it’s because both of them made equal efforts. When a relationship or marriage fails its because both of them.
I know ki is situation me your mom can’t be blamed par kahi na kahi imdirectly woh bhi jimmedar hai.
{I know that in this situation your mom can’t be blamed. But somewhere in this mess though indirectly she is responsible.}
Not much but she is. And your dad added fuel to fire. He had an affair which became the main reason of their failed marriage.

(In between she feeds him spoonful of rice)

O: huh.. to ab??
{So what now??}

T:tumhare dad I mean mr.oberoi jhanvi aunty ki respect nahi karte . He thinks she is just a housewife. Woh unhe swetlana se compare karte hai.
{Your dad I mean Mr.oberoi does not respect jhanvi aunty.He thinks she is just a housewife.he compares her with swetlana.}

O: toh Hume Mr.oberoi ki najro me mom ki respect badhani hai.as simple as that
{So we have to increase the respect of mom in front of me.oberoi. as simple as that.}

T: yes. But not so simple.

O: I know par solution toh mil gaya right.
{I know but at least we have got a solution}

T: so us khushi me yeh last bite kha lo.
{So as we have got the solution eat this last bite.}

O: kiska last bite.
{Of what}
(looks at the plate)
tumne khaya .
{You are this}

T: no tumne.
{No you}

He remembers how tasha fed him.
T: so eat.

O: no tumne meri help ki isliye you deserve this.
{No you helped me so you deserve this}

Takes spoon from her hand and puts it in her mouth. She eats and makes yuk faces.

O: what happened?

T: how could you even eat this. Isme Namak nahi hai.
{There is no salt in this}

O: woh tum khilati gayi aur me khata gaya so…
{You fed me I ate it}

Both understand the situation and have an eyelock.
Saathiya plays.

T: I am sorry I didn’t knew.

O: it’s ok. Waise shayad ek aur chij tum nahi jaanti.
{It’s OK. Well there is one more thing that you don’t know}

T: kya?

O: iss pure conversation me tumne mujhe Omkara bulaya sir nahi.
{In this whole conversation you called me omkara not sir}

She remembers the whole conversation.

T: I am really sorry.

O: but I am not.

T: Matlab??
{What do you mean?}

O: tumse baate share karke acha lag raha hai.
{I felt great by sharing my thoughts with you}

T: this is why sharing your feelings is so important. With friends and family. It feels good.

O: thank you. Meri life ki sabse badi problem ka solution mujhe de diya.
{Thank you. You gave me the solution of the biggest problem in my life}

T: it’s my pleasure. Well I must leave mujhe sabko baatana padega ki aapne khana kha liya.bye
{It’s my pleasure. Well I must leave I have to tell everyone that you have eaten.}

O: wait unhe ye mat batana ki tumne mujhe khilaya .
{Wait. Don’t tell them that you fed me}

T: I know. Bye

O: wait, nahi jaao, me tumhare pichese niche aata Hun.
{Wait. No it’s ok. You go I will come after you}

T: ok

Scene 3: Oberoi Mansion

Tasha comes downstairs

T: (informs everyone) Omkara ne I mean Omkara sir ne khana kha kiya.
{Omkara … Omkara sir have eaten food.}

S: what really?

T: ha woh abhi niche Aa rahe hai.
{He is coming down}

Omkara comes down .

S:Om tu thik to hai na.
{Om are you ok?}

O: ha shivaay. I am fine.tum logone khana khaya nahi hoga. Kha lo.me mom se milke aata Hun.
{Yes shivaay I am fine. You all must have not eaten food. Eat. I will go to meet mom.}

R: O..
Hugs him
R: O, don’t worry sab thik ho jaayega
{O, don’t worry. Everything will be alright}

O: I know. Me aata hu
{I know. I will come}

Pinky: abhi chalo sab log khana kha lo.
{ everyone come let us eat food.}

T: nahi aap log khana nahi kha sakte.
{ No you cannot eat food.}

P: kyu?

T: woh khane me namak nahi hai.
{There is no salt in food}

S: to om ne kaise khaya.
{How did Om ate it.}
O: actually shivaay…

T: shivaay sir actually Omkara ka dhyan nahi tha .me unhe khilate gayi, woh khate gaye. Aur jab last bite maine khaya tab pata chala ki khane me namak nahi hai.
{Shivaay sir actually he didn’t had attention. I fed him he ate it. And when I took the last bite I came to know there is no salt in food.}

Omkara taps his hand on his head.

R:aapne O ko khilaya.
{You fed him}

T(realises what she said) actually nahi… Woh… I am getting late I should go.
(She quickly leaves from there.)

O: tum log khana kha lo me mom se Milne jaata hu.
{You all eat food I will go to meet mom}

(Runs fast from there)

S: Om rukh. Chala gaya. Hum log khana khate hai.
{Om wait. He went. We will eat food.}

Everyone leaves.

Scene 4
While walking towards her house.
T: well done Tasha tujhe toh award milna chahiye ‘sabse badi bevkuf’. Abhi kal Omkara se kitni daat khani padegi. Sir.. Omkara sir. Keep this in mind.
{Well done Tasha you must get award of being the biggest fool. Tomorrow Omkara will shout at me.sir.. omkara sir. Keep this in mind.

Episode ends

Precap: same day at night

Someone knocks on Tasha’s door. She opens the door and see Omkara.
T: hello Omkara …. Sir. Woh I am sorry tabhi ke liye me kya boli woh mujhe badme realise hua. Aap mujhe koi bhi punishment dijiye. It’s ok
{Hello omkara…. Sir. Actually I am sorry for what I said I realized it afterwards. You can give me any punishment.}

O: punishment toh milegi.
{You will get punishment}

T: kya… punishment… Hai..
{What is the punishment?}

So guys my episode ends here. Hope you liked it and please do comment.

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