Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love ( Dil Bole Oberoi ff) episode 3

Hello guyzz. This is RadhikaSharma. I am back with another episode. Sorry for the late update.
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The story continues….

Scene 1: Oberoi mansion (kitchen)
Omkara enters and see shivaay and Rudra are cooking something.

O: toh kya bana rahe ho tum dono??
{What are both of you cooking??}

R: O,hum aapka favourite pasta bana rahe hai.
{O, we are making your favorite pasta}

S: hum? Just me.
{We? Just me}

R: ha OK. Me banane me help nahi kar raha. But Rudra ke special tips aapko jarur help karenge.
{OK I am not helping in cooking. But rudra’s special tips will surely help you}

O: Rudra shivaay tere tips kyu lega. Woh toh sirf anika ke tips lega. kyu shivaay?
{Rudra, why will shivaay listen to your tips. He will just listen to anika. Won’t you shivaay}

Omkara and Rudra laughs and give each other hi-fi.

S: tum dono ka pakana hogaya ho to me kuch bolu.
{ If you both are finished with your boring comments than can I talk}

R: kiske baare me. Anika di?
{About what. Anika doing}

Both laughs.

S: Rudra shut up. Om tu bhi kya iska saath chalu hogaya. Well, leave it.waise how’s your secretary working. Is she good?
{Rudra,shut up. Om you too started with him. Leave it. Well how’s your secretary working. Is she good?}

O: I don’t know. Waise Mene aaj hi use mere new exhibition ko manage karne ki responsibility use di hai.let see.
{I don’t know. Today I have given her the responsibility of managing my new exhibition. Let see}

Tasha enters Oberoi mansion to give him the file.
She ask a servant.
T: excuse me. Omkara sir kaha hai?
{Excuse me. Where is Omkara sir?

Servant: woh kitchen me hai apne bhaiyo ke saath.
{He is in kitchen with his brothers}

She goes towards kitchen and sees Oberoi brothers having fun. Having obro moment.

T: abhi kaise jau . Woh toh apne bhaiyo ke saath hai.unhe disturb nahi kar Sakti. Me unhe ye sab mail karti Hun.
How could I go now. He is with his brothers. I can’t disturb them. I will mail him about this file.}

She leaves.

Scene 2: Tasha’s room
T: aaj kitchen me omkara sir has rahe the. He was having fun with his brothers.it seems I saw another
Omkara. Well shayad is liye family hoti hai. Apne saare problems ko bhulke khush raho.
{ Today in kitchen I saw Omkara sir laughing. He was having fun with his brothers.it seems I saw another
Omkara.well that’s why families are so important. To forget all our problems and live happily.}

She gets her mobile and browse about “Omkara Singh Oberoi.”
T: hmm a self made billionaire.so successful at such a small age. Maybe I was too judgemental about him.sorry Mr Omkara Singh Oberoi. Good night.

Scene 3: Omkara’s gallery
Omkara enters and sees Tasha on her table working. He goes towards her.

O: (in angry tone) excuse me miss Tasha Malhotra, Maine kal aapko ek kaam diya tha, yaad hai??
{ Excuse me miss Tasha Malhotra, I had given you some work remember??}

T: yes sir. Actually woh…

O: woh kya?? Mujhe koi explanation nahi chahiye. Us din to bol rahi thi ki Sara kaam Kar Sakti ho . To ab kya hua.
{What? I don’t need any explanation. That day you were saying you can do all the work. What happened now??}

T: sir wait. Meri baat sunenge. Nahi sunni hogi phir bhi. Mene apna saara kaam Kar liya hai. In fact me kal aapko file dene aayi nahi thi but you were busy with your brothers isliye de nahi paayi.
{Sir wait will you listen to me even if you don’t want to. I have done all my work. Infact yesterday I even came to give you the file but you were busy with your brothers}

O:kaam nahi karne me excuses mat do.agar responsibility Lena nahi jaanti to job kyu liya.
{ Don’t give any excuses if you don’t want to work. If you can’t take a responsibility than why did you took this job.}

T:sir mere potential ko challenge karne we pehle meri baat suniye.
Aapke Bhai shivaay Singh Oberoi. A big businessman. Jinke liye apna business sabse jyada important hai unhone apne business ko side me rakha taki woh apne family me saath apne bhaiyo me saath time spend Kar sake.agar woh business me se time nikaal sakte hai to aap kyu nahi. And FYI woh file ki saari info maine aapko mail bhi ki thi. Ye bataane call bhi kiya tha par aapne uthaya nahi. Isliye Mene aapko message bhi kiya tha understand. Me apna kaam ache se jaanti Hun aapse advice lene ki jarurat nahi. OK
{Sir before challenging my potentials listen to me.your brother shivaay Singh Oberoi a great businessman. For whom his business is very important. But still he kept his business aside for being with his family his brothers.if he can do this than why can’t you. And
FYI I have mailed you all the info about file. I even called you to say about this but you didn’t picked up. I even messaged you.i know my work well sir, I don’t need your advice}

O: whatever.Woh woh file mujhe de do.
{Whatever. Give me that file}

T: mail kiya hai Na
{ I have mailed it}

O: file dene me kuch problem hai.
{ Do you have any problem in giving the file}

T: fine ye lijiye
{ OK take it}

O: aaj afternoon at 2 Hume exhibition ki jagah dekhne jaana hai. So be ready.
{ We have to go to see the exhibition place at 2. So be ready}

Omkara leaves.

T: dusro ki baat sune bina hi daat te hai. Pata nahi itnki girlfriend inhe kaise handle karti hai. God bless that girl.hmm Tasha calm down. Apna kaam Kar.warna phir aakar bolenge.
{He shouts without even listening to others. Don’t know how his girlfriend handles him. God bless her. Tasha calm down and start working otherwise he will get another chance to shout at me}

While Tasha was working a girl enters.

G: hi Omkara

Tasha goes towards her.

T: hello ma’am. Actually Omkara sir yaha nahi hai. Aap kon?
{ Hello ma’am actually Omkara sir is not here. Well who are you?}

G : ye sawaal to mujhe puchna chahiye . Who are you?
{ I should ask you this question.who are you?}

T: I am Tasha . Omkara sir’s secretary.

G: oh hi actually I am Riddhima. Omkara’s girlfriend.

T:(shocked) aap Omkara sir ki girlfriend. OK I will call him.
(Thinks- Omkara sir ki girlfriend. Pata nahi kaise jhelti hongi. Bechari.)

R: OK.me wait karti Hun.
{ OK I will wait}
T: (on phone) hello sir it’s tasha.

O: (irritatingly) ha bolo.
{ Speak}
T: sir, aapse Milne Riddhima ma’am aayi hai.
{Sir, Riddhima ma’am has come to meet you}

O: oh yes how could I forget.

T: what happened sir?

O: kuch nahi. Use yaha mansion me bhejo.
{ Nothing. Send her to mansion}

T:OK.(call ends. To Riddhima) Riddhima ma’am sir ne aapko mansion pe bulaya hai.
{Riddhima ma’am sir have called you at mansion}

R:OK I will go. And yes it’s Riddhima .Ma’am bulane ki jarurat nahi.{no need to call me ma’am}

T: OK so bye Riddhima.

She leaves.

T: girlfriend sugar jitni sweet air khud karele se bhi jyada kadwe. Whatever.
{ Girlfriend sweet like sugar and him bitter than bitter gourd. Whatever}

Precap: Tasha enters Omkara’s room and sees him eating some pills.

T:sir ye aap kya kha rahe hai. Itni pills mat khaiye.
{ Sir what are you eating . Don’t eat so much pills.}

O: who the hell are you to order me. Just get lost.

T: Sir it could kill you.

O: aisi zindagi jeene se acha Mar jaaun.
{ It’s better to die than to live such life.}
Tasha gets shocked.

What has happened that Omkara is taking such a big step?? You will know soon.

So guyzz this is my 3rd episode. Hope you liked it and please do comment.

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