Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love (A Dil Bole Oberoi ff) episode 27

Hii guys. This is RadhikaSharma back with another episode of my ff.

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Recap: omkara and Tasha have a romantic dance in gallery. They celebrate karwa chauth

The story continues….

Scene 1: Tasha’s house (kitchen)

Tasha is cooking in kitchen. Suddenly om comes and back hugs her.

T: oh my god who is here….(turns and sees om) omkara you? I was so scared.

O: really who else would come and hug you. It would be me.

T: and how did you entered the door was locked.

O: you gave me an extra key. Remember???

T: I gave it for emergencies.

O: I had. I was desperately missing you.

T: (smiles) well I was missing you too.

He puts his hands around her waist an she puts her hands around his neck.

O: so you too miss me.

T: every minute, every second. I always think about you.

O: that’s so sweet. Don’t be so sweet or else I will get diabetes

T: don’t use such cheesy lines Mr. Omkara. Now say why are you here.

O: OK so…I was…Thinking that we are together and I haven’t asked you on a date until now. So ms.tasha malhotra would you come on a date with me.

T: (smiles) yes
Both hug each other.

O: so at 8 be ready.

T: sure.

He leaves. Tasha smiles Thinking about their date.

Scene 2: omkara’s room
In evening, omkara wearing a black suit. (Here is the pic:

He is getting ready for his date with tasha. Shivru enters.

S: so a dinner date huh???

R: bhaiya call it a romantic date.

O: shivaay rudra tum dono yaha par kyu aaye ho
{Shivaay rudra why both of you have come here}

R:(making cry baby face) bhaiya dekha ab O ko uske dumbbell oberoi aur billu oberoi ki koi jarurat nahi.
{Bhaiya see. Now O don’t need his dumbbell oberoi and billu oberoi}

S: rudra don’t say that

O: ha uspe sirf anika bhabhi ka right hai.
{Yes. Only anika bhabhi have right on that}

Omru give each other hifive and laughs.but om hold his ears.

O: duffer me tum dono ko chodke kahi nahi jaanewala OK? Aur agar tum dono ko chodke me tasha ke paas gaya to wo mujhe bhaga degi.
{Duffer I am not going to leave you both OK? And even if I leave you both and go to tasha she will ask me to go}

S: om tu rudra ki baat par dhyan mat de. You both go and enjoy
{Om don’t listen to rudra. You both go and enjoy}

R: hmmm… Enjoy (winks)

S: (ignores rudra )om tune badi ma aur bade papa ko tum dono ke baare me bataya?
{Om you told badi ma and bade papa about both of you?}

O: actually I was going to tell them after karwa chauth but they left for business trip the next day. I will tell them when they come back.

R: O ye time bohot acha hai. Matlab mom-dad me bich sab thik hai. O- dad me bich bhi ab sab thik ho gaya hai.
{ O this time is best. I mean everything is fine between mom and dad. Everything is fine between O and dad}

S: hmm. You said right rudra. But now I think we should let om go. Tasha must be waiting for him.

O: shivaay??…

Trio laughs and hugs.

Scene 3: Tasha’s house.

Om has a bouquet in his hands. He rings doorbell.

The door opens. He gets shocked seeing anika and soumya.

O:(shocked) you two, here???

A: kyu hum yaha nahi ho sakte?
{Why we can’t be here?}

O: no I mean that….

S: bade baal wale bhaiya hum yaha Tasha ko ready hone me madad karne aaye hai.
{Long hair brother we came here to help Tasha to get ready}

O: kyu? Is she a small child.

A: pata hai soumya ye tino bhai ek jaise hi hai. Jab bhi unka popat hota hai wo gussa ho jate hai. Aur same ha tino.
{You know soumya these three brothers are same. Whenever they are fooled they react in the same way. All three….}

T:(from inside) anika soumya main hai?
{Anika soumya who is there}

She comes to the door. She is wearing a red one piece. Her hair straight and open. om gets mesmerized by seeing her.
(Here is the pic: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWMYM-Hln4y/)

Both get engrossed in each other eyes. Anika and soumya silently slip from there.

T: omkara…
Waves in front of his eyes. He comes out to the world.

O:I …. I ….Am surprised to see you in this dress. I thought you will wear salwar-suit or sari.

T: I was bored from wearing those. So I tried something new. How am I looking?…

O: I don’t have any words to describe you. You are looking beautiful, pretty…. And this beautiful bouquet for this beautiful girl

T: Oh thank you. The flowers are pretty and your and mine favorite.

O: so let’s leave.

T: yeah sure.

Both holding their hands together they leave.

Scene 4: restaurant.

It’s a garden restaurant. Both enter in the garden. It’s decorated with lights. Om directs her towards the 4-5 stairs covered with red rose petals. Above the stairs there is a small round stage and a table with two chairs. It is covered by a triangular roof and decorated with romantic lights.

Both climb the stairs

T: it’s just like heaven.

O: well fairies reside in heaven, don’t they?

Tasha smiles. Om pulls chair for her. Both sit.

The waiter pours champaign in the glass.

T: so getting me drunk.

O: you should be like me. Tumhe dekhkar nasha Chad gaya.
{Seeing you I got intoxicated}

T: aise lines to rudra bhi nahi marta
{Rudra also don’t speak such lines}

O: tum meri family ko kabhi bhulogi nahi Na. Aaj humare date par bhi.
{ You will never forget my family Na. Even on our date}

T:(laughs a little) never.

O: you know tumhari aakhe dekh ke mai sab bhul jaata hoon.
{You know I forget everything when I see you}

T: omkara. So cheesy. You used to be such a good poet. What happened?

He takes his chair near her. Both look in each other eyes.

O: Ek chahat hai meri tumse pyari bat ho,
Jara jara khamosh ho or lambi rat ho,
Or fir os raat yhi batate rahe tum ko
Ki tum meri jindgi meri kainat ho.

Adaon se teri mohabbat hai,
Nigahon se teri mohabbat hai.

Tere hone se hi khush hai hum,
Itni tere ehsas se mohabbat hai.

Tasha smiles. Tasha puts her finger on his lips. Both sit like that.

Outside the gate of the restaurant.

Khanna and his guards are guarding for omkara and Tasha’s security.

A media reporter and cameraman come to the restaurant. Khanna stop them.

Reporter: excuse me sir please let us go in. We have an interview here.

K: see the whole hotel is booked. There is no one here. You must have came to the wrong address.

They go aside.

Reporter: we need to get inside.

Inside the restaurant

Tasha and omkara are sitting suddenly lights goes off.

T: omkara the lights????

O: shush… I am there with you. Don’t get scared.

Tasha look here and there. She sees someone walking in the garden.

T: someone is down there.

O: what….

T: I saw someone…

O: ok we both will go down and see,ok.

Both slowly climb down the stairs holding each other hands.

They reach down.

T: I don’t know but I saw someone.

O: maybe you did. But you should see something else. Lights!!!!

Tasha gets shocked hearing him.

The lights turn on. Few paintings of tashkara movements are kept there in circle.

T:(shocked) omkara…..

O: surprise!!!!

T: omg these

She hugs om in happiness.

O: how are the paintings?….

T: you made them all? When did you….

O: shush… This when and how we can discuss later.ok?

Tasha sees all the paintings and gets happy.
T:These are just beautiful. It’s perfect.

He puts his hand around her waist and she puts her hands around his neck. He kisses her forehead.

O: just perfect.

Tere sang yaara (rustom) plays….

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe mujhse milaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
【both starts dancing on the tune】

O tere sang yaara…
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara
【he holds her finger and twirls her. Both dance smilingly】

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Main tera ho jaaun
Jo tu karde ishara

Kahin kisi bhi gali me jaaun main
Teri khushboo se takraaun main
Har raat jo aata hai mujhe
Woh khwaab tu…
【he turns her. Her back hits his chest. He slowly kisses her neck. 】

Tera mera milna dastoor hai
Tere hone se mujhme noor hai
Main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan
Mehtaab tu…
【she turns and kiss on his cheek】

O karam Khudaya hai
Tujhe maine jo paaya hai
Tujhpe marke hi toh
Mujhe jeena aaya hai
【he pulls her close. Both can feel each others breath. He moves closer to her. She close her eyes】

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tu raat deewani
Main zard sitaara
【 both have a passionate kiss】

O tere sang yaara
Khushrang bahara
Tere bin ab toh
Na jeena gawara
【 both hug each other】

Scene 5: outside oberoi mansion
After their date, both reach the mansion. After parking the car, on comes to her. He holds her hand.

T: (smilingly) what?..

O: nothing, just…… um nothing

T:(hugs him) today was the best day of my life.

O: many best days are going to come in future. I promise you whenever I am with you it would be your best day.

Tasha smiles.

T: now go your brothers would be waiting for you.

O:(kisses on her forehead) yeah bye

Both leave for their respective house.

@tasha’s house.

She enters the house and dances in happiness

@omkara’s room

He too dances. He goes to the window and seeing the moon he recalls their date.

@tasha’s house

She goes in balcony and sees the moon. A smile crepts on her face while she recalls their date.

Screen divides showing both of their faces.

Saathiya plays in bg….

Episode ends.

So guys my episode ends here. I am sorry for the late update. Hope you guys liked it and please do comment.

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