Our Journey Of Friendship To The Destination Of Love (A Dil Bole Oberoi ff) episode 26

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Here for those who missed the previous one.
Episode 25

Recap: om proposes to tasha. She accepts her feelings for om in front of all oberoi children.

The story continues….

Scene 1: omkara’s gallery.

Tasha and omkara enters after their breakfast.

O: breakfast was great.

T: yeah. Now we have to do some work, don’t we?

O: yeah.

Tasha goes to the cupboard to get a file.she takes a file from the cupboard and turns and gets shocked to see omkara in front of her. The file falls from her hand.

T: you scared me.

O: really

T: omkara that file…

She goes to pick the file but omkara holds both her hand and pins her to the cupboard. Both are engrossed in each other eyes
T: om…Kara…Tum…Me..
She tries to speak but as if her mind has stopped working.
He puts his finger on her lips to make her stop talking.
He takes a remote and turns on the music system.

Kisi se pyar ho jaaye (movie: kaabil) plays…

Tasha gets confused on hearing the music.she asks him by signing wh at is he doing

Zara zara si neend bhi
Ajnabi si ho gayi
Zara zara chain se
Dushmani si ho gayi
【he slowly moves his finger across her face. He mouths the lyrics of the song】

Tum mile ho gaya
Hai khud ka hi pata
Kya karoon, kya nahi
Kuch bas mein na raha
【he goes back and pulls her towards him. She puts her one hand on his shoulder and he puts his one hand on her waist. Both start dancing. He twirls her holding her finger】

Samjhu kaise koi samjhaye..
【he moves back】

Dil kya kare jab kisi se
Kisi ko pyaar ho jaye
Jaane kahan kab kisi ko
Kisi se pyar ho jaye
Kisi se pyar ho jaye
Kisi se pyar ho jaye…..
【he again pulls her. She puts both her hands on his shoulder and he puts both his hands on her waist. Both dance while looking in each other eyes.】

T: I love you

O: I love you too
Both smiles…

After their romantic dance both start their respective work.

After some time they here a knock on the door.

T: wait I will get it.

Tasha goes and open the door but does not find anyone there. She sees a note down. She reads the note: “can we come in??”

O: who have send that?
She goes to om and shows him the note

T: I don’t know

Suddenly they hear two voices: can we come in.
They turn and see shivaay and rudra standing on the door with their hands closing their eyes.

O: shivaay,rudra Tum dono aise kyu khade ho?
{Shivaay rudra why both if you are standing like this}

R:can we open our eyes.

T: oh yes please.
They open their eyes.

R: bhaiya now it’s safe.

O: shivaay can you tell me what is this happening?

R:O I will tell you. See at first you were friends. Now you both are one step ahead.

O&T:(confused) what?

S: see now you two are gf and bf so we have to respect your privacy.so….

T:(sarcastically) aww… Thank you so much shivaay and rudra for respecting our privacy.(shows them an angry face)

O: shivaay, about rudra I can understand. He doesn’t have any work. But now you too…

S: om I can take time from my business to spend time with my brothers.

Tasha and om gives them a fake smile.
They have a talk. All laughing and enjoying.

Scene 2: oberoi mansion
Few days passed….

Dadi, jhanvi, pinky and anika are making few preparations. Tasha enters…..

T: dadi ye kis ki tayaari ho rahi hai.
{Dadi what are these preparations for}

D: karwa chauth hai Na kal.
{Tomorrow is karwa chauth}

T: oh wow.

D: anika, tasha chalo meri madad karo aur ye sab kitchen me rakh do.
{Anika tasha now help me an keep these things in kitchen.}

Both go in kitchen.

A: so tasha Tum om me liye vrat rakhne wali ho.
{So tasha are you gonna keep fast for om}

T: what anika this is for married couples.

Dadi comes there.

D: galat. Ye pyar karne wale bhi rakhte hai.
{Wrong. People who are in love also do this}

T: par dadi
{But dadi}

D: tasha me bohot khush hu ki tu aur om saath me hai. To om ke liye rakhde
{Tasha I am really happy that you and om are now together. So do this for om}

T: dadi you don’t have to do this emotional blackmail.Me vrat rakhungi. Par dadi me ye vrat wo sab rituals ke liye nahi omkara ke liye kar rahi hu. Hamare pyar ke liye.
{Dadi you don’t have to do this emotional blackmail. I will keep the fast. But I will not do this for all the rituals. I will do this for omkara and our love.}

A: me janti thi. Tu om ke liye jarur karegi.
{I knew it. You will do this for om}

Trio smiles. Dadi keeps her hand on tasha and anika and give them blessings.

Scene 3: omkara’s gallery

Tasha is working while om enters.

O: you are keeping fast for me.

T: yes

O: and why?

T: what do you mean why?

O: tasha you know I don’t believe in God.then why this fast and those rituals.

T: hey hey listen to me first.(goes to him and cups his face) I am not doing this for those rituals and stuff.i am doing this for you.

O: you think your fast is gonna protect me from danger and stuff.

T: no. I don’t know. If it’s true it’s great. And even if it’s not true I don’t care. I said I am doing this for you. See in love people say they will.do anything. So I am just keeping this fast. For you. For our love. I don’t care if it has anything to do with that it will keep the husband/boy safe. For me what matters that I am doing this for you.
She hugs him

O: OK. But then I will also do the fast

T: what but why

O:you are doing this for your love. I am doing this for my love.

T: omkara please

O: what. You are doing. So I am doing.

T: OK. But if you feel you can’t do it you will leave that at that time,ok?

O: give me the same promise then.

T: omkara…
Their nok-jhok (cute fights) continues….

Scene 4: oberoi mansion (garden)
Next day evening.

All ladies are waiting for the moon.

Tasha is wearing a red anarkali.( Here is the link for it: https://www.google.co.in/search?client=ms-android-motorola&biw=360&bih=228&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=mbNYWdOKF4rEvQTi3KeoCw&q=beautiful+anarkali+images&oq=b+anarkali++images&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.1.2.0i7i30k1l3j0i8i7i30k1l2.26238.27120.0.28515.….0…1.1j4.64.mobile-gws-img..3.2.346…0.7fPXWruv9zw#imgrc=9wTSzgeNLVwOGM:)
She is getting hyper and is walking here and there in a corner due to hunger. Om comes to her.

O: hii. Wow someone is looking beautiful.

T: thank you so much.

O: why are you getting so hyper
Om hugs her

T: I am dying due to hunger. It’s like my bp is rising. My sugar level have become low. I will fall down here.Omkara please tell me that you love me.

O: I love you (hugs her) but why?

T: it gives me inspiration to not to eat anything.


T: and I love you too. You are also keeping the fast.

O:if you are so hungry then eat food.

T: no. I have to do this for you. And aren’t you feeling Hungry.

O: yes I am but whenever I see you I forget everything.

T:(smiles) aww..

Suddenly someone shouts that the moon has come.

Here shivika, tejvi and shakti-pinky are performing the rituals. While in the corner om feeds tasha water. She feeds him too. Both feed each other sweet.

After sometime.

Tasha is walking here and there.

O: tasha your walking here and there is not gonna make rudra come here fast with the food.

T:I know but still.

Shivika come there

S: so how is the day

T: shivaay I am gonna kill rudra. I am sorry. I know he is your brother. But who takes such a long time for bringing the food.

S: ok ok just calm down.

Shivika gets busy in talking with guests.

Rudra comes

R: tasha I am sorry I just got one plate

O: ok you go and get another one.

Afterwards rudra come there with another plate.

R: what will I do?
Shivika come to him

A: rudra what happened?

R:O asked me to bring another plate. But I don’t think they need it.
(Points towards tashkara)

They see them having food in one plate. Both eating so fast as if they are fasting for months

T:(hits his hand) omkara its mine. You finished yours.

O: hey you took one from me,ok?

T: ok I will eat this gajar ka halwa. Omg it’s so tasty

O: really. Give me.

T: wait ( tasha feeds him a spoon full of gajar ka halwa)

Shivika and rudra smiles seeing their antics
S: rudra give this plate to me and anika. They don’t need it now.

Rudra gives them the plate.
He clicks pictures of tasha feeding om gajar ka halwa. Om Feeding tasha aloo bhajiya (potato chips)

Screen freezes on their photos

Episode ends….

Precap: omkara’s gallery

O: tasha it’s been a month since we are going out.

T: (sarcastically) well that’s a great achievement.

O: come in Tasha!!!

T:ok speak

O: so I was saying ms. Tasha malhotra would you go on a date with me.

T:(smiles and hugs him) yes.

So guys my episode ends here. Please give your precious comments.

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