Our journey of friendship to the destination of love (dil bole oberoi ff) episode 1

Hey guys this is episode 1 of my ff

Episode begins

Scene 1: Omkara’s gallery

Tasha knocks on the door

O: yes , come in
Tasha enters and sees the gallery

T: yeh gallery hai ya kabadkhana

O: excuse me . What??

T: (stunned by his question says) woh… woh.. Mr.mathur ne interview me liye bheja tha yaha kaam karne ke liye.

O: Kabadkhane me???

T: nahi woh.. actually (thinks Tasha, you’re gone)

O: leave it. Come on sit here. Excuse me

T: yes sir

O: interview Dena hai ko nahi.sit there
Both sit in their respective seats.

O:So what’s your name?

T: Tasha Ra…(stops)
Tasha Malhotra
O: Naam bolne me itna atakti ho kaam kaise karogi.

T: sir please you don’t worry about that. Apna kaam me ache we karti hu. Well it’s written in my resume
O: whatever (He reads her resume) so it seems you are perfect for the job. Kalse join Karna salary air tumhara kaam kalse discuss karte hai.Ek baat yaad rakhna mujhe jhoot se sakt nafrat hai.kuch bhi ho jhoot mat bolna.

T: OK sir.

O: there is a room beside this, you can live there.

T: what ?? No thank you sir me apne ghar me thik Hun.

O: (thinks : attitude ki kami nahi hai)OK. Kal subah 8:30 sharp. I want you in this gallery

T: OK. (Shocked) kya 8:30 . Sir mujhe yaha aane me hi 1and half to 2 hours lagte hai . Thoda late rakhiye Na sir.

O:boss main hu ya tum. Maine tumhe offer diya tha . You could live in the room beside this. And it’s safe too.

T: nahi sir but (thinks: job toh chahiye. Waise bhi jagah safe lag nahi hai) OK sir. I accepted your offer . What’s the rent?

O: rent kis liye ?

T: ab yaha rehne wali Hun toh rent nahi Dena hoga.

O: no need.

T: aapko jarurat nahi hoga. Par mujhe hai. Me free me kuch nahi leti. Aap mujhe mere kaam ke paise de rahe hai woh aapka farz hai. Me aapka cheej istmal kar rahi hu toh yeh mera farz hai aapko rent bharna.

O:OK as you wish .uske bare me kal baat karenge. Tum aajse hi shift kar Sakti ho.

T: thank you sir

O: let me show you the room

Om goes. Tasha follows him.

O: this is the room

T:yeh room hai ya…(stops . Looks at Om and gulps her words) me keh rahi thi bohot bada hai.

O: that’s better

T: (thinks- waise room toh kafi bada hai mere puranewale se toh bada hi hai. Bas thoda saaf karna padega)

O: thoda saaf karna padega . Me servants ko bhejta Hun. They will help you to clean this.

T: thank you sir

He leaves

T: chal Tasha abse yahi Tera ghar hai . Kaam pe lag ja.

Scene 2: Tasha’s room
In the evening, workers are helping Tasha to clean.

Are baapre raat hone wali hai. Bulb laga Dena chahiye.

T: are bhaiya Mene bulb leke aane ke liye yaha tha Na .kaha hai?(gives her the bulb) me hi kar deti hu
She takes a chair and tries to connect the bulb.

Omkara comes there sees her fixing the bulb. He sees that the chair is going to break. He runs towards her .
The chair breaks . She is going to fall but instead she landed in omkara’s arms .
(Saathiya plays)
In a dim light of bulb they see each other . The wind slowly blows her hair . They have an eyelock.

Their eyelock breaks. He puts her down. Both a little embarrassed.

T: ah.. hmm… Thank you

O: huh.. it’s OK. I mean your welcome

T: sir , aap yaha.

O: me yaha… Oh yes ha. Actually me.. I… Actually me do Dino ke liye out of town jaa raha hu.kuch kaam hai. So you settle yourself here I will meet you after two days.


O: and ha mere gallery me ek table hai . You can use it for your work. OK bye (he leaves hurriedly)

T: OK bye. Weird.
She thinks of the fall. How he comes and hold her.
T: Tasha concentrate. Oh my god.hmm.. bohot late hogaya . I need to leave for home.
She leaves.

Screen divides in two parts showing omkara traveling in car and Tasha in rickshaw. Both engrossed in thoughts.
Are they thinking about each other???

Precap: T: huh ghar toh thik hogaya ab office ki baari.
She looks at the gallery and keeps her hand on the head.
T: oh my god ab is Kabadkhane ko office me kaise badlu
Omkara sees his gallery clean and spotless.
He gets angry and calls for Tasha.

What’s gonna happen will he like the way Tasha changed his gallery or not??
To know about this wait for my 2nd episode

So this was my episode one. Hope you liked it.
And please do comment

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