A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 3

Hii frndzz i came back with new one and tysm for ur lovely comments..

San- yaa bhai… what happen??
Arjun- kahan hai tu.. hmm..
San-wo.. bhai i am just coming to home..
Arjun- (little scared)no no.. no need to come to home.. just come fast to the office.. papa is waiting for u.
San-Today i am on leave from office and he weirdly says papa is waiting for me.. but for what???
Arjun- wo… he had to talk to u about some meetings..
San- ok.. i am cmng..

Arjun cuts down the phone and with a smirk he said beta.. jab tu office ayega na tab tujhe pta chlega.. and he laughs..

Sanskar enter in the office in black shirt and white blazer… he is holding a berger in his hand..And he talks with mrs.bonzella..
San-(with a smile) hey mrs.. bonzella grab a bite..
Mrs.bonz- no..no.. Today i am on fast for whole day becoz i am very happy… go.. go ur dad is waiting for u…And he hugs him happily..
Sanskar is surprised by his action..
Sanskar goes towards his cabin And his p.a. comes smiling..
San-miss.. pooja where is mr.mehta file..
P.a.- (smiling)sir… on ur right side. Sir today u r on leave na
San-oh.. yess.. but bhai call me and tell that some imp meeting is going to held so i came..one sec why r u smiling so much… did i crack any joke..
P.a.-no sir..and meeting… there is no meeting…
San(confused)- no.. meeting what r u saying??
Then his dad enters in his cabin and smiling says..can i come in??
San-common papa don’t be so formal just come in..
His pa leaves from there..
San-papa pooja is saying that there is no meeting…
Dp-yess.. she is saying right..
San- so why bhai called me here..
Dp-hssh.. sanskar how much question u asked… ok listen there is no meeting in the office… actually i call u here to talk about something important..
Dp-woh actually today bhagat ji had come to our house and he brought a marriage proposal for u..
Sanskar is hell shocked…
Sanskar(monologue)oh this is the matter tabhi toh main soch rha hoon why all r smiling by seeing me… wait a second bhai had trapped me in this situation…and he angrily says in mind i will not leave u bhai…
Dp-where were u lost.. hmm.
San-no where papa.. i am saying that marriage… so fast i mean abhi toh maine apna career shuru bhi nhi kiya hai and..
Dp sits on the chair and politely says
Dp-beta.. this is the right age of marriage and ur bhai’s marriage is also held in this age.. mera apna experience kehta hai ki iss age main rishte majboot ho jaate hai aur iss age main ek dusre ka ho jana, ek dusre ka ban jana asaan hota hai.. rishto ki jade majboot hoti hai… beta i know u r not ready for marriage and i also know that there is a reason behind that and i don’t force u to disclose it.. but beta main hamesha tumhare saath kadam se kadam mila kar chla hu u know as like ur generation how u talk like dude,yarr etc.. so today i want that u will learn something from ur papa also… bhagat ji told that they r very simple people.. they live in madhupur.. his name is ragini.. i think u should meet once with her..
And at last ragini’s photo… see it and come..
Dekho tumse baat karte karte raat ho gyi so let’s go home i am waiting in the car…

Sanskar is in dilemma as well as angry on his bhai.. he see the envelope of photo and just pick it and goes from there without seeing it..

Ragini and sumi are doing work in the kitchen and swara come with covering his face with lots of powder..
Swa-see.. ma.. Kar liya itna sara make up ab khus… waise jiji ek photo khich do meri zooh bhejwani hai.. kyun maa..and she side hug sumi..
Sumi- mujhe har waqt ki chik chik pasand nhi hat jaa samane se..
Swa-(teasingly)maa.. aise kaise jab jiji ki photo delhi tak jaa sakti hai.. main toh sirf zooh bhejwane ke liye bol rhi hoon..
Ragini is cutting vegetables and she suddenly stops..
Sumi angrily goes from there..
Rag- ye delhi wale kaun hai.. and who send my photo to delhi… and she winks and says hmm.. bol.
Swa- pass aao toh btau..
Ragini brings her ears and swara suddenly shouts kyun batauuuu….
And started running..
Ragini started chasing swara and swara reaches to his father’s room..
Swa- see na papa.. jiji mera picha hi nhi chod rhi hai bas kab se pooch rhi hai ki ladka shadi ke liye haan kab kahega…
Ragini opens her widely and shouts swaraaaaa…. and again they started running..
Shek-ragini… ragini stops.. bhagat ji bade armaan se teri photo lekar delhi gye hai pta nhi kyun aisa lag rha hai ki yhi wo ghar hai jis se tere bhagya jude hai….
Ragini smiles amd goes from there….

Sanskar just come in anger and ask his bhabhi..
San-bhabhi!!!where is bhai..
Aarohi say in room with armaan…
Sanskar goes directly towards his room put the envelope on the table and see his bro with anger..
Arjun-hmm. So u came howzz the girl photo…
Sanskar is hell anger and he picks the cushion and is going to throw on arjun..
Arjun sees this and he is little scared said.. what happen did girls photo is not good and he stands up…
San-bhai!!!i will not leave u… u know everything na… and i know this is all ur plan..and he throws the cushion on arjun again
Arjun just runs becoz he knows that next thing which he is going to throw by that his head will be smashed… becoz sanskar picks the flower vase..
Sanskar is going to throw but arjun shouts..
Arjun-noooooo… mere pyare bhai don’t throw it..my head will smashed by it..
San- Thats good i wanted that only and he runs towards arjun…. both runs in whole room and armaan is just got irritated and shouts mammmaaaaa……
Aarohi comes in the room and sees that the whole room is just become a mess and sanskar is chasing arjun..
Armaan-mamaa… just see na papa and chachu are fighting..
Aarohi just see them and got irritated and shouts stopppppppppp….
Both stop at the moment and arjun says
Arjun- thank god aarohi u came warna yeh toh mera sar hi phod deta..
San-woh toh mein ab bhi phodunga bhai…And he just goes to throw flower vase..
Arjun shouts aaaahhhhaahhhh…..
Aarohi- i said just stopppp…And tell me why u both r fighting..
Arjun makes pout and say see na aarohi he only comes in the room and start fighting with me…
San- no bhabhi.. u know bhai trapped me…
Aarohi-trapped u means…
San-bhabhi u know bhai call me and say that there is meeting in the office come fast… and when i go there…
Aarohi- u go there then..
San-(sad)there is no meeting.And papa call me to discuss about my marriage… and he well knows that i cannot deny papa… so he just trap me..
Aarohi- bass. Itni si baat sanskar… ek din toh shadi karni hi hai na.. so why u r denying for it…
San-u know na bhabhi…why i don’t want to marriage.. then also…
Arjun- hmm… i am telling for ur benefit only the girl is very good…
Aarohi- haan… ur bhai is right???
Arjun-wait a sec.. did u see her photo or not…
San-no.. and i don’t want to see..
Arjun- kahin tumhe darr.. toh nhi lag rha hai.. i mean kahin meri hone wali patni kali toh, kahin uske daat bahar toh nhi hmm…
Aarohi just give a angry glare to arjun..and says arjun just go with armaan… i want to talk with sanskar..
Arjun goes from there with armaan…
Sanskar goes to his room balcony. And stares the sky..
Aarohi keeps her hand on his shoulder and says.. for how much time u will blame urself for that girl…
San- i am not blaming myself bhabhi… bas i want to pursue my career forward thats why i am not ready..
Aarohi turns him towards herself and says ab tum apni bhabhi se bhi jhut bologe hmm.. main janti hu ki tum kisliye mana kar rhe ho iss shadi se.. sanskar that girl is not right for u…she is only behind ur money..
San- (sad)bhabhi… i know aur main usse bhool chuka hoon… bas darr iss baat ka lagta hai ki kahin phir se koi mujhe dhoka na de de..
Aarohi- sanskar… saari ladkiyaan ek jaisi nhi hoti and ragini… by seeing her I 100% say that she is not that type… see ragini is very simple ,cute, and innocent girl and i must say that u should meet him once..
San- but bhabhi…
Aarohi-just see her photo and then decide what u want???
Aarohi goes from there then sanskar says
San- bhabhi…i am ready just say it to papa…
Aarohi smilingly says wow…without seeing the photo u said haa… waah..
San- jab bhai ko ,aap ko ,aur papa ko lag rha hai ki yeh ladki shi hai toh ek bar milne main kya harz hai… so i am ready…
Aarohi- hmm.thats like my devar ji.. i will tell this to papa Good night…
Sanskar gives a smile to aarohi…
San(monologue)-uff.. ragini.. nice name but should i see her photo or not..his mind says no.. no.. sanskar if she is not good then..his heart says.. no..no she will be good bhabhi said na…he says i should see her photo once…
And he picks the envelope and as he opens it he just got stunned..
San-wow…she is so beautiful.. ragini her name perfectly suits her.. oh god did i am dreaming… if her photo is like this… then in real… oh god.. but she would accept me or not after knowing the truth… and what will i talk when i will meet her… omg.. i didn’t think about it earlier.. what i will talk to her and tommorow i am going to meet her.. oh god just help me….

Precap- ragsan meet……

So howzz this frndzz tell this from ur comments..

Credit to: eku


  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Loved Arjun and Sanskar fight
    Waiting for the next one…….

  2. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Superb… I m just in love with this ff… Di i had uploaded one more os.. Papa I love u… Pls read to it…. I think it l be published tonight…

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