A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Wedding special) Part 38

Hii guyzz i am back with another one and tysm for ur love , support and response towards my fiction..And i saw that many like arshi pairs so i included them as guest and many more are also coming..So enjoy it..

Arshi,tanushi, are standing smilingly and waving their hand in hello….
San- Arnav,khushi,Rishi,tanu u all here..
Rishi- Aur nhi toh kya..What do u think that u will not inform us then we will not come to know..hmm.
San- Aree nahin..nahin..it’s not like that..
Arnav- Bas..bas rehne de we know that u forgot us..We only came here on the saying Arjun bhai otherwise..

Tanu- What sanskar..???We don’t expect this from u..
Khushi- yaa..After all did anyone forgot his childhood besties..huh..
Rishi- rehne de khushi..Bhabhi mil gyi toh ye hume yaad thodi rakhega..
Sanskar comes and hugs rishi..Arnav also joins them..
San with tears in his eyes – No matter what will be the situation..?? I will never forget u all..No one in my life can take ur all place..U all are my school time bst frnds..And will be forever..
Arnav- Bas….bas..Rulayega kya..
Rishi- yess..yess..And don’t give us so much priority otherwise bhabhi will feel jealous..
Everyone laughs..

San- Khushi & tanu..How r u both..??
Both – Not fine..
Arnav,Rishi and sanskar see both of them confusedly..
Tanu- This is not fair sanskar..
San worriedly- Now what i did..???
Khushi- Yhi toh problem hai ki tumne kuch kiya hi nhi..
San- means..
Tanu- Rishi and Arnav gets a hug and we both just have a formal hii..hello..
Khushi & tanu started crying fakely- We felt so hurted…
San comes and hugs them and pats their head- Oh my god my baby dolls gets hurted..I am so sorry..

Arnav and rishi comes to sanskar and releases their respective wifes from him..
Both(Arnav & rishi) – Bas..bas..ho gya..
San- Ohoo..Khushi and tanu did u smell something..?? Someone is feeling jealous here…
Khushi- yess..yess i smelled it..
The trio laughs and rishi and arnav see eachothers faces..
Arnav- ho gya..now stop this..
Rishi- yess.. And give our intro to bhabhi also..See she is standing there confused..
Arnav- Tu rehne de..We ourself give our introduction to bhabhi..Hii I am Arnav singh Raizada..(indicating to khushi)And she is my cute wife Mrs.khushi Arnav Raizada.
Rishi- And I am Rishi Singh bedi(indicating to tanu)And she is my lovable wife Tanu rishi bedi..
Both together- And Bhabhi unfortunately we r the frnds of this duffer Sanskar..
Sanskar gives a angry glare to both of them..
Rishi- Nhi.. nhi..He is world’s best frnd..(to sanskar)This much praise is good na..
San- Haaan..haan..bas..bas..bas Ab chal..

All of them smile n leave along with Lak & Arjaar to their respective rooms…

Sanskaar looks at Ragini who is lost deep thoughts…

Sanskaar: (keeps his hand on Ragini’s shoulder) What happened Ragini…?? What are u thinking…??
Ragini: (comes out of her thoughts n smiles) Sanskaar… your friends are really very sweet…!!
Sanskaar: I know… And I bet… your friends must also be very sweet…
Ragini: I wish I could see them… I really miss them a lot…

“And do u really think that ur wish would be left unfulfilled… once Jiju comes to know about it”, says Swara standing near the door with a wide smile on her face…
Ragini: Swara…!!
Swara: And this time… your wish is fulfilled before u wished for it…
Ragini: What do u mean…??
Swara: (calls out loudly) Areyy Bhai… now do u all need some special invitation to come inside…

Ragini is confused n looks towards the door… Two beautiful girls enters the room..
Rag- Radhika…jeevika..I can’t believe this..U both here..
Radhika and jeevika comes hurriedly to ragini and hugs her..
Rads- It’s been long time since we met..
Jeevika- yess..And u r as same as before..U didn’t change a bit..hmm..
Rag smiles widely- yaa..u both r also looking gorgeous..Rads zoya didn’t came..
Rads- Woah actually..She got busy in some work so she can’t able to attend this wedding..
Rag feels sad- ohhh..
Then suddenly she feels a tight grip on her eyes..Someone is covering her eyes with palm..Ragini touches the palm and smiles widely and shouts..
Rag- Zoyaaaaa..
Zoya releases her from her grip and smiles widely – Aur meri dedh haddi..kaisi hai tu..
Rag- What a pleaseant surprise..??But Rads and thapki said that u will..
Zoya just gave a wink to rads and thapki and give hi – fi to both of them..
Rag-ohh..So its all ur plan..U’ll never change na..
Zoya- Nahh..never..
Everyone laughs..
San- So howzz my surprise..??
Rag- It’s amazing sanskar..U don’t know how much i am missing all of them..??Thank u so much..
San- ok..ok now enjoy urself and all my saali sahiba’s plzz kindly take some rest..
The trio – ok jiju..
Rag confusedly- I think u all grew very grt bonding within a few min..
San- Aur nahin toh kya..After all so sweet and cute are my saali’s..Who will not have grt bonding with them..?? Aur tumne woah kahawat nhi suni Saali adhi ghar wali hoti hai..
Radhika- u r right jiju..We will have grt fun with u..
Zoya- I am thinking to join ur group instead of this dedh haddi..
Rag with open mouth- haww..So mean..
San- Come on..girls let’s go..I will make to see u ur rooms..
After sometime both ragini’s frnd and sanskar’s frnd met eachother and they have a very grt bonding with eachother..Sanlak told them everything about kavita and urvashi and both the parties decide to help them out..Everyone is busy in the arrangements..

Sumi- Laksh beta..plzz bring flower basket from terrace..
Lak smiles- ok aunty.. and u did not need to plead for anything..just order me..I will do it..
He smilingly goes to terrace and swara is present over there doing some work..
Lak looks to swara and his happy face becomes sad.Swara looks at him but he ignores her and picks the basket and started to leave..But suddenly he feels tight grip on his hand..He turns his face and swara is standing holding his hand with teary eyes..Laksh becomes concerned and says

Lak- Swara..what happen..?? Why r u crying..??He raises his hand to wipe her tears but he remincises his proposal incident and back off his hand..
Swa- I am sorry laksh..I am really sorry..After u proposed me..Everytime i think that i did right to u..U always cared for me..Consider me as ur bst frnd and..I..i did ur heart break..But when u gone away from me..I realised that how much i love u..?? Yess laksh u listened right..I LOVE U..I’m in love with ur cute antics..I am in love with ur care for everyone..I’m in love with u..Will u except me..??
Laksh just stood as numb person.He is not believing what should she said..?? Swara just pinch me..

Swa- hmm..!!!
Lak- pinch me..Am i dreaming..??
Swara smiles at his antics and pinches him hard..
Lak – ouch…u r real..It means what u said..?? It us real..Do u really love me..??
Swa shouts- yess..yess..I love u laksh..I love u..
Laksh hurriedly hugs her tightly- Thank u god..To listen my worship..This is like dreams come true..

He releases the hug and says
Lak- On that night when u said no..I am like a broken soul..But today i am feeling like the most happiest person of this earth..
Swa- I am sorry laksh..
He puts his finger on her lips..Sshhhh..(laksh)No more sorry..
Lak- I love u swara..
Swa- I luv u too laksh..
They both hugs eachother…Sumi calls swara from downstairs..
Swa- oh god..Mom had said to me to bring clothes..I have to go..Bye bye..
And swara hurriedly goes from there..Laksh is so much happy that he starts jumping on the roof..

Precap – Ragsan wedding and kavita and urvashi gone to jail…

Bye bye readers and stay blessed and i will give another episode tommorow.Becoz my hands are paining now and i am feeling sleepy and its 11 p.m…


  1. fira

    Awesome epi….sanskar is so sweet…arshi tanushi sanskar scenes are superb…radhika zoya jeevika scenes are nice….swalak scenes are awesome….waiting for ur next epi…keep rocking…..take care….

  2. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    awessoommeee supperrrbbb……. Yaar happy for swalak…….. Waiting for ragsan wedding…………. Update soooonnnn…………..

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