A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) (“Revealation of truth”) Part 17

Hii frndzz I am back and yess u heard it right today is the revealation time of truth i know u all r waiting for this episode only u all r eager to know the truth na so here is the epi..So enjoy it and don’t forget to comment..And tysm for ur lovely comments..

Ragini & family comes to home.Ragini face is sad & pale and she hurriedly goes to her room..
Swara see this and thinks that some problem is there so she goes behind her.In the room ragini is crying bitterly and swara comes in.Ragini hides her tears and says
Rag wiping her tears- Swara..And she gave fake smile
Swa- So when u start hiding ur tears from me??
Rag- tears..no swara i am not hiding anything..
Swa hold her chin and says- Di..Say it in my by seeing in my eyes.
Rag see towards her eyes and hug her tightly and cries.
Swa console her- Di..tell me what happen why r u crying??
Rag-Swara..Today i met with sanskar.
Swa shocked- What??But how??
Rag- When i went to temple then..she tells everything to swara..
Swa-Don’t worry di everything will be fine..now u take rest hmm..
And she makes ragini sleep and tensedly goes from there..
Swara goes to shemish room and tell them everything..
Swa angrily- Baba…I will go and talk to sanskar and tell him that don’t interfere in my diii life..
Shekhar stops her and says no swara u will not go its time to say truth to sanskar.
Swa- what..baba u r saying u know after knowing truth he will leave ragini di then also..
Sumi- No beta i see sanskar he really loves ragini he will not leave her alone..
Swa- what’s the gurantee maa..
Shek- Beta but he should know the truth..
Swa angrily- Noooo…Maa baba just listen u all have my swear if u say anything to sanskar na then..u know rest.
Shemish- Beta listen…

There sanskar with pale face reaches to home his eyes were red it seems that he cried a lot.Laksh gets to know everything and now he is very disturbed by seeing the condition of his frnd..
Lak- Sanskar..This is enough speak up damn it??
Sanskar is not reacting he stood like a statue just numb..
Lak-Its high time sanskar now i am booking the tickets for delhi we will go to delhi by tommorow morng.i can’t see u like this we r leaving this place..
San- No..u will not book tickets..
Lak- But why?Now what u want ragini had clearly said that he doesn’t love then what else is left..
Lak- Which promise??
San- Ragini promised me that she will never leave me alone then how she can do this??
Lak- But yarr..she herself said that..
San- I know laksh..she is lieing something is there which she is hiding..And i will find that truth..

Then next morning swara takes ragini to their school to lighten the mood..
Then there sanskar comes at ragini home(Now don’t ask me how he get the address something in my fiction is just asumption hehehe) and rings the bell.
Shek(opens the door)- Sanskar…u why u come here just go..
San- chacha ji..plzz for one time call ragini i want to talk to her plzz…after that i will go from here but for one time plzz call her..
Shek-She is not at home..
San- See chacha ji i know that something is big there which u all are hiding from me plzz tell me..
Shek widen her eyes he goes to tell him but he remebers swara promise and keep mum..
San- Chacha ji ur silence is telling everything plzz for one time plzz believe on me and tell me the truth plzz..
Shek- There is no any truth u plzz go from here..
San- plzz chacha ji..
Shek- I beg in front of u plzz for god sake go from here..
San sad face- ok if u all want that i will go from here them i’ll go from here but one thing i will remind u I love ragini and ragini only if i am the body then she is my soul.She is my life.
And he starts to go but sumi stops him.
Sumi- Stoppp Sanskar!!!!!Sanskar stops and turns I ‘ll tell u the whole truth.
Shek- what r u doing sumi u forgot swara’s promise.
Sumi- Don’t stop me shekhar becoz now i get to know that how much sanskar love ragini.And he have full right to know about ragini’s life.
Shek- But..
Sumi- Sanskar u wanted to know about ragini’s past life Do u have the courage of listening the truth??Do u support and love ragini like this only??
San- I promise u chachi ji..Whatever the situation??Whatever the truth i will support and love ragini like this only..
Sumi determined face-hmm..

When sanskar gone to malaysia the scene is after that only..

Ragini is very happy and she started dreaming of their future with sanskar.
Shekhar starts the preperation for marriage also and many relatives came to their home also..One day sumi’s sister urvashi with her daughter kavita came to their house.Sumi by seeing them becomes very happy.
(Actually urvashi and kavita don’t like ragini too much in front of everyone they shower very much love to ragini but in their hearts only hate is hidden.But our naughty swara handle them very cleverly they are fed up and pretty scared of swara..)
Then one day swaragini and kavita goes to the market for buying something.
Rag- Swara..kavita u both buy something till then i am coming from my college by taking my T.C..ok
Swa- Ok di..

After sometime when ragini returns she saw that some men are misbehaving with kavita and swara..Ragini gets angry and she goes there and stops them but they start misbehaving with her.
Vikram(The leader of the gang)- jann e mann..I have an offer for u let’s go on drive i show u the real heaven..
Rag slaps him hard on his cheeks and angrily says- Don’t ever try to misbehave with me or my sister’s..Heaven ka toh pata nhi asli hell main tumhe dikhaungi the jail…
Everyone laughs at him and make fun of him he gets very very angry..Ragini with swara&kavita goes from there..
Vikram hold his cheeks and says- U don’t know Miss..with whom did u mess?? Just wait and watch u will have to pay very big penalty for this slap.It’s Arav Trivedi promise..And a evil smirk yet angry look come on his face.

(Arav is the famous industrialist and very rich,egoistic person.He came to madhupur for some business work.)

The days spend normally and one day shemish are gone out of town to invite close relatives for ragini’s wedding..And swaragini and kavshi(kavita & urvashi) are alone at home.
In late 12 o’clock in night urvashi gets a severe fever and her whole body is hot in temperature.Kavita started crying by seeing the condition of her mom and swaragini are also worried..
Doctor came and examine urvashi and writes some med and goes from there.
Kav cryingly- I’ll go and brought the medicine for my mom.
Rag- No kavita first see ur condition u r not so well and in this condition i will not allow u to go..
Kav- Then who will go..
Rag- I will go u sit here and i am comng in 2 min after buying the medicine..
Swa- No di see the weather is not ok how will u go??
Rag- I’ll just back in min swara don’t worry hmm till then u take care of massi and kav..
Swa hesitantly- ok take care di..
Rag- hmm..
And ragini goes from there..
It started heavy raining and nearly its gonna be 2 hrs since ragini is gone.she doesn’t come back.Swara felt very worried for ragini and she also goes outside to find ragini but he didn’t find it.It’s gonna be early morning shemish return and they gets to know about ragini.. shekhar & swara including sumi also gone to find ragini…
After so much of searching they find ragini on a lonely place in an unconscious state.Her body is covered with a small thin cloth from which her body parts are visible and there are many scratches & bites on her body.Her condition is worst than hell.Sumi hurriedly wraps her body with a cloth then shekhar finds a torn paper nearby her body he took it and reads it ” This is the result of ur slap” they hurriedly took her to the hospital.
There they gets to know by the doc that their daughter is raped by some mens.Everyone is in utter shock and shekhar is hell angry actually swara tells them everything about vikram and he goes to police station to lodge F.I.R

They fight cases in the court but they do not get justice becoz Arav trivedi is very powerful man and on that shekhar&family do not have any evidence against Arav.They loose the case and after that u know the society people they started bad mouthing about ragini & her family.Shekhar goes and broke the alliance but their condition is not good.One day everyone started throwing stones at their home..Ragini’s condition is worst than worst doctor tells that she is is in trauma.She doesn’t talk with anyone.Only she lock herself in a room and for one sec also she doesn’t come out that room..
Then after some days they left the town and come to jaipur city..

Flashback end..

Shek- Then after that we came to this orphanage..
Sumi- Till now ragini fully doesn’t came out of that trauma..
Shek- In front of us she act like she is very happy but inside she is very lonely and sad..
Sumi teary eyes-I saw her crying at late night.I saw her sleepless night..
Shek- She started taking sleeping pills for sleep but then also..
Sumi- Her horrible dreams doesn’t allow her to sleep..

Sanskar sits on the couch with a thudd.. he is just shocked and numb.He is not understanding what to say tears are continuosly rolling down from his eyes.And he is feeling shame on himself becoz he thinks that when his love his life his ragini needs him most then he is not with her..He hides his face between his both hands.Then he console himself..

Sumi cryingly- My ragini is alone.Her life is colorless there is no happiness in her life..
Shek puts his hands on her shoulder and console him.
Sanskar wipes his tears and stands up from his place and goes towards sumi sits on his knees.
San- I promise u chachi ji.I will take care of ragini i will fill color of happiness in her life and after knowing the truth i am feeling proud that i love ragini..And that bl**** Arav trivedi will pay for this.I will show him the real hell.He will crave for his death and its my promise..
Sumi- Tysm beta i know that ur love is pure for ragini and u will support ragini in any situation..
Shek- But sanskar..How will u do this i mean ragini don’t want to see ur face.
San- Chacha ji..Don’t worry now its my problm and i will solve it.

Precap – Sanskar change his getup..

Guyzz hope u enjoyed and tell me if u r not ok with the plot then i will end it here..And i hope u i manage to make u all understand ragini’s situation.plzz guyzz comment both positive and negative comments are welcomed..


  1. Anjali

    Super and shocking dear which had happened to ragini feeling bad for her and also happy that after knowing the true sanskar support her. The recap was interesting yaar. Update soon. I’m loving your ff. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. fira

    Awesome epi…feeling bad for ragini…no words to express sanskar character in ur ff….waiting for sanskar new getup….

  3. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Shocking relevation DEAR
    Hope that Arav gats nice punishment
    Loved Sanskar’s love towards Ragini
    Hope Ragini would come out of the trauma soon
    Waiting for the next one………………

  4. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    awesome update but shocking too…. poor poor ragini, loved sanskar, he is a great human being and his love is so pure and true for ragini.

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