A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 9

Hii guys ty ty so much I don’t expect that u will like this part so much.. I am overwhelmed by seeing ur comments thanx everyone and keep supporting me like this.. And some one says that they want more ragsan scene..so this is the treat from my side.. This one is also full of ragsan scene.. enjoy it and plzz comment after reading it..

Part – 9
Both ragsan are sleeping peacefully.ragini is sleeping keeping her head on sanskar’s shoulder Suddenly the sun rays fall on the faces of ragsan.. ragini wakes up and see sanskar sleeping like cute, innocent child. She is just staring her lovingly and remembers his confession, care and the dog scene. She smiles a bit.. Sanskar’s sleep got disturbed by the sun rays and he wakes up and as he wakes up he see that ragini is staring him. Ragini hurriedly turns his face to other side.
San- I think we should leave now.. see its morning. Everyone will be worried for us..
Rag- hmm..

@ house
Shek tensedly- arjun ji did u find them..

Arjun- no uncle ji.. they r lost in the forest.
Shek worriedly- where is my ragini in which situation she will be??
Dp- Don’t worry shekhar ji ragini will be fine. Sanskar is with ragini na.they will be fine. Arjun talk with the area forest officer and tell them to find ragsan as fast as they can.
Arjun- ji..papa and he goes.

San happily- see ragini there is a village. There we can go and ask them to help us.
Rag- yaa.. let’s go
Ragsan goes to village and ask some men. Everyone just staring both of them and murmuring.. Sanskar goes towards a old men and says
San- hello!!woh actually we r lost in the jungle. So can u people help us.
Old Men surprisingly- chora tu iss chori ke saath kya kar raha hai aur tu hai kaun( who r u and what r u doing with this girl.)
San with attitude says in english – me.. I am sanskar.. Sanskar Maheswari the great business man of delhi.And she is my fiance ragini.
Old Men- tu ka keh raha hai chora mhari kuch samajh mein naa aa rha hai.( what r u saying. I don’t understand anything. )
San- what!! And he says Oh I am talking in english that’s why he is not understanding.. u r such stupid sanskar..
Old Men- chora kya badbada raha hai..(What r u murmuring??)
San- kuch nahi uncle woh main keh raha tha ki mera naam sanskar hai. Aur main delhi ka bohut bada businessman hoon.( nothing uncle woh i am saying that my name is sanskar and I am delhi ‘s big business man)

Old man- oh.. toh thara naam sanskar hai… aur uh ka busi..ne..ss ( oh so ur name is sanskar and what is bus..ine..ss. .)
Sanskar corrects the pronounciation- business.. its business.
Ragini is just gigling and standing beside sanskar and thinks he comes here for introduction or for help.
Old Man – Haa. Whi whi.. par tu mhari ko bohut Acha laga tu janta hai chora tu aur mhari bhasia dono ek hi jaise hai kahe ki hum bhi apne bhasia ka naam sanskar rakhe hai ooh ka hai na hamari bhasia bohut sanskari hai.. bilkul tumhari tarah…( yaa.exactly. But u know i like u very much u know u and my buffalo is same becoz I also kept my buffaloes name sanskar woh actually my buffalo is very sanskari like u.)
San- what?? U r comparing the great businessman with a buffalo.. how can u give a buffalo my name.

Ragini listens all this and burst out in laugh.she laughs whole heartedly and she can’t control his laugh and laughs out loudly by holding her stomach ..

San angrily- how mean.. This man is making fun of ur fiance and u r laughing..great..
Rag stops laughing- aree what can i do he only kept his buffaloes name sanskar I don’t kept it. Why r u angry on me and again starts laugh..
San- stop.. stop.. I said stop.. ragini stops laughing. Keep ur finger on the lips and she do as he says Yess now listen he is comparing..and she again starts laughing by saying buffalo..Sanskar gets irked and stamp his foot on the ground and says u all r same and angrily goes from there..
Rag- aree sanskar stop listen.. ok I will not laugh.. Sanskar listen..Sanskar don’t go there..
Sanskar turns around and says
San- why should I not go there.one min I know why u r stopping for laughing at me na. Now I will definitely go there.
Rag- listen..Sanskar stop there is danger. Afterwards don’t say to me that I didn’t warn u..
Sanskar didn’t listen her talk and splashhhhhhhh!!!!!
Ragini closes his eyes becoz she knows that what would happen with sanskar..
Sanskar has fallen in the mud and he is totally covered with the mud. His face is covered with the mud..

San- yukk..what the hell???
Then he listen the laugh of some children which are hiding behind the tree.sanskar sees them and angrily says
San- who is there?? Who is laughing come in front..
Ragini comes there and see sanskar and says
Rag- sanskar what u have done??What u r doing in mud .. don’t tell me u r playing in this mud..
San- shut up ragini.. This children do prank with me. And he stands up and says I will not leave them.

Ragini comes in front of sanskar..
Rag- aree what r u doing. Why r u scolding these children they r innocent..
San- innocent..This children…No ragini u have not seen what they do with me..
Rag- I have seen all the things and remember before coming here I warn u but u didn’t listen..
San- what?? U know already.. when u know all the thing then why u didn’t tell me earlier..
Then a children says aree bhaiya agar ragini Di aapko Pehele Sab kuch bata deti toh ye maja kaha se aata.. ( what bhaiya if ragini Di told u earlier all the things then how can we enjoy this moment..)
All the children laughs and give hi – Fi to ragini..
Sanskar is confused- ragini..dii
Ragini sees sanskar confused and tells that
Rag- sanskar I know now in ur mind many question is arising. So I clear ur confusion. These all children are my friend..

San- what frnd.. but when u make them frnd..
Rag- woh actually sanskar I hide a thing from u..
San- what??
Rag- I know this village people and this children.. woh actually when I am small I came vasantpur for summer vacation.. And when I came vasantpur I definitely come to this village. So all the people knows me from my childhood..
San is totally surprised and shocked – so if u know them then why u didn’t tell me earlier..
Rag- woh actually all my frnds wish is that when I came here first time with my fiance. They will play a prank with him and in this prank whole village is involved.
San- oh that’s why u don’t tell me anything???
Yes. .A voice came from behind.sanskar turns and all the village people are standing there. The same old man with whom sanskar is talking is mukhia of the village..
Mukhia- yess sanskar beta.. and I am really sorry woh actually ragini is laadli of this village.And we love her very much.And this children wanted to play with u. That’s why and I am really sorry if it hearts u..
San happily- no uncle.. its ok I don’t mind at all. But now I am angry because from many min I am standing here covering in this mud and I am feeling vomiting…
Everyone laughs and ragini says
Rag- don’t worry this children make u fall in this mud na. Then they will wash this mud. And she winks towards their frnd.All children runs from there.

Rag- come with me sanskar.
San scaredly – no ooh. .I will not come..what if u again play prank no. I will not take chance.
Rag- sanskar no I will not do it.. and she hold sanskar’s hand and drags him to the field. There all children are standing in a circle holding a bucket in their hand. Ragini makes sanskar stand at the center..
San- why u took me here??
Rag- wait a second sanskar.. and he winks towards them and get away from the circle..
Sanskar is confused and in next second all children together throws bucket water on sanskar. Sanskar is drenched in water and all mud washes away.
Rag- what happen did u enjoy it??
San- ragini..
Rag- ok ok go in that room there some clothes are kept change and come..And he gigles and goes from there.
Sanskar just smiles by seeing ragini so much happy..

@ jungle
Arjun- yess. Inspector they r lost here only..
Inspector- don’t worry Mr. Arjun we will find them in this jungle..

There sanskar changes his clothes and his hair are wet and he is continuously sneezing..
Ragini comes there with kadha..

Rag- I know this is cold place and u got cold very fast. So this is kadha drink it. U will feel better..
Ragini puts that kadha on the table and she is going.suddenly sanskar stands up and catches ragini from her waist and brings her to the corner.
Rag slowly – sanskar..
Sanskar put finger on her lips and in a husky tone- u didn’t gave my answer..
Rag- which type of answer..And what is the question??
San- oh so u r not remembering the question..
Ragini blushes but she hides it and says- no. .
San- ok I will tell u I ask u that did u love me or not???

Ragini in teasing way- I think hmm.. no.. I don’t love u..
Sanskar holds ragini waist more tightly and brings her closer and says- really…
Ragini is not saying anything she is just staring sanskar..they have a cute eye lock… Sanskar sees the lips of ragini and he leans towards it. Ragini in response closes his eyes. Sanskar also closes his eyes.There lips are few inches apart suddenly some one calls raginiiiiiii.. Both realizes that what they r going to do and hurriedly gets separate from eachother.. both r feeling to much embarrassed..
Again some one call raginiiiiiii..
Rag- yess.. I am coming.. woh actually the glass.
Sanskar hurriedly drinks the kadha and gives the glass to ragini..

Ragini is going from there and sanskar is seeing him suddenly ragini turns and says- Some feelings are not expressed by words. They are meant to be understand by heart and feelings..And goes smiling from there..
Sanskar gets his answer and he is too much happy and he hurriedly goes out from there..
Rag- what happen dadi ma??
Dadi- woh ragini beti see na this nandu is not going to mumbai for studying.
Rag- nandu why u r not going..hmm..
Nandu- Di u know I don’t want to leave dadi..if I will leave her then who will take care of her.
Dadi- aree beta all people r here to take care of me so u don’t worry..
Rag- yess..dadi is saying right and u must have to go.. if u will not go then how will u become a rockstar
hmm..and ur hard work all wil be a waste..
Nandu- ok Di if ur saying then I will go..

Sanskar see all this scene and says I am proud of u ragini.. And today I am proud on myself that I am ur husband..
I promise u that I will hold ur hand for lifetime..
Then all children comes to sanskar and says bhaiya.. bhaiya let’s go with us na see we r playing truth and dare game let’s play with us na plzz. .
San- ok let’s go..

Ragini is also present there and she is also playing with them..All r playing and enjoying everyone get a chance some choose truth some choose dare..
Chutki- now.. I will spin the bottle..
Everyone says ok ok..
Chutki spin the bottle and it stops on sanskar.. everyone whoots for sanskar..
San- ok ok dare.. tell me what I have to do??
Nandu- bhaiya u have to sing a song for our ragini dii…

San- what.. no no.. change it.
All children- no bhaiya u have to do this.. all started saying bhaiya..bhaiya..bhaiya.
San- ok I will sing but on one condition ur Di would also join me and see towards ragini..
Rag widen her eyes – what.. no no its ur dare u only have to do..
San- ok if u will not sing with then I will also not sing..
All children start pleading to ragini to sing the song and at last ragini got ready..
Nandu- ok I will bring my guitar..
Sanskar is just staring ragini sanskar starts sing. Plzz guyzz don’t skip the song hmm..

(Sanskar)Tumhare siva kuch na chahat karenge
Ke jab tak jeeyenge mohabbat karenge
(Bg people sings)Mohabbat, mohabbat
Mohabbat, mohabbat
Sanskar see all people are joining him and he goes towards ragini and again sings.

(Sanskar)Tumhare siva kuch na chahat karenge
Ke jab tak jeeyenge mohabbat karenge

(Ragini)Tumhare siva kuch na chahat karenge
Ke jab tak jeeyenge mohabbat karenge
Sanskar goes close to ragini and holds ragini by her shoulder and stare at her eyes and sing
(Sanskar)Nazar chahti hai deedar karna
Yeh dil chahta hai tumhe pyar karna

(Ragini)Tumhari wafa mein doobe rahe hum
Hai kya haal dil ka yeh kaise kahe hum
Ragini is going away but sanskar holds her dupatta and sings and brings him closer and sings slowly in her ears
(Sanskar)Mahekne lagega … ho o o
Mahekne lagega badan yeh tumhara
Hum aankhon se aaisi shararat karenge

Ragini goes away from him and sings
(Ragini)Tumhare siva kuch na chahat karenge
Ke jab tak jeeyenge mohabbat karenge
All children are happy and enjoying some children are playing with sanskar and ragini just stare at sanskar lovingly and sings
(Ragini)Humein apne dil mein basaya hai tumne
Mohabbat ke kaabil banaya hai tumne

Sanskar goes towards ragini..
(Sanskar)Agar tum na milte toh hum jee na paate
Kise apna kehte kahan dil lagate

Ragini holds sanskar both hands and with his hands touches his eyes and sing
(Ragini)Saza rab joh dega … ho o o
Saza rab joh dega woh manzoor humko
Ke hum ab tumhari ibaadat karenge

Sanskar just overwhelmed and hugs ragini..
(Both ragsan)Tumhare siva kuch na chahat karenge
Ke jab tak jeeyenge mohabbat karenge
Both ragsan are hugging each other and everyone see them and bless them to be together forever..
(Everyone sings)Mohabbat, mohabbat
Mohabbat, mohabbat
Mohabbat, mohabbat
Mohabbat, mohabbat..

Song ends and everyone claps for them. Ragsan says thanks to all of them and sanskar goes from there..

Sanskar call at home and tells everyone that they r fine and they r coming to home. They informs that arjun is nearby so arjun will pick them..

Then after sometime arjun came and both ragsan waving bye to everyone leaves from there..

Credit to: eku


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