A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 7

Hii frndzz I know u all r angry on me becoz of this late update. But what can I do I am busy with my studies and tysm who have commented on my fiction and liking. Actually I am writing another fiction it’s name is “Hidden Hate Open Love” on swasan and raglak plzz if u get time must read it..

Part – 7

Everyone settled to have dinner. Sumi is preparing the food and swaragini are serving the food and aarohi is feeding the food to armaan.
Swara- uncle my jiji makes food very delicious and chilli.
Dp nods and smiling says yess..
Arjun is not eating anything shekhar see this and says
Shek- what happen arjun ji.. u r not eating anything?? Did u not like the food..
Arjun (fumbles ) – no. Chacha ji. Food is very delicious. And he starts to eat.
Sanskar says to aarohi- bhabhi.. I think bhai is missing his girlfriend newspaper..
Both laughs and arjun listen their talk and fumes in anger.
Aarohi – papa. Actually today’s kadhi is made by ragini.
Dp – what??Then I will drink one more bowl of kadhi..
Ragini serves kadhi to everyone. When it is the turn of sanskar. Sanskar didn’t take it but our ragini pours the kadhi in his plate.. and goes from there..

Then dinner is over and everyone goes to sleep..

@ morning
Everyone goes to visit vasantpur.. And our sanskar is desperately waiting to spend some time with ragini alone.. but he did not get time. Every time he try but some one came and disturb them.. Ragini sees this and smiles by seeing his deseperatness to meet with her.
Then when everyone is busy in seeing the old mandir. Our sanskar got a chance to meet with ragini and he drags ragini to a corner side.Ragini is scared and she is going to shout but at the nick of time sanskar cover her mouth with his hands.
San- why r u shouting.. its me sanskar. From how much time I am trying to meet with u but somebody came and my plan fails. U r listening or not why r u not speaking??
Ragini points through her eyes towards his hand by which he is covering her mouth. Sanskar see this and hurriedly remove his hand..
San- I am sorry. I over reacted.. Actually I want to talk with u I know we talk on phone very much.. but when we meet face to face we talk only formly..
Then someone calls ragini..

Rag- I have to go chachi jii is calling me. And she leaves from there..
Sanskar is angry on everyone even on ragini..And in anger he leaves from there.
Ragini see this and feels sad..

Everyone is going to the next place suddenly.
Dp- arjun!!Where is sanskar??
Arjun- papa woh actually he goes to horse stable.. It is just few km from here..
Dp- ok..u people go there to see sanskar and I shekhar and bhabhi ji go to mandir.. ok.
Arjun – ok papa..

@ horse stable
Sanskar in anger riding the horse.. swaragini ,araaro, armaan. come there and see him riding horse..
Ragini see him and she easily feels that he is so much angry..
Then sanskar stops in front of everyone..
Swara- wow jiju. U r great rider.. u know my jiji also knows horse riding..
Sanskar (angry)- really.. but I think she is lieing becoz everyone has not the courage to ride horse..
Swara- jiju.. u r underestimating my jiji.. she is very well rider..
San- ok then show me to ride that horse.. then I will think that ragini knows to ride or not..
Swara- jiji.. come on just go and tell jiju that u also knows riding..
Aarohi- yaa.. ragini just go..
Sanskar with a smirk- yess.. yess go.
Ragini goes and comes in another dress in which she is comfortable becoz she is wearing salwar suit..
Then she takes a horse and began to ride..
When ragini goes far. Everyone is seeing her then a man comes running..
Man- sir. Don’t ride that horse??

San (confused ) – what do u mean??
Man- sir that horse is mad and many times he had injured many people so don’t ride it..
Arjun- what the hell.. then why u send horse..
Man- actually. Sir..
Then they listen the noise of other horse and see that sanskar is left with another horse to rescue ragini..
There ragini is trying to apply brake by pulling lagam. . But the horse is not stopping.
Then our sanskar with a super fast speed comes there with horse..
San (shouts ) – ragini.. come on give me ur hand that horse is mad..
Rag- what?? That’s why he is not stopping.

San- just give me ur hand and come to my horse..
But as u know the mad horse. The horse is running so fast lunch that their hands not met..
Sanskar again fasten his horse but he can’t reach at ragini horse.
Then ragini see a hill in front of him and she is continuously pulling lagam but it is not stopping..
Rag shouts- sanskarrrr.. plzz save me…
Sanskar see the hill and at last he reaches there but the problem is not solved..
Then sanskar mind strikes a idea and he says
San- ragini don’t take tension I will save u and he takes his horse close to the ragini horse and he see the hill very near then he jumps on ragini horse and with ragini he rolls down on the ground.. they rolls down and stops in a jungle..
Sanskar is on top of ragini and ragini in fear closed her eyes. Sanskar is staring her lovingly..

Precap- ragsan lost in jungle..

So here is the next part howzz it tell me from ur comments and my new story is credit by pari so don’t get confuse in pari and eku..

Credit to: eku


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    it’s really suprb ma I luv it n d whol movie wid varun n teju come to mind while i am readin it jus waitin fr d nxt part

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