A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 6

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Part -6
Swara comes in the room and see ragini disturbed and she see a mobile in her hand.. she goes towards ragini and says
Swa-so jiju gave u this gift.. how romantic?? But why u r sad..
Ragini is lost in her own thoughts swara see this and shake her and says jijiiii.. ragini jerks and comes out of her thoughts and says what happen and turns her face other side..
Swa- first time in the history i see that a girl is unhappy by receiving a gift from her fiance..what happen jiji..jiju gave u gift with lots of love and affection and u r sad..
Rag- noo.. swara i am happy..
Swa- acha aap happy ho dunia mein aisa kon sa insaan hai jo khus hone par aise sakal banata hai.. hmm.
Rag- woh actually swara.. i did a very stupid thing thats why i am sad..
Swa(confused)- stupid.. jiji i am not understanding anything say it clearly..
Ragini tells evrything to swara and swara reaction is shocked..
Swa-whattttt.. and she put hands on her head and says jiji.. what u did.. koi karta hai aisa woh bhi apne fiance ke saath jiju kya soch rhe honge..
Ragini just makes a puppy face and say like a innocent baby..
Rag- what i can do i felt so much nervousness that in nervousness i disconnect the call.
Swa- ufff. Jiji u r.. ok fine u again call jiju..
Swa- no.. dont say a word just call..
Ragini calls sanskar..Sanskar becomes happy by seeing the caller id and he picks the call..The call is on speaker..
Rag- hello!!
San- yess.. ragini.
Rag- woh actually.. why did u call me??
San-i wanted to talk to u.. thats why??
Rag-oh!! Ok u talk with me na bye..
San(confused)- hmm..
Swara hits ragini and slowly says what r u doing just talk with him.. ragini nods in no and swara forcefully put mobile on ragini’s ear..
San-hello ragini.. what happen??
San- so ragini before u disconnect the call i wanted to talk with u..
Rag- isse kaise pata chla ki main call disconnect karne wali hoon..
San- did u say something?? Ok anyways ragini did u read that chit..
San- ragini.. i know u r hesitant to talk with me but if we decide that we will live our life together so first we have to know eachother so first of all don’t think me as ur fiance think me as ur frnd.. ragini did u listen me..
Rag- yess.. u r right and i am sorry for that stupidity..
San(laughs)- no problm ragini.. and in frndship no sorry no thank u.. wait wait first tell me did u accept my frndship or not..
Rag with a happy face says yesss..

They talk for sometime then they both doze off.. ragini unknowingly feeling very happy and realxed after talking with sanskar..

2 months passed like that and now ragsan well know each other and some time swara also talk with sanskar and now somewhere ragsan started feeling for eachother..

One day shekhar comes and tells everyone that after two days they are leaving for vasantpur.. there sanskar family also came.. and they will enjoy ragini feels too much happy that after so much time she is going to see sanskar.. though she daily talks with him but seeing him face to face is strange feeling..

@After 2 days
Evryone is packing there stuff for leaving to vasantpur..
Shek- sumi.. do fast we r getting late for the train..
Sumi- coming..

They leave for station and next day they reach vasantpur.. they hire a taxi and reaches at their pustaini house.. Though it is not so big but it is very beautiful,antique and its design are old but it seems beautiful..
Shsum,swaragni put their luggage inside the house and started cleaning the house..
Then swara comes running to ragini and says jiji.. jiji… come fast they all came.. ragini is cleaning the room amd as she listen it.. she started running towards the main door holding a broom in her hand.. then she see the broom and hide it behind herself and see that no one is there and she sees that swara is standing faraway from her and laughing loudly.. ragini knows that swara played a prank on her. So she started beating playfully to swara and song starts..

Swara – O JiJi kya keh ke unko bulaogi
Dulha banke jo aayenge
O JiJi bolo to kya keh ke unko bulaogi
Dulha banke jo aayenge

Ragini with atitude sings – Ae-ji O-ji hum na kahenge
Hum to isharon mein baatein karenge
Ae-ji O-ji hum na kahenge
Hum to isharon mein baatein karenge
Sab jaise apne unko bulaate hain
Waise hum na bulayenge
O chhoti ri..

Ragini started doing works and then

Swara teasingly sings – Shaadi hai Dilli ka laddu
Laddu yeh har man mein phoote
Iska lage har dana bhala

Ragini with unintrested tone – Jo khaaye pachtaye
Jo na khaaye woh pachhtaye
To kha kar hi pachhtana bhala
Yeh laddu tujhko bhi ek din khilayenge
Tere saajan jab aayenge
O chhoti ri…

There in the car. Arjun is driving and dp is relaxing and sanskar is just lost in the dream of ragini suddenly he sneezes woh actually he got cold becoz there atmosphere is changed na his nose is red like tomato and in short he is looking too cute.. and here ragini is waiting for sanskar and she goes to terrace suddenly swara came

Swara -Gaane ko tum ga rahi ho 
Ji apna behla rahi ho
Nazar to hai raahon mein lagi
Ragini – Ae.. chhoti tu khoti badi hai
Behna ko bas chhedati hai
Main to yahaan kaamon mein lagi
Swara teasingly -Aane do JiJi tumhare ji ki dasha
JiJa ko batayenge 
O JiJi..

Ragini started running behind swara to beat her and swara is running on whole terrace.. there in the car dp talks with shekhar and says to arjun beta take right.. and tells to shekhar that we reached shekhar jii don’t worry..

Sanskar just can’t wait and he takes out his telescope and see through it..
He sees that ragini is running behind swara to beat him and she is looking too cute and sanskar is awestruck becoz he didn’t see this shade of ragini..then ragini goes inside the house.. sanskar removes telescope and clean his nose with his hanky..

A car comes and shek and all family comes to welcome dp&family..
Shek-welcome..welcome. koi pareshani toh nhi hui na dp ji..
Dp-aree ni ni.. evrything is fine??
Evryone is very happy but one person is unhappy u know very well sumi.. she even don’t come to welcome them.
Everyone comes inside the house and sits ragini comes with water for everyone..
Shek- lijiye.. drink some water..
Dp- no we don’t drink water..ragini. Keep this tray here on the table.. shekhar ji we drink water by himself.. we come here as frnds not guest.. so from now no one behave like this hai na arjun..
Arjun-of course papa.. uncle don’t take any tension..
Everyone spend some good time with eachother..
Sanskar is standing near the luggage.. and he is non stop sneezing.. his condition is worse..
Ragini comes there and she see him sneezing so she went inside the house and again come..
Rag- drink some water and this kadha u will feel better..
San- how u get to know that..
Rag- when i came here to give u water i see u sneezing so..
San- hmm.. first he drinks the kadha then takes water and says thanx..
Ragini goes suddenly she listens sound of ice so she turns and see that sanskar is taking out some ice from ice bag..
Rag- jab sardi ho toh barf wala paani nhi pite.. and she goes from there..

Sanskar listens this and smiles and feels very happy.. then he put down the ice and drinks that warm water..

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