A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 5

Hii frndzz I am back with another one hope u enjoy and thank you for your valuable comments it means a lot to me and thank u silent readers also..

Part -5
Everyone is very happy becoz both ragsan had said yes and started doing preparation for engagement ceremony..
Munim comes to shekhar and says
Munim- malik.. choti malkin is calling u.
Shekhar goes to sumi..
Shek- what happen sumi.. why did u call me..

Sumi (rudely)- they wanted to do engagement today only.. u r joining relation with such a big family. First do talk with them about dowry..
Shek ( angrily)- sumi.. sometime u just cross ur limits..
Suddenly there is knock on the door..

Dp – shekhar ji.. should I enter??
Shek – Durgaprasad ji.. come come.
Dp- For interruption I am sorry bhabhi jii.. but I wanted to say that when two families r joining relation with each other then we don’t have any doubt between us..then dp joins hand and says Aaj sanskar ko 100 rupay dekar apna bana lijiye hume ragini chahiye aur kuch bhi nhi..

After sometime the ceremony starts both ragsan made sit beside eachother..
Aarohi gives ring to sanskar and sanskar makes wear the ring to ragini and sumi unwillingly gives ring to ragini and ragini makes wear the ring to sanskar.. everyone claps for them..
Armaan – aunty smile for a pic..

Dp- beta.don’t say aunty.. she is ur chachi now..
Armaan(confused)- aree.. when aunty becomes chachi..
Swara- ab isme hum kya kare ur chacha likes my jiji so much that he makes aunty ur chachi..
Everyone laughs and armaan clicks some pics of everyone..

Everyone is leaving and dp talks with ragini..
Shek- Dp ji.. whenever u r free plzz come to vasantpur.. There we have a pustaini house.. for some days we will spend together and enjoy..
Dp- why not Shekhar jii of course.. whenever u say we will come becoz from now onwards we r in search of some reasons to meet with ragini..

Hai na ragini dp says.. Ragini just give a smile..And pandit ji this is not fair u have given the wedding date after six months.. Sanskar makes a pout and sad face..

Everyone is leaving but one person is missing.. The person is sanskar.. then swara comes and without noticing anyone drags ragini to upstairs..
There our sanky is waiting for cute ragu.
Swara – jiju.. hamara ehsaan raha aap par..

Ragini is feeling nervous and our sanky is hesitate in doing the work he wants to do but he gather some courage and takes out a gift and gives it to ragini..
Ragini takes the gift and as she is going to say something but sanskar hurriedly left from there..Ragini smiles a bit..
Everyone leaves and ragini comes to her room and changes the cloth and opens the gift.. she sees a Mobile with a chit..In chit there is written..

“I know u r thinking that why I had given this Mobile to u. So I clear ur doubt that it’s the matter of six month and I wanted to know u becoz this relation is extremely new for both of us so whenever I have a desire to talk to u I will call u.. so now look at the phone becoz my call is coming soon”

Ragini smile by reading the chit..Just then the bell rings of phone and ragini hurriedly pick the call.
San- hello!!!!
Ragini just freezed at her own place and she is not in the state of reply.. becoz her engagement is done but she don’t even talk to him once..
And there sanskar deseperately waiting for the reply of ragini becoz till now he also don’t listen her voice..

San- hello ragini…are u there???
Ragini feels butterfly in her stomach by listening her name from the mouth of her would be husband.. Again sanskar repeats the same but this time ragini in nervousness disconnect the call…

Sanskar feels bad (monologue ) I think ragini didn’t like the gift.. no if she didn’t like the gift then why she pick the call.. I think she don’t wanna talk to me or she don’t like the way of giving that mobile to her.. oh sanskar u r just a stupid kya jarurat thi mobile dene ki.. aisa bhi koi gift deta hai kya.. I am damn sure that she didn’t like the gift..

Ragini (monologue ) oh sit what I have done.. what he is thinking about me. He is surely thinking that I didn’t like the gift.. oh god ragini u r just a stupid.. The very first gift is given by ur fiance and u didn’t respect it and she hide her face under blanket but what should I do I feel so much nervousness that I disconnect the call..
And at both the places ragsan unknowingly feeling sad and guilty for eachother… hahahaa.

So guys tell me how this and plzz comment…

Credit to: eku


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi DEAR
    Ragsan were adorable……..
    Waiting for the next one…….
    Sorry for commenting late

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