A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 4

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Ragini gets worried by thinking that what will she talk when she meet with sanskar…
There sanskar is getting ready to leave to madhupur and he is also thinking the same thing..
Aarohi- ready.. sanskar
San- hmmm.. bhabhi should i ask u something??
Aarohi(worried)-hmm.. ask..
San- bhabhi… what will i talk when i ‘ll meet with her..
Aarohi just smiles and say don’t worry she will be also in the same situation…
Arjun comes and says let’s go papa is waiting for us..

Do Anjaane Ajanabei
Chale Badhne Bandhan

2 Black audi comes and stops at front of house.. all children surrounds the car..First Dp comes out of car then arjun and aarohi and at last our hero sanskar in dark blue shirt and black blazer comes .. he is too nervous..Shekhar, bhagat and munim comes and welcomes them.. they enter in the house..

Haye Re Dil Mein Hai Yeh Uljhan
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole

Re Milkar Kya Bole

There ragini is also getting ready in pink color sari she is looking too beautiful in that sari… swara is helping her.. and she is also nervous..

Nai Umaang Nai Khushi
Mehak Utha Hai Aangan

Haaye Re Ghar Aaye Man Bhaawan
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole

Re Milkar Kya Bole

Shekhar talks with sanskar… everyone is busy in talking and enjoying but our sanskar is feeling too much restless…

Bechiani Betaaabi
Aaj Mujhe Yeh Kaise
Aaj Hai Jo
Pehele Na Thi
Yeh Dil Ki Halat Aise

Sanskar is drinking water and from his expression anyone can say that he is deseperately waiting for ragini..

Ankhon Ko Usi Ka Intezaar Hai
Unhi Ke Liye Yeh Roop Yeh Shringar Hai
Dehki Hai Tasveeer Hii

Ragini is coming downstairs and swara is holding her..

Aaj Milenehe Darshaan
Haye Re Dil Mein Hai Yeh Uljhan
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole

Re Milkar Kya Bole

Ragini comes and sit at front of sanskar and dp talks with her then aarohi, arjun and sanskar is just staring her.. then aarohi says to armaan to say hai to aunty.. but armaan is shying to say then at last he says hi aunty and shakeshand then ragini ask pulling his cheeks..
Rag- hello!!which choclates do u like most ???
Armaan- dairy milk…
Everyone is very happy seeing there instant bond…
In this whole seen sanskar is just observing her innocence and beauty..

Roop Ki Rani Aaai Hai
Jaise Gagan Se Utaar Ke
Mere Liye Kya Mere Liye
Aise Saaj Ke Savar Ke
Sabse Chupake Idhar Se Udhar Se
Mujhko Hi Dekhe Choor Nazar Se

Ragini feels the gaze of sanskar at her and she feels to nervous…

Baat Labo Per Hai Ruki
Tez Dilo Ki Dharkan

Haaye Re
Kal Ke Sajni Saajan
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole
Re Milkar Kya Bole…

Dp- shekhar jii.. hum log toh ragini se mil liye ab agar apki agya ho toh sanskar aur ragini bhi ek dusre se mil le..
Shek-jii kyun nhi..
Dp-aarohi.. take them to upstairs..

Aarohi and swara take ragsan to upstairs… they goes in the baramda..
Swara and aarohi goes leaving alone two souls ragsan..they sit on the chair.. for many minutes there is silence between them… both are not talking to eachother… then at last sanskar breaks the silence..
San- (smiling)mujhe nahi pata ki iss waqt hume kya batein karni chahiye…(i don’t know what should i talk now..) actually i am already confused…
Ragini remains silent.sanskar sees this and now he seriously says
San-Maine apni school aur college ki padhai delhi se complete ki..uske baad main london chla gya aage ki padhai karne ke liye.. Dosto ke saath smoking aur drinking bhi ki par jis din bhai aur bhabhi ne range hath pakda.. uss din se promise kiya ki inn chizo ko kabhi haath nhi lagaunga..(i complete my school and college in delhi only and for doing rest of study i go to london.. i did smoking and drinking also with friends but when bhai and bhabhi caught me red handed then i promise that i will never touch it..) jab main college main tha toh ek ladki mujhe pasand thi.. kavita naam tha uska..or u can say crush.. bohut pyar karta tha main usse. roj sochta ki aaj jakar bataunga par kabhi himmat hi nhi juta paya.. ek din maine usse propose kiya aur usne accept kar liya hum dono bohut khus the maine ghar aakar bhabhi ko ye baat btaiye.. bhabhi usse milna chahti thi.. aur( when i was in college i have a crush on a girl or u can say i madly love her.. her name is kavita..for many times i think to told her that how much i love her but i never gather guts to say it.. one day i think that i will tell her and i proposed her and she accepted it.. when i reached home i tell all the things to bhabhi and bhabhi says that she wanted to meet with kavita.. and)

Aarohi- sanskar i wanted to meet with that girl??
San- ok bhabhi get ready at 5’o clock i will pick u from house to coffee shop..
Sanskar is very happy becoz he decided that when aarohi will meet with kavita then i will talk to bhai and papa for their marriage..
Sanskar went to kavita and says that his bhabhi is coming to meet her at coffee shop..kavita says ok..

@coffee shop
Sanskar picks aarohi from the house and on whole way he is continuously talking about kavita.. when they reaches coffee shop and what they both saw is unexpectable..
Kavita is sitting at chair with other men and she is holding his hand..
Kavita- Rahul…u know na baby i love u so much..
Rahul-i saw u with that sanskar…
Kavita- uffo.. rahul u don’t believe me he is just my atm card… whenever i wants money i just shower some love and emotional talks on him.. he just give me all his money.. hahaha such a fool i never see the man like him..
Rahul- really.. i am sorry that i didn’t trust u.. ok and then he gives a rose to kavita and says i love u too my cute baby by pulling her cheeks..

Sanskar is just shattered by seeing all this and tears are rolling down from his eyes and his anger is at peak.. bl**** kavita has broken his heart.. becoz he truly loves him.. he is just going to teach her lesson of messing with sanskar but he is stopped by aarohi and both leaves the place..

San- so this is the whole story of my life.. if u want u can ask any question from me.. and sirf ye baat bhabhi ko hi pata hai aur kisi ko nhi.. par pata nhi kyun aisa laga aap se toh kehni hi thi..

Ragini is just listening his talks carefully.. she even don’t react..
San- if u want to ask any question related to kavita or anything u can freely ask??
Ragini- kya aapko lagta hai ki woh ladki sachmooch aapke pyaar ke layak thi.
Sanskar is just staring at her eyes becoz he didn’t expect this question from him.. Ragini understands his situation and says
Ragini- chay thandi ho gyi dusri..
San-no thanx..And he drinks that cold tea..
San- aapa koi sawal nhi hai..
Rag-sare jawab mil gye..

They again lost in their eyes then swara and aarohi comes and says
Aarohi-ho gyi baatein..
San- ji bhabhi..
Then swara drags ragini from there to room and sanskar is staring her..
Aarohi winks kya faisla hai janab..
San(smiling)- faisla.. oh i think we should meet once more..
Aarohi-dhanya ho devar ji.. chehre pe saaf lika hai haan hai.. and she runs to tell everyone..
Sanskar shouts aree bhabhi just listen me na once..
Aarohi-papa haan hai..
Dp smiling really badhai ho samdhi ji..
Arjun-where is sanskar??
Aarohi- upstairs..
Arjun rans upstairs and comes to sanskar and in formal way he says..
Arjun- congratulation..and forward his hand.
Sanskar in the same way say thanks..
Arjun started running towards him for beating(don’t worry only for fun..)

Everyone see this scenario and feels happy..
Shekhar comes to ragini and say
Shek-ragini unki taraf se haan hai..tera man kya kehta hai..
Swara-haan papa..
Shek happily says really.. jo poochna tha pooch liya..
Swara-papa.. jiji says that he is same as like u..
Shekhar feels very much happy and hugs ragini..

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Credit to: eku


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