A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part 36

Hii guyzz plzz plzz don’t angry on me becoz i know i make u all wait for very long but i am bit busy in my studies..But now i will give regular updates..And thank u thank u so much for all ur support and love.This is ur love only that i reached to part 36..So thank u so much to all of u..

I listened some news that swaragini is going off air is it correct news..plzz tell me..

Tina- Now pick up the phone and as i said talk like that she will be here in a min..He picks the call..
Rag- Sanskar..Why r u not picking up my calls??
San saw tina and says- woah actually..my mobile is on silent mode..
Rag- ok..Sanskar Are u missing me??
San again saw tina and she signal him to speak- No..actually i got a very good company of someone..I am enjoying the party..By the way why u call me??Any problem..
Rag- No..nothing..
Tina in flirty tone bit loudly- Sanskar baby..What r u doing..??
Rag become shocked listening the baby word from a girl mouth.As soon as she ask something sanskar speaks..
San- Ok ragini..I am bit busy talk u later..Bye bye And he hurriedly cuts the call..
Tina and sanskar saw eachother and gave hi – fi and laughs..
San- I hope this plan works..
Tina- Did u have any doubt on me??
San- No..no why would i..?? But i hope she will not get hurted..
Tina- Chill out sanskar..pyar mein toh ye choti moti masti toh chalti hai..
San smiles….
Rag- Sanskar speak lie to me..She angrily throws mobile on the bed..
San- This much time passed she did not come yet..I think ur plan fails..
Tina- no..mera war kabhi khali nhi jata..If i am not wrong the girl standing on the entrance is ur ragini..
Sanskar turns his face and his jaw dropped by seeing ragini.His mouth opens wide..Ragini is wearing a dark red short knee length dress..Her hairs are tied in a bun with loose curls.She applied light make up and wears light ornament..She is looking stunning,gorgeous,beauty queen..etc..etc..
Sanskar is just shocked to see ragini in this new and modern avatar..Becoz very often ragini wears this type of dress and today she is looking breathtaking…
Everyones gaze is on ragini only.Ragini is bit uncomfortable becoz the dress is up to knee only and her eyes are searching sanskar.Then she saw sanskar coming towards her..She gets relief but as well as get angry..
San- Ragini..U r looking beautiful..
Rag angrily- I know..Excuse me..
Sanskar see her amusedly he didn’t understand what happened with him in a fraction of seconds..
Tina comes to him and says- I think ur fiance is very much angry on u..Sorry if it is becoz of me..
San-No..no she is very cute i will make her understand u don’t take tension..
Tina- ok then let’s go enjoy..
San smiles- yess..
Ragini is thinking that sanskar will come behind him to convince her but she see that sanskar is busy with tina..She gets more angry aand she goes to the circle of aarohi and company..
After some time ragini is now fuming in anger becoz sanskar for a single time didn’t come to her for convincing her.He is busy with tina and with some colleagues..Sanskar is busy with tina in laughing and talking he is full enjoying..
The waiter passes from ragini’s side..She stops him.Ragini is going to pick the glass but waiter says
Waiter- Mam..This is a strong drink..
Ragini doesn’t listen him.Her full concentration is on tina and sanskar.In angerness she drinks one glass drink..She is somewhat in her senses but she is very much angry on sanskar..
Suddenly lights get off..The light focuses on the stage but the stage is vacant no one is there..The song starts..

Dance dance everybody
Getting hot in the party
C’mon c’mon stop feelin’
Dance dance everybody

Ragini shouts- Oye handsome…
Sanskar turns and saw ragini standing on the table of the bar counter holding a glass of wine..She drinks it in one go..He become shocked..The song starts..

Dance dance everybody
Getting hot in the party
C’mon c’mon stop feelin’
Dance dance everybody
She started dancing nd singinig there itself..She jumps from the table.Sanskar closes his eyes in fear..When he opens it he become shocked.Ragini is standing in front of him smiling..He started dancing..

(Ragini)Bhangre di queen main taan
Kudi so haseen main taan
Meri hai gazab gal-baat
Figure hega kaint mera
Thumka excellent mera
Groovy groovy hoja mere saath.

Ragini continues her mad dance..Sanskar smiles seeing her..

(Ragini)Bhangre di queen main taan
Kudi so haseen main taan
Meri hai gazab gal-baat
Figure hega kaint mera
Thumka excellent mera
Groovy groovy hoja mere saath

Sanskar comes towards ragini singing..He also started dancing with ragini..

(Sanskar)Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar… (x2)

Ragini dances on the beat of the music.All the girls join her and started dancing.

(Ragini)Ae jhanjharan da sound
Te hilda ground
Main cham cham nachdi firan
Ragini comes to sanskar shows him attitude and goes from there by kicking him on his legs.
Sanskar slowly: ouchh…

Ankh meri tight
Jaavan main left right
Ke mundeyan ton bachdi phiran

Sanskar comes towards ragini with all the boys and started dancing and singing..

(Sanskar)Munda hoga woh toh luck
Jiske liye tune rakhi
Apne yeh aankhon ki sharaab
Ragini is doing from there but sanskar holds her hand and brings her near him and ragini’s back hit sanskar’s chest..

Dil mera theek hega
Ishqe ‘ch weak hega
Karde tu isko kharaab

Everyone comes and joins them and started dancing with both of them..Sanskar saw ragini dancing childishly and happily.A curve appears on his lips..

(Everyone sings)Nachange saari raat sohniyo ve
Nachange saari raat sohniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar sohniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar…

Sanskar takes a wine bottle and everyone is standing with vacant glass.He started singing..
(Sanskar)Daaru bharlo mug’on mein
Partiyon mein pub’on mein
Beat baje jab Meet’on ki
Sab jhoom uthenge club’on mein (x2)

Everyone dances with their couple one by one on the stage with the beat..

Dance dance everybody
Getting hot in the party
C’mon c’mon stop feelin’
Dance dance everybody (x2)

Ragsan turns came and both come on the stage.ragini is angry with sanskar so she just stands there by folding her hand across her chest..Sanskar makes puppy face and he comes near ragini and sings..He touches her cheeks but ragini remove it with a jerk..

(Sanskar)Kudiye tu fine
Ab de de mujhe line
Main tere naal jachda badaa

(Sanskar)Wajda hai band
Tu de de mujhe hand
Floor pe main kabse khada

Ragini gets away from him and sings..Sanskar comes to her.

(Ragini)Na zidd very much kari
Mujhko na touch kari
Karle control jazbaat

Ragini forwards her hand and sanskar hurriedly catches it and they dance..

(Ragini)Phir bhi jo na maane dil
Karta jaaye tujhko kill
Thaam le tu aake mera haath

Sanskar twirls ragini round and round.They have a cute eyelock.Sanskar drags ragini near to him..

Gonna stay up all night soniyo ve
Gonna stay up all night soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar…

Everyone comes and joins them and they are dancing.A balloon burst and all the glittering small stones are coming out from the balloon..Everyone dancing..Ragini leaves from there..

(Everyone sings)Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar soniyo ve
Karlo thoda sa pyaar…
The song ends and everyone whoots for ragsan..Sanskar saw here and there but ragini is not seen.He goes outside and saw ragini walking on the road alone..Sanskar shouts her name but he doesn’t listen it.He rans and comes to ragini..
San panting heavily- Ragini..I am shouting continuously and u r not listening to me..
Rag angrily- Why i will listen to u..?? Who r u..??
San- Ragini..I am ur would be hubby..Tommorow is our wedding..
Rag- oh..ok then i am breaking this marriage..
San shockingly- What??? Ragini..plzz don’t say like this Main barbaad ho jaunga..
Rag- Yess i want that u will get barbaad..
San- But why u want this?? What is my mistake..??
Rag angrily glares him – Mistake..?? U r asking me..just wait i will tell u what is ur mistake..??
She sees left and right and she finds a small stick of bamboo.She goes and picks it.Sanskar is just watching her confusedly..She comes to sanskar and angrily see him then at stick..
San scaredly- Rag..ini..Don’t glare me like this plzz I am getting scared..
Ragini started beating sanskar with stick sanskar is shouting in pain ahhh…ouch…
San- Ragini…Ahh..ouch..What r u..Mummy…. doing..?? I think u r gone mad..
He started running on the road and ragini is running behind him..
San- OMG!!! plzz god save me..Ragini paagal ho gyi ho kya..
@other side
Swara is walking on the road with laksh..Suddenly a broken star gone from the sky..Swara saw that and shouts..
Swa- Laksh..laksh..See that broken star..
Laksh seeing towards sky and says Swara u believe in this stupid things as he saw to swara.He become numb..Swara is standing behind him folding his hand and praying to the god with a big smile..Laksh is just staring her lovingly..The cold breeze is blowing..Her hair strands coming on her cheeks…
Lak(monologue)- Wow..I don’t think that someone can look so beautiful.Her smile is just angelic.And howzz she praying like a small child.. He closes his eyes and prays God..I don’t want anything becoz u gave me all the happiness of my life but i just want to say that whatever swara prays to u…plzz complete her wish..He opens her eyes..
Swara open her eyes and saw laksh and smiles both have a cute eyelock..
Lak-ok tell me kya maanga tumne..??
Swa- Noo i will not tell u..Kyunki wish bataane se puri ni hoti..
Lak- Hmm..smart..
Swa- Means..
Lak- Wish na batane ka accha bahana hai..
Swa- No..I read this in books..
Lak-Ooo..Really..Can u tell me..Which book..??
Swa thinks- Aahh..ummm..
Lak- I am waiting..
Swa- woah actually i read this line when i am very small..So i don’t remember the book name..
Lak- ooohhhh..
Both saw eachother and laughs hardly…

Both sit down due to continuous game of chasing..Ragini is again going to hit him but sanskar hold her hand..
San- Aree tell me my mistake then beat me..
Rag- Mistake..Bada pyar aa raha tha na uss chudail par..
San confusedly- Chudail..Who is this chudail??
Rag- yess chudail the same girl for whom u r ignoring me whole time in the party..
San- Oh tina..So from this long time u r beating me becoz of cute tinu..
Ragini again gives him a angry look..Sanskar takes out his tongue and says Sansakar control ur tongue..
Rag angrily- ohooo..my cute tinu….She hits on his arms slightly and says u all mens r same ladki dekhi nhi ki makkhan ki tarah phisal gye..
San- Aree its not like that..I am explaining to u..
Rag interuppted- No.. no..no..u don’t need to explain anything u just go and live happily with ur cute tinu..Waise bhi meri kya zaroorat hai shadi bhi usi se karlo..When i will dead na then u will understand my value..
Sanskar tightly holds her arms angrily and drags her close to him and angrily see into her eyes..
San angrily- What u said..??
Rag stammers- Ahh..San…Sans..Sanskar..its paining..Sanskar loosen his grip on her hand and says
San with red eyes- U r the reason of my breath ragini ,Without u i can’t imagine my life..Don’t ever try to say these type of words again otherwise i will die..A tear drop fall from his eyes..He hugs her tightly..She also hugs him back..
Rag concernedly- Sanskar..I am just joking and u took it so serious..I am really sorry..
San- When there is the matter of urs life then i am very serious..
She listen sobbing sound and feels her shoulder wet.Ragini release the hug and sees sanskar crying..
Rag-Sanskar u r crying.. ok baba..I am sorry From now onwards i will never talk like this..Now plzz forgive me.
San smiles- promise..
Rag- yess promise..But then also ragini is ragini she suspiciously asked sanskar who is this tina..??
San becomes angry and then smiles – u will not change…actually tina is my childhood frnd and she came from new york after so many years.So i am just reminscing our childhood moments..
Rag – oh so she is ur frnd..
San- Yess..
Rag- So why u didn’t told me earlier..??
San- U didn’t gave me chance to speak..
Rag with a pout face- I am really sorry sanskar..oh god i beat u with the stick..I am sorry sanskar..
San thinks something and smiles- No..u beat me with stick..I got so severe injury’s..I will not forgive u easily..
Rag with puppy eyes – Plzz sanskar ok..I am holding my ears plzz now forgive me..
San saw her puppy eyes smiles and a idea strikes his mind..
San- Ok i will forgive u on one condition..
Rag- whatever is ur condition..I will agree on that..
San- Aree..Aree..First listen the condition..U have to kiss me…
Rag says in a flow- Bas..Don’t worry i will give it to u..
Sanskar become shocked..
San- I don’t think that my fiance would be so open minded..ok now give me my kiss..
Rag smirks- Are u absolutely ready..??
San- yess of course..
Rag smiles naughtingly she back herself two step..Sanskar is not understanding..She brought her one hand in front and gives a flying kiss..She rans away from sanskar..
San- What is this..??
Rag shouts- kiss…By the way before giving condition u didn’t mention the type of kiss..?? She smiles widely with a grin on her face..
San smiles- Smart..He scratches his head and says Can we again have a condition..
Rag nods in no – uhuhh..uhuhh Now keep patience with this kiss only atleast for today’s night..
She goes from there to aarohi..Sanskar saw her going by folding his arms across his chest with a smile..
Sanskar smiles widely and saw at sky and shouts – uffo..ye raat kab bitegi..
Both stops laughing and laksh says controlling his laugh..
Lak- Swara..Seriously u r really cute..
Swa is still laughing and laksh see him and gets mesmerised..
Lak- Swara..I want to say something..
Swa- yaa..bolo..
Laksh takes out a ring from his pocket and sits on his knees.Swara is confusedly watching him.
Swa- Laksh..What r u..
Lak- sshhh…Swara from the first day i saw u I fall in love with u..It’s a love at first sight for me but see my stupidity i realised it so late.I tried many time to say this to u but when i tried i failed..But today i can’t stop myself and With lots of courage i am saying this…. I love u swara..I really love u..And in my whole life history today is the day and this is the moment when i am very serious..Will u marry me..??
Swara is just shocked.She is not responding anything.About 10 minutes they r seeing eachother.They have a cute eyelock..
Lak- swara plzz say something..
Swa stumbles- lak..laksh..laksh I never expect this..I only consider u as my best frnd only..plzz give me some time..
Laksh happy face become sad and pale..Swara feels sad seeing him..
Swa- Laksh…I am sorry if i hurt ur feelings..But I’m not ready for this..plz laksh try to understand me..
Laksh stands up and gives a fake smile – I understand u swara..And Infact i am sorry mujhe pehle tumhari feelings ke bare mein jaan lena chahiye thaa..But no problem u take ur time..I will not pressurise u for anything..And i hope that with my this stupid activity our frndship is not affected…
Swa senses his sadness in his eyes but she doesn’t say anything..
Lak- I think we should leave now..Everyone is waiting for us..
Laksh turns his face and starts to go.His eyes are red with tears..He is walking lifelessely..Swara is also feeling hurted seeing laksh like this.She felt sorry for doing this..An unknown tears takes place in swara’s eyes also by seeing laksh..She wipes her alone tears..
Swa- Why I am feeling like someone is stabbed my heart with knife..??
Both reaches to ragsan & Arjaar..
San- What happen laksh..?? U r looking sad..Any problem..
Laksh saw towards swara..Both have a painful eyelock..
Lak- Nothing sanskar..He tries to act like happy and says let’s go to home..Everyone is there will be waiting for us..
Arjun- yaa..Let’s go..

Everyone leaves to home..

Precap – Wedding day..

I hope it’s a good compensation from my side for being late..So comment and tell me howzz the episode..???


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
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    Waiting for the next one………….

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    love rags’ anger and entry and loved the ragsan senes and i was waiting for a pair to dance on that song …feel bad for lakshya as swara said no and can’t wait for thenext part so post soon.xx

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    Awesome epi….ragsan scenes are so cute….poor laksh….swalak scenes are superb…waiting for ragsan wedding…pls update soon….

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    Super episode. Ragsan scenes are funny and emotional… Poor laksh.. Waiting for next part soon… Update regularly…

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