A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (Ragsan) Part 32

Hii readers i know i am late becoz i am suffering from fever..And exam are on my head so i give short updates..plzz read the below paragraph

There is a bit confusion about kavita.U all r thinking that there is 2 kavita in my ff..But no the daughter of urvashi is the vamp kavita and the orphanage owner’s daughter who is the ex-fiance of sanskar is kavya..I think now the confusions r clear..

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Part 31

He is walking in corridor and unfortunately reached to ragini’s room..He enters in the room ragini is getting ready in the washroom..
San-Ahh..at last i reached to my room.. sanskar bete now fastly fastly go to washroom and take shower otherwise i will die soon becoz my eyes r burning like hell..And he hurriedly runs to washroom..The fate is also with them today ragini forget to lock the door of washroom…

Rag see herself in the mirror- Now i am ready..let’s go and as she turns she becomes shocked and shouts Aaaaahhhhhh…becoz sanskar is standing in front of ragini topless.He is only in his pajamas..Ragini hurriedly turns her face aside and closes her eyes tightly..
Rag stammerly- Sa..sa..sanskar what r u doing.. here??
San shocked- This ques should ask by me what r u doing in my washroom??
Rag confusedly- ur washroom!!!!!And she turns her face but again hurriedly turns aside..U r still standing like this..
San- Standing like this..then how should i like to be stand and one sec why u started shouting??
Rag- becoz u r topless…
San shockingly- what??Oh sit…sit.sit..He hurriedly picks his kurta and started to wear and he is continuously saying ragini plzz don’t turn aside..plzz plzz stand like this only..And he wears the kurta but his eyes r closed..
Rag- Ho gya..

San- yess..now u can turn..
Ragini took breath of relief and then ask what r u doing in my washroom??
San confusedly- ur washroom..This is my room na..wait a min..sorry sorry i am really sorry woah actually bhabhi applied so much haldi on my face that i can’t able to open my eyes and mistakenely came to ur room..
Rag smile and says- yess..yess I am seeing ur face by the way u r looking very cute..I should take a pic of urs..
San- very funny..but i am not well..
Rag confusedly- means…

San shouts- My eyes r burning like hell..plzz do something i can’t able to open my eyes..
Rag- yess..i do something and she hurriedly picks a cloth and wipes the haldi from his eyes..Now its ok..
San nods his head in no..its still burning..
Rag comes close to sanskar and uplifts her to his height and started to blow gentle air on her eyes..
O re piya haye..

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
Sanskar is now feeling better but her naughty mind works at that time..
Rag concernedly- Now..
San- no..ragini again blows air.
Sanskar smirks and holds ragini’s waist and brings her more closer.Ragini disbalances and falls on his chest and they have cute eyelock..Their face are too close to eachother.Sanskar tight his grip on ragini’s waist.

Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
O re piya haye..
O re piya.
O re piya haye..

Their thoughts of trance broken by the voice of aarohi.
Aarohi- ragini where r u??Everyone is waiting for u..
Ragini is going to say but sanskar put his finger on her lips and says ssshh..
Aarohi- Don’t know where she is??
She goes outside to find ragini…

Ragini slowly- Sanskar what r u doing??Everyone is waiting down for me to start haldi ceremony.Let me go and by the way we r not allowed to meet before wedding..Let me go.. Ragini leaves but sanskar stops her by holding her hand..
San sees into her eyes- Not so easily..And he comes close to her..
Rag steps back seeing into her eyes.Sanskar is taking one step forward and ragini take one step back and at the end ragini hits the wall..Sanskar puts both his hand on the wall in order yo stop ragini from going..
Again the have a cute and lovely eyelock..

O re Piya
O re Piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re Piya
Ragini breathes heavily due to their close approximity.The sweat come on her forehead.Her cheeks turns to cherry red due to blushness..
San huskily- My haldi is still left…Kehte hain agar hone wala pati apni dulhan ko apne hathon se haldi lagaye toh uska nikhar aur badhta hain..Then how can i left u without applying haldi??
Rag stammerly- what do… u mean… sanskar??

Nazrein bolen duniya bole
dil ki zaban haaye dil ki zubaan
Ishq maange ishq chahe koi toofan

Sanskar leans over her lips ragini closes her eyes.She is having goosebumps.She is breathing heavily..Sanskar sensationally rubs his cheeks to ragini’s cheeks..Ragini clutches her lehenga tightly..

Chalna aahiste ishq naya hai
Pehla yeh vada humne kiya hai

O re piya haye..
O re piya haye..
O re piya

Sanskar releases her and ragini’s eyes r still closed.When she opens her eyes sanskar is not there.She sees here and there but he is not visible anywhere.Then she touches her cheeks and the haldi is applied on her cheeks.Then she reminicses the recent incident and smiles widely and starts blushing..
Then she goes down and everyone starts haldi ceremony of ragini..Aarohi is gone to bought haldi for ragini..Kavita sees her going and smirks evilly..kavita goes behind aarohi..

Aarohi is coming taking bowl of haldi in her hand suddenly kav stops her.
Kav-Aarohi Bhabhi… dp uncle is calling u..
Aarohi- Accha..but this haldi..
Kav snatches the bowl from her hand says- u don’t take tension of it..I will take haldi out..
Aarohi- ok..And she goes from there..
Kavita smirks and puts the bowl on table and takes out a small bottle and pours it into the bowl of haldi..
Kav- U slapped me na..now face the consequences when this haldi will be applied on ur face then ur so called beaitiful face become the world’s worst face..She laughs evilly..
Then only swara comes thereand says
Swa- Kavita..what r u doing here??
Kavita hurriedly hides the bottle and stammers..
Kav- woah….actually..

Swa angrily- Say it clearly kavita what r u doing here??
Kav- Woah..i came here to take haldi for ragini..Her haldi ceremony is going to start na..
Swara see the haldi bowl on the table she goes towards it and picks it and comes to kav..
Swa- Tumhe taklif karne ki koi zaroorat nhi hai..I will take this..
Swara gave her a stern look and goes from there..
Kav smiles evilly and she also goes from there..
Ragini is sitting in the hall she is very happy.Swara comes with the haldi..
Aarohi- See haldi also came let’s start the ritual…
Sumi first comes there and she is going to apply the haldi but swara stops her..
Swa- One min…
Everyone see towards her confusedly..Kavita is also get scared..She is sweating badly..
Kav in her mind- Isn’t swara comes to know everything??
Swa- Di..This haldi she looks towards kavita then to ragini..
Rag- yess swara..
Swa- Who applied u haldi on ur cheeks??
Kavita takes a gulp of relief..

As soon as swara says this words ragini cheeks become cherry red and now she is looking more gorgeous..
Aarohi- Aree swara yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai i am sure this is absolutely done by sanskar..U didn’t see her blushing..
Everyone giggles and ragini feels embarrased..
Sumi- Now can i apply haldi..
Aarohi- yaa..yaaa..
Sumi applies haldi..Kavita is just seeing her with much curiosity..Then everyone applies haldi one by one and in this way haldi function gets over..

Kav confusedly- This much time is passed and till now ragini is fine..I think that medicine is oudated..Tommorow i will see that shopkeeper he gave me outdated med and becoz of him my plan fails..
She goes to kitchen and sees another bowl of haldi..
Kav- Nevermind.. haldi ceremony is over and till now i didn’t apply haldi on my face..She picks that bowl and goes to her room..
Kav-Now i will apply this haldi and will become the world’s beautiful girl..yipeee..
And she hurriedly applies haldi on her face like facepack and applied in her hands also..After sometime she started feeling itching..Her face is burning like hell..She hurriedly goes to washroom and wash her face..She comes out and takes a breath of relief..
Kav- oh gosh..Now i am feeling better..
Then only urvashi comes in the room and as she saw kav face she shouts loudly..
Kav angrily- Mom..why r u shouting??
Urvashi stammers- ur..fa..ce..
Kav- What happens to my face??And as she turns and saw her face in the mirror..She also shouts..Mummmyyyyyyyyyy….
Kav touches her face and on her face many pimples had come out and in her hands rashes..

Urvashi- R u gone mad..wht u did to ur face??
Kav- I didn’t do anything..I just applied..Then she thinks for a while and says it means that spoilt haldi is put in the kitchen which i bought and the good haldi goes to ragini..But who do this??
The scene shifts to the sanlak room and there..Swalak and ragsan and aarohi are laughing whole heartedly..
Lak- Omg..Sanskar…Did u saw her face??
Aarohi- I have a doubt that her intentions are wrong..
Swa- And i saw her mixing the med in the haldi..
Lak- yess..And when u r making her busy in ur talks then only i change the bowls..
San-Now she applied that spoilt haldi on her face..
Rag- Kehte hai na who dig whole for other he/she herself fall in that whole..
San- U r right..Now their crimes pot is fulfilled and its time to give punishment for their deeds..

Episode ends..

Precap- Sangeet day..


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved it
    Ragsan scenes were Fabulous
    Kavitha feel in her own trap
    Take care DEAR
    Waiting for the next one……………

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    Amazngggggg update dr😄😄😄😄 n dat song reallly made ragsan moment magical😄😄😄😄 totally loved it!!!keeep rockng n stay blessssed dr😊😊😆😆😉😉😄😄😄😄

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    amazing dear…poor kavitha…ur plan backfire to u….u deserve more than that….u and ur mom going to get a punishment for doing such cheap thing to our ragini….ragsan scenes r osam…..Both r cute and adorable…loved it core….short but sweet dear….waiting for nxt one…..tkcr dear…

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