A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 20

Hii guyzz tysm for ur lovely comments and enjoy this epi..

Next day sanskar come in the house shouting..
San- kavita…kavita…where are u???
Everyone comes in the living area. Kavita also came there and she says
Kav- what happen sanskar darling???
San- In morning u r saying to go for shopping na..
Kav confusedly- yes..

San- so let’s go for shopping….
Kav happily jump in joy and hugs sanskar- really sanskar…u r very good…I am coming after changing my dress…
San- yaa… sanskar turns towards mrs.sethi and says aunty me&kavita are going for shopping so why not u all come with us??
Mrs.s- no beta…yesterday only I do shopping..u ask sumi whether she will go or not..
Sumi- no beta..i have very much work in the house…but don’t worry u may take ragini & swara with u..
San happily- yess..

Rag interrupted- no maa..i am also very busy..
San attitude- really!!!!Where u was busy??
Rag- woh….wohhh..Haan I have to go to my school…
San- don’t lie today is Sunday and according to my info no school is open at Sunday…
Rag- haan..I know but…
Mrs.S- oh come on ragini..Go with sanskar na…
Sumi- yess beta go na…

Rag – ok…
Then after sometime kavswa & ragsan reaches at shopping mall.
San happily- so here is the mall…just do shopping joyfully don’t think about money becoz my credit card have over limit also..
Rag angrily- no thanks…mr.sanskar maheswari but we do shopping on our own u don’t need to pay a penny…
Kavita is doing shopping with sanskar and swaragini are doing shopping together. Ragini is not doing shopping she is just standing only. Sanskar is watching her continuously.

Swa- see na di…this dress is so nice na… go & try di u will look very pretty in this..
Ragini smiles and secretly sees the price tag of the dress and its 50,000 rs…
Rag – swara..This dress is nice but not too good and she chooses a cheaper dress and says yes this dress is nice…
Sanskar feels sad but then he gets an idea and he goes towards ragini…he interrupted swara
San- give this dress to me swara…wow it’s so nice.
Swa- but I selected this dress for di..
San- ohhh Swara this color will not suit on ragini. This will suit more on my kavita… and he calls kavita..Ragini gives an angry glare to sanskar and snatches the dress and says sanskar this dress will not suit her..
San determinedly- no…this will suit her..

Rag- no this will not…
San- yes…
Rag- no..
And they start fighting swara and kavita stops them and sanskar says
San- ok…let’s have a bet I will choose dress for my kavita and u will choose dress for urself…then we will see whose choosing is best and the winner have to buy all the dress bought by her and looser will pay all the amount ..Done…
Rag determinedly- done…
Sanskar is choosing higher price of dress but they are not good in color for kavita and ragini in order to win the bet also selecting higher price of dress which is more prettier than kavita’s dress…Both have competition and at last ragini win…sanskar smirk and give appreciation to himself…ragini realizes that she bought very higher prices dress so she says I will not buy this dress plzz return it…
San- oh come on now don’t do any emotional drama…go & try in the trial room….and he forcefully sends ragini to trial room…

Ragini comes after trying all the dress and sanskar is going to bill counter for billing and after they come out and go to ice cream parlor and eat ice cream…kavita is seeing them continuously and feeling jealous and angry by seeing closeness of sanskar & ragini….they return after enjoying much to home…

Then the day passes like this and now ragini and sanskar do not fight like earlier and now they spend most of the time together. The children of orphanage also play with sanskar and sanskar is now mixed up with everyone. Now everyone be happy in the orphanage and sometime ragini and sanskar also play hide & seek with children’s. Everyone is happy and now ragini’s condition is improving. Now she starts laughing whole heartedly.Sanskar also feels happy by seeing ragini laughing.she is slowly slowly coming out of her trauma.

I kmow this is short but next one will be longer..Plzz comment..stay blessed my readers..


  1. suhani

    Ragsan scenes are super… I think kavita is villi…sanskaar is so funny…plz unite ragsan …waiting for next update… Update regularly…

  2. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Ragsan were Amazing
    Just loved it
    Sanky was Adorable
    Waiting for the next one………………….

  3. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Awww!!!!it ws reallly a sweet update..lovedd d way sanky made rags buy d dresses….ragsan rocks!!! Waitng for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

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