A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 2

Hii frndzz sorry for being late i know u all r waiting but what should i do my net pack is all over so i can’t update and thank you so much for ur lovely comments and support.. so on ur demand i am writing this one long so enjoy it….

After 8 years
A car comes in front of a house and a man comes out of the car and say
Man- namaskar munim jii….
Munim ji is busy in his work and say nam..s.kar and he sees the man and says aree bhagat jii aap ayee ayee…(bhagat ji come,come..)
Bhagat – ye madhupur ki galliyan waise ki waise hi hai jaisa hum chod kar gye the..( the roads of madhupur are same as they are 8 years before..)
Munim smiling says-ji.. jii chote malik bhagat ji aye hai…(yess..yess.. chote malik bhagat ji has came)
Shekhar comes down and says
Shek-bhagat ji aapne kyun taklif ki ek phone kar diya hota hum hi chle aate..
B-why when u and bhabhi ji can come to delhi for giving the orders of bangels then i can’t come to deliver them… hmm
Shek-aree no.. no..
B-bhabhi ji see this design of bangels perfect hai na…
Sumi happily hmm… perfect….
Then a beautiful girl in simple blue anarkali suit comes holding the tray of glass of water…
Shek-lijiye bhagat ji paani pijiye..(bhagat ji…drink water..)
B-(emotionally) shekhar ji… this is ragini na…
Shek- yess….. u r right how u recognise her..
B- bas.. i recognize her… thank u beta…
Sumi- (rudely)i will come in few minutes…. swara…. swara.
Rag-chachi jii… i will call her u sit down..
Ragini goes to swara room and sees that swara is still sleeping…
Rag-swara come on get up some guest are came and chachi ji is calling u…
Swara covers his ears with pillow and says- jiji.. ab konse mahapurush padhare hai hamare ghar pe…

Ragini laughs a bit and says mahapurush nhi bhagat ji aye hai chachi ke bangles lekar…
Swa-ufff… and she stands up and sit on the bed and says jab kangan maa ke hain toh mujhe niche kyun bula rhi hai…
Rag-swara..no more questions and just stand up from the bed and go to washroom…
Swa- no.. jiji i want to sleep and she again leans down on the bed…
Ragini with fake anger says swaraaa…
Swara just stands up and silently goes towards washroom…
Ragini smiles and suddenly washroom door opens and swara loudly says agar gussa thanda ho gya ho toh aa jaun wapas…
Rag-swara… just go take bath otherwise now i will be really get angry..
Swa-acha… so u prove that u r doing acting of angry woman… right…
Rag-swaraaa… just go otherwise..
Swa-no.. noo i am going and she shuts the door…
Ragini just laugh at her innocence and swaragini plays at bg…
Sumi is scolding swara becoz she wake up late..
Sumi- kaam-dham kuch hai nhi bas din bhar nautanki karna hai… kaha tha ki chehre par laip lgaya kar par sunana toh hai nhi meri baat…
Swara is just standing there sliently and gigling…
Sumi-aur yeh khi-khi kya lga kar rakha hai and she gives a tray of food and says guest ke samane dhang se chalana….
Sumi goes from there and from behind swaragini are coming…
bhagat and shekhar eats the food…
Shek- sumi i am going to mandir… bhagat ji will u join..
B-why not???sure.. come.
Shekhar and bhagat is going towards temple but ragini stops them and says
Rag-chacha ji and she comes holding a shawl in her hands and makes wear the shawl to shekhar and says hamesha bhool jate hain… ok uncle ji phir ayega namaste..
B-khush raho beta…
And they both leaves on the way
Shek-ragini meri har choti si choti baat ka khyal rakhti hai jaise beti nhi maa ho…(ragini … takes care of mine as like my mother..)
B-u ask me na that how can i recognize ragini… becoz her beauty,simplicity,selflishness,inoccence all r reflected from her face. And shekhar ji i think many marriage proposals had came for ragini right…
Shek-yess… many proposals came but in today’s world all the people are forgetting the meaning of values,relationship. For ragini i want that family in which there is respect of her values and her innocence..
B- so just be relax becoz in my contact i have that type of family which u want for ragini..
B- durgaprasad ji ke bare mein toh suna hi hoga…
Shek-aree unke bare main kon nhi jaanta he is very respectful man.
B-hmm.. he have two sons arjun and sanskar…. arjun is married but sanskar is single and believe me he is a very good boy.. agar aap kahe toh main kuch baat chalaun..
Shek-but… he is very rich…
B-so rich people don’t want good daughter in law for their sons…hmm..
Shek- but..
B-agar magar… kuch nhi ragini ki photo deni ho toh do…
Shek-(happily)i ‘ll just come in few min…

A big mansion is shown and a man near about in 50-60 is seen following the order of a small child.
Man-namaste durgaprasad ji…
Dp-aree bhagat ji come, come and just tell me howz the project of my grandson..
B-aree wah this is the best project of the world but this time..
Dp-woh actually na yesterday there is the football match and we r busy in watching match.. so we r late and now we r giving fine…
Aarohi comes with breakfast and says good morning uncle..
B-good mrng beta….
Aarohi-armaan and papa ji just come breakfast is ready…
Armaan-mom… coming
Dp-hssh… at last ur project is ready now come let’s do breakfast..
@bf table
Dp- lo armaan just do breakfast..
Then a man in full formals comes down and says
Man-good mrng papa..
Dp-good mrng son..
Man-aree bhagat ji aap good mrng..
B-good mrng arjun babu..
Arjun sits down at chair and just started reading newspaper..
Aarohi sees this and just got irritated and says
Aarohi-papa lagta hai kisi ko chain se nasta bhi karne ki fursat nhi hai..
Arjun-papa just business news..
Dp-no beta and he snatches the newspaper and says for business whole life is left but this time is for family time so just do breakfast..
Aarohi gives gajar ka halwa to arjun which is the favouriate dish of arjun..
Arjun just gives a smile saying thanks to aarohi…
Dp-aarohi where is sanskar??
Aarohi-dad in the morning he left for his favouriate place and game.
Aarohi-papa i want permission from u.
Dp- which type of permission beta?
Aarohi-wo actually papa armaan summer vacation started and…
Dp-wait a sec… kahin aap mayeke jaane ki tyari toh nhi kar rhi h..
Aarohi-wo papa… maa is calling me so??
Dp-sorry.. aarohi beta but this time u will not go to ur mayeke… agar ghar se 2 gents chale jaye pta bhi chlta par bacche aur bahu chle jaye toh ghar suna suna ho jata hai.. so this time u will not go…
B-hmm…. iss problem ka best solution hai mere pass…
Armaan-woh kya hai dada ji…
B-beta aapki chachi aa jayengi..
Arjun-haan uncle… chachi matlab..
Aarohi-haan uncle… arjun is right..
B-arree.. aree just one min… i am saying that i search a girl for sanskar..
Dp-whatt??that’s a good news..
Bhagat ji tells everything about ragini and gives the photo..
Aarohi- i inform sanskar about it…
Arjun-noo.. aarohi just wait.. i have an idea.
In a stadium horse racing is conducted and all the people are waiting in stands for starting the race… And the race begins….
A man is seen in full speed riding his horse all r whooting for him. His face is not revealed becoz he is wearing a helmet for protection and he is at first position and all are chasing him to overcome him but his speed is just superior no one can overcome him and at last he won at first position and he just removes his helmet and by raising both his hands in air he shouts yesssss……

The ankur announces the name of the winner and he comes to the stage. The sponsor of the race gives a trophy to him and a cheque of 50 lakh..Ankur gives mike to the winner.
Winner- thanks..
And he goes from there… A friend of him comes there and says.. let’s go..
Winner-hmm.. let’s go and he starts his harley-davidson and goes from there…
A bike stops at the gate of orphanage and 2 mens enters.. All the children together shouts “Sanskar Bhaiya”and surrounds him…
San-see ur bhaiya what surprise bought for u all..
All children excited said what???
And he gives choclates to them and some gifts…
All the children are happy and busy in opening their gifts…
Then sanskar goes to the manager of the orphanage and gives 50 lakh rupees cheque to him and says..
San-This is small gift from my side to all the children… give them best facilities..
Manager-sir… jab tak aap jaise insaan iss dharti par hai tab tak koi bhi baccha anath nhi kehlayega… u did so much for them…. thank you so much..
San-aree aap thanx kyun bol rhe hai… main toh ek choti si koshis kar rha hoon to bright their future…acha ab hum chlte hai… bye baccha party….all the children waves bye to him..
Anurag-(sanskar frnd) can i ask u something??
Anurag-tu roj stadium mein game khelta hain aur sare paise yahan lakar de deta hai apne ghar par bhi tune kuch nhi btaya na hi media mein ye baat ane di… i mean after all u r sanskar maheswari…And for ur one onterview the media is mad but u don’t give a damn look to them…

Sanskar laughs and say.. tere itne lambe chaude sawal ka jawab bas itna hai ki…”I Don’t want publicity”…And main nhi chahta ki main koi bhi kaam karun aur usse show off karun.. i don’t like that and media… media wants the interview of grt businessman’s son sanskar maheswari.. And at that time i will give interview to media when i will stand on my foot..
Anurag- but..
San- ab tu itna detail mein mat ghus samjha aur hat main drive karunga bike..
Anurag-(scared)no.. if u will drive then i will not go… becoz u drive bike crazy.. no.. no just spare me…
Sanskar held his collar and make him sit on the bike then suddenly his phone rang…

So frndzz this is long one tell me howzz this from ur comments….

Credit to: eku


  1. Priya15


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    Its amazing di… Want ragsan scenes di….i had written one os….you changed me..do read it if u r free..i wrote it only for u all ragsan ff writers….

  2. Megha


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    What the? 😮 how come I didn’t read it before!! * kicks myself? *
    This is one amazing story! I loved it, hhhaaayeee… Wonder when will RagSan meet ?
    Continue soon.?

  3. Simplesweety1


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    awesome ! mein swaragini toh ni dekhti but yeh ff zarur padhti hu .. aakhir kaar ye meri favourite film pe based hai ..! btw do read my ff on devakshi and this is my first ff the name is kya ma manengi ? …… a devakshi ff .. devakshi from kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi on sony … thx 🙂 the first 6 episodes are uploaded ! 🙂
    simplesweety1 🙂

  4. SPP


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved it a lot dear
    U just nailed it
    Waiting for the next one……..

  5. Sitaram


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    really fantastic this is like my lifetime favourite movie vivah and you have made a very live version of it thank you eku

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