A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 19

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*****Next day*****
All are sitting at breakfast table and suddenly kavita came with a bowl of halwa…
Kavita happily- hello everyone!!!! Today I make a dish gajar ka halwa..
Everyone started coughing and first shekhar says
Shek- beta…actually I ate my bf and my tummy is full..So I can’t eat it…sorry..
Kav- no problem uncle…aunty u take…
Sumi- no no beta..My stomach is also full…
Rag interrupts- kavita…u made halwa first time. U should first feed Ur fiancé. After all he should also gets to know that how well u cook??And give a smirk to sanskar..
Sumi also signs to sanskar to not eat…
Sanskar (in his mind)- Why ragini is smiling like this???And what sumi maa is signaling to me??Did any danger is not coming??Or did ragini plan something??But what??
Kavita reaches to sanskar and says
Kav- sanskar..I made this for u only..And he pours all halwa in sanskar’s plate..Eat..
Rag- yes sanskar eat na..See ur would be wife had made this from her loving hands..
Ragini comes in the room of kavita and says
Rag- kavita..see sanskar Luvs u so much..so u should do something for him…
Kav- yess u r right but what can I do??
Rag- u should cook something for him..kehte hai na dil ka rasta pet se nikal kar jata hai…
Kav smiling- u r right…but I don’t know anything how to prepare??
Rag- aree why u r worrying I will help u….
And when kavita is preparing halwa for sanskar. Then kavita ask for sugar to ragini and ragini gave her the jar of salt..
Fb ends…

Ragini laughs by remembering the incident. Everyone see her and she stops..
Shek- what happen ragini??
Rag- nothing baba…I remember a joke that’s why…
Shek- oh…
Kav- darling…eat na..
San just smiles and goes to eat…he is going to takes one spoon..And there ragini is smiling by seeing him. As he eats the halwa his eyes are wide open. Kavita ask howz it???Sanskar stands up from the chair and hurriedly ran’s to the hand wash and spit all his mouth halwa…and shouts yewwww….everyone comes there and kavita says
Kav- what happen darling???
San- what is this???
Kav innocently- halwa….
San- Is this called halwa… so bitter
Kavita also taste it and she also spit it…
Sonali sethi- sanskar beta.. u take some rest and kavita never again tries to cook it. Just throw it in the dustbin..
Everyone goes from there and ragini stands there giving a smile…sanskar look towards her and understands that she does this…
San- u did it Na???
Rag- and if I say yes to u then…
Sanskar just give her an angry glare to her…Ragini just smiles and goes from there….

The days passed like this and first ragini irritates sanskar then sanskar irritates ragini…One day ragini does a shopping for everyone…
Rag- maa…it’s been a month u didn’t bought saree na. See I bought it for u…Howz it???
Sumi happily- it’s very nice…beta u bought so much for everyone…where is Ur’s cloth??
Rag smiling- mom…I will buy some other time…
Sumi teary eyes- previous year also u said that..
Ragini wipes her tears- oh mom…plzz don’t cry.
Shek- I am sorry beta…we are not good parents..
Ragini strictly- shut up baba…never say like this u r the world’s best parents a person can have…
Sumi cries bitterly..In shekhar eyes also tears came..Swara is also sad…ragini sees all her family members crying then she says
Rag- wow…everyone is crying then why should I left. I also start crying..And she acts of crying like small children..Everyone see her and starts laughing…
A pair of teary eyes + smiling face is watching all their family moment secretly….

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    Fantastic update dear…ragzy baby u r superb 😉 …waitng for nxt part..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

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