A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 13

Hiii frndzz first of all happy independence day to all of my lovely readers and frnds..Tysm for ur support and comments..This is ur support only that i came to part 15 and conicidently today is 15 august also..So hope u enjoy this part…Everyone say “BHARAT MATA KI JAY”

Princi- Miss.pooja where is Miss.Ragini she knows na that she has to welcome the guest?
Pooja- Yess..sir she knows but why she is late i don’t know..

Then sanskar car reaches at school and principal hurriedly goes to receive them..
Princi-Welcome sir.its an honour to have u here..
San smiles- My pleasure..
Then a teacher came and give a bouquet and welcomes him..

There swaragini also reaches at school from the back gate..
Pooja- Come on ragini where were u?The guest were arrived and in some time the function will also start..
Rag worriedly- I will tell u later everything first let’s go and get ready the children’s..The function will start in anytime..

There Sanskar sits in V.I.P chair with principal and anchor comes on the stage..
Anchor- Hello everyone!!! Happy independence to everyone from our school..Its an honour for all of us to have a grt personality between us..And i want that he come on stage with our respected principal and fly our national flag..So everyone big round of applause for Mr.Sanskar Maheswari and our principal Mr.yogendra Awasthi..
Sanskar comes on the stage with principal and fly the national flag and everyone sang our national song Jana gana man adhinayak jai hai..
Then sanskar gave a small speech..
San- First of all happy independence to all of u and its not honour for u all to have me here but i am feeling very honoured to be here.To be part of this school..To be part of this function becoz this school is doing very grt things.This school is giving free education to orphan and poor children which is very big thing in today’s world..So a very big hand for this school and principal..

Everyone starts clapping including sanskar..
San- On the occasions of this day i am giving a small gift to this school.
And he signs to his pa and his pa comes with a cheque and gives it to sanskar..
San- Mr.Awasthi this is very small gift from my side for this school and i brought some gift for small children who are the future of our nation..
Mr.Awasthi- Sir..but how can i take it??
San- First don’t call me sir..Call me sanskar and this is very cheap thing in front of ur work.So plzz take it..See if u not take it then i feel that u not respect me..
Mr.Awasthi- Aree nahi nahi sir..ooops Sanskar and he takes it..And they comes down from the stage..

Pooja comes hurriedly at backstage and says
Pooja- U all know the guest who come na oustside gave a cheque of 1 crore to our principal for the future of school and children..
Swa- What 1 crore cheque??
Ragini is busy in making ready to children for the function..
Swa comes to ragini- Dii..u listen the guest give a 1crore rupees cheque to our school for the future of children..
Rag- Swara.this is the game of only fame.They donate money to hide their black money..So don’t be shocked and help me making ready to children..
Aahna to ragini- Teacher..teacher i am very nervous how i will perform at so big stage??
Ragini caresses her cheeks- Aahna don’t feel nervous u r strong girl na.Just close ur eyes and put the hands on ur heart and remember ur parents.Dekna sari nervousness bhaag jayegi..

Anchor- So frndzz be ready for a super duper performance by the students of class 5..So gave big round of applaud for them..
Then lights gets off and the small boys gang came and they perform on chak de india.Their dance is excellent and at the end everyone claps for them..
Anchor- Its a very powerful performance by the boyz now its turn of our cute and small girls..These girls will perform and sing the song also so it will be surely be a power pack performance..So come on a big round of applaud for the girls…

@ backstage
Rag-Are u ready girls??
All the girls shout yess..
Rag bends down to Aahna and says
Rag-Aahna u r the main dancer..so its a big responsibility for u hmmm..so don’t feel nervous and scared.I have full faith on u that u will rock the stage.Ok come on give me hi-fi..
Aahna smiles anf give hi- fi to ragini..And all the girls go on the stage and lights went off..And the songs plays..The girls dance very well..

Yahaan Har Kadam Kadam Pe Dharti Badle Rang
Yahaan Ki Boli Mein Rangoli Saat Rang… (2)
Dhaani Pagdi Pehne Mausam Hain
Neeli Chaadar Taane Ambar Hain
Nadi Sunehri Hara Samundar Hain Re Sajila
Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (4)

Every step of every girls is just perfect and in between evryone applaud for them to cheer up..becoz its a big thing to sing and on that dance also..

Sindoori Gaalon Wala Suraj Jo Kare Thitholi
Sharmeelen Kheton Ko Dhank De Chunar Peeli Peeli
Ghoonghat Mein Rang Panghat Mein Rang Cham Cham Chamkila
Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (2)

Aahna is doing dance very well and now she looks very happy and at backstage ragini is very happy to see them..Just then sanskar phone rings and he excuse from there..

Abil Gulaal Se Chehre Hain Yahaan Mastaanon Ki Toli
Rang Haseen Mein Rang Khushi Mein Rishten Jaise Holi
Baaton Mein Rang Yaadon Mein Rang Rang Rang Rangila
Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (2)

Suddenly Aahna’s leg twisted and she falls down.Everyone stops dancing and a man comes and take her to the backstage..
Aahna cryingly- Teacher….i spoilt the perfomance..i am very bad…
Rag- No beta..u r very good u dance so well….
Aahna cryingly- Noo..my performance not get completed..Plzz teacher i want to complete my performance let me go..
Swa- But how beta..see ur leg is in very bad condition..
Rag see at aahna with determined face and says
Rag- Don’t worry aahna beta ur performance will be completed..

After sometimes again lights went of stage and this time all the teachers of the school with ragini are standing on the stage and ragini is main dancer..And she starts singing..

(Ragini)Ishq Ka Rang Yahaan Par Gehraa Chadh Ke Kabhi Na Utre
Sanskar is outside and he is talking on phone suddenly he listens the voice and gets shocked..
Sachhe Pyar Ka Thehra Sa Rang Chhalke Par Na Bikhre

And he runs inside..
Rang Adaa Mein Rang Haya Mein Hain Rasila
Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (2)

Here ragini with all the teachers are dancing so well.everyone applaud for them..Aahna is seeing all this from backstage and shouts
Aahna- Love u teacher…

(Ragini) Yahaan Har Kadam Kadam Pe Dharti Badle Rang
Yahaan Ki Boli Mein Rangoli Saat Rang
Dhaani Pagdi Pehne Mausam Hain
Neeli Chaadar Taane Ambar Hain
Nadi Sunehri Hara Samundar Hain Re Sajila

Sanskar comes inside but he can’t see the face of ragini becoz everyone standing like a crowd and seeing the dance..

Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (2)
Ho Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila
Des Rangila Rangila Des Mera Rangila… (3)

At last sanskar reaches in front but till then song gets over and ragini goes from the backstage..
San-Ragini u r here only its ur voice..i can feel u..ragini u r here..But where??
Then principal comes to sanskar and ask
Awasthi-what happen sanskar??
San-Who is singing before a min??
Awasthi- ohhh..she is our music teacher..
San-Can i meet that teacher??
Awasthi-Ok just a min..
And he again comes after min..
Awasthi- Woh actully she is handling children at backstage.Come with me..
And he goes with him..

Suddenly principal had some urgent work and he tells the way to sanskar and sanskar goes alone..
San reaches there and ask one teacher..
San- Can u plzz tell me where is music teacher??
Teacher- oh she is in that room..
Sanskar goes towards the room opens it and a girl in salwar suit..
Sanskar goes towards the girl and keeps her hand on girls shoulder and says
San- ragini…
The girl turns and sanskar is shocked..The girl is someone else..
San- I am sorry..u r music teacher.
Girl- yess..what happen??
San- Nothing..
And sanskar goes from there..Swara and ragini leaves the place as the function got over…
Sanskar also leaves from there sadly..

Then at next day sanskar as usual in the office and doing work..Suddenly a familiar voice came” May i come in sir”
Sanskar looks upward and got surprised as well as happy and says
San- Laksh…..u here??
Lak- U are not happy to see me..
San- No..i mean i am happy but how do u know that i am here??
Lak- Just simple..I call arjun bhai and he tell me that u r in jaipur so i came..
San- But u r in U.S.A na..
Lak- ufff…how many question u ask sanskar?? Ur frnd came from so long journey instead of asking a glass of water u r asking back 2 back questions…
San- I am sorry..come sit..So howzz ur time spend in U.S.A..
Lak- Aree pooch mat everywhere only work and work..There everyone only talks about technology.Our india is far better from usa kam se kam yahan par dosto ke saath time toh spend kar sakte hain…Mera bharat mahan
San laughs- u will never change laksh..
Lak- Sanskar by the way i listen ragini’s matter.did really she broke the alliance..
San face become pale- I don’t know laksh i am still finding her.I know she can’t do this becoz she loves me..But god knows why she tell no..
Lak- Don’t worry everything will be fine..When laksh is here no fear..
San interrupts- Aahhh..correction when laksh is here plzz fear..Becoz i have not faith on u..
Lak-oh so u r making fun of me wait…
And they chase in the office only..

(Guyzz i tell u something about laksh.laksh is the childhood frnd of sanskar.They studied in same school but Laksh father got transfer his work to U.S.A so laksh also have to go but both sanlak are in touch through internet..)

So these is the 15 part hope u enjoy sorry for the mistakes and plzz plzz comment and jai hind…

Precap- Ragsan meet…


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