A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 12

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Sanskar leaves to jaipur by flight.After sometimes the flight lands in jaipur..

Jaipur the city of happiness the pink city.Jaipur is the heritage of our india.There is hawa mahal.Let’s see this city will change our love birds life or something else is written in their fate..

Many people from new ofc came to receive sanskar..One of his employees.
Employee giving a bouquet- Welcome to jaipur sir..
San- its ok let’s go to office..
Emp surprisedly- Sir but u came from so long journey u should take some rest..
San rudely- I came here for work not for rest.So let’s leave and sent my luggage to hotel..
Emp- ok sir..
Then he leaves to office in the car..In bg a song plays..

Sanskar’s pov
Why i am feeling so strange? It seems like some thing very precious is in city..Its like my destiny my fate is connected with this city.He takes out his purse and see the photo of ragini.
Ragini why i am feeling that u r here only..
And heavy wind started blowing..

Hmm hmm hmm hmm… hmm hmm hmm hmm…
Jindagi yeh safar mein hai, kat raha hai raasta – (2)
Humsafar toh hai magar, manjilein hai juda juda – (2))
Hmm hmm hmm hmm… hmm hmm hmm hmm…

@ sunshine orphanage

Ragini’s pov
Oh god again this wind started blowing..And she goes to close window..Which kind of feeling is this? Its like someone came..Whom i know from years.The one from whom my destiny and fate is connected.But who he is???It seems like this wind is saying something.. But what??

Swara comes from behind and shouts in her ears.
Ragini got scared and shouts- Ahhhh..Shona i will not leave u..
And again they started their chasing game..

Sanskar reaches at office and continues her work..Manager introduces everyone to sanskar..
Miss.niharika come to my cabin with every detail of work.
Ni- yess..sir..
His pa informs him that there is a function of independence day in a school and that school trustee invite sanskar as a guest..
San- OK..what is the timing?
Pa- Sir 10’o clock
San- Its 9:30 let’s leave..
Sanskar leaves for the function…

Swa- Di u forgot something??
Ragini casually- Forgot what??
Swa- Dii..Today is the function in our school..
Ragini puts her hands on forehead and say- Oh sit!!!! How can i forget..Let’s go fast we have to welcome guest also..
They hurriedly leaves for the school..(Actually Ragini is music teacher in that school that school is only to class 5..)

Swaragini takes a cab and sanskar leaves in his car..
Rag-Plzz auto wale bhaiya drive fast we have to reach there before 10’o clock..
Auto man- Ji madam..
Rag tensedly-Thank god swara that u make me remember otherwise todays fuction will be spoiled.Only we reach there at time then all will be perfect..
Swa- Don’t worry di..we will reach there on time..
Suddenly all vehicle stops..
Rag- What happen bhaiya??
Auto man- Madam..traffic jam.
Rag tensed – What??
There sanskar car also stops and he ask.
San- what happen driver??
Driver- Sir..traffic jam
San- Oh sit..
Rag- Bhaiya how much time it will take?
Auto man- Madam near about 1 hrs.
Rag- what??
Suddenly sanskar car comes beside the auto of ragini..His car is at right and auto is at left side..
And heavy wind starts blowing..

Aansuo ki dhup mein, koi chal raha idhar – (2)
Kehkaho ki chhanv mein, koi chal raha udhar
Koi kisi se gum huwa, koi kisi ko mil gaya – (2)
Humsafar toh hai magar, manjilein hai juda juda – (2)

San starts feeling something- What kind of feeling is this?Why i am feeling that ragini is here only??
Ragini also feels something weird in her heart but she ignores it..
Swa- Auto wale bhaiya see na there space is vacant take pass from there..
Auto man- Yess madam..
Sanskar turns to left side but swaragini auto takes leave from there..
San- I think its my hallucination..
And his car also leaves but on the way swaragini auto gets punctured..
Rag- Now what happen??
Auto man- Sorry madam but my auto gets punctured..
Rag irritated- Already i am late and now all this problem..I think that today function will be spoiled..

Screen freezes on the tensed face of ragini….

Precap- Sanskar and ragini both reaches at school.Will they meet?

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