A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 11

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Part – 11
@ morning
All Maheswari’s are ready to leave vasantpur..
Dp folds his hands- ok shekhar ji now I want permission to leave.. We enjoy very much.
Shekhar also folds his hand- jii thank u I am very glad that u enjoy…
Dp smiling – jii.. Arjun aarohi u all r ready.
Both- yes papa we r ready..
Arjun- where is sanskar?

@inside room
Sanskar is packing his bag and fastly instructing something to ragini..
San- ok ragini I am going but I call u everyday and like 1980’s I will wrote letter…
Ragini is just staring him lovingly..Sanskar see at ragini and ragini suddenly remove her glance from eyes.. Sanskar understand that she is staring him so he comes close to ragini and drags her from the waist and says in a husky voice..
San- Don’t see me like this ragini otherwise I will not be able to go..
Ragini while blushing says – Mujhe haq hai..
Sanskar widens his eyes becoz he didn’t expect this from ragini..
Rag- I have full authority to stare u..
San- ohhooo.. so my fiance is flirting with me.
Rag- yess..
They have cute eye lock but it gets disturb by arjun’s voice..
Sanskar gets separate and says
San- yess bhai coming..Ok ragini I am going bye bye..
Rag worriedly – stop!! Don’t drink ice water..
San smiles and goes from there..

Maheswari’s left and after some day gadodia family also leaves to madhupur..

Sanskar also reach to delhi and join office. In ofc every time he only thinks about ragini and don’t do any work. No one say anything to sanskar becoz they know this is the excitement of marriage.. And they don’t want to ruin the excitement of sanskar..

Sanskar daily talks with ragini and within a week he sends a letter..
One month spend like this and now only 3 months are left in the marriage.
Shekhar is very much busy in preparation of marriage of ragini.. Everyone is happy except sumi..
One day shekhar says something to sumi..
Shek happily- sumi. Give that jewellery which bhaiya and bhabhi kept for ragini marriage. I will give it to jeweller for polishing..Every dream of bhaiya and bhabhi’s will complete.
Sumi angrily gives all the jewellery and says- Take all this..
Shek- sumi..
Sumi- what happen this is less ok. And he starts removing her jewellery also and says take all this..
Shek angrily shouts – sumiiii. .
Sumi angrily – Don’t shout at me… U only remember ur bhaiya and bhabhi’s dream. Ur daughter is also exist in this world but no why u care for her. U only care for ragini only.. Becoz of swara’s dull face no proposal of marriage is coming for her and on that If we don’t have any thing to give them dowry then how her marriage will happen..
Shek- Don’t worry sumi our swara’s marriage will also happen like this..
Sumi rudely – how?? How tell me for ragini’s marriage u sell vasantpur house. If u r not satisfied with this then sell this also..

Ragini listens all this by hiding behind the wall and she started crying and feels guilty..

Shekhar comes to his office room and listens some one sobbing..
Shek- who is there?? Ragini are u there..
Ragini comes out hurriedly and hugs shekhar and started crying..
Rag- chacha jii.. I will not do this marriage..
Shek worriedly – what happen ragini did anyone say something..
Rag sobbing- chacha ji u sell vasantpur house for my marriage u made it with so much of effort.. And swara her responsibility is also on u. I will not be able to felt sorry if something happens..
Shek- chup. Just stop crying and who says that I sell vasantpur house. I will give it on loan and swara I promise u that her marriage will also be happen like this..And u don’t take tension hmm. U just enjoy and live ur life..
Rag- but??
Shek- I say na.. don’t think more and some one letter came today.. I think it’s urs..see it.. Ragini they r very good people and sanskar he is very honest and a good person.. So never ever say again this type of words and he wipes the tears..
Rag smiles and goes from there with the letter..

No precap..

Guyzz just tell me do u want vivah film concept or new one which is different from the film.. plzz tell me fast fast and comment..

Credit to: eku


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