A journey from engagement to marriage – vivah (RagSan) Part 10

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Part -10
Both ragsan and arjun reaches to the house.. everyone ask many question like they are well or not, where they were whole night??? Both answers everyone questions and goes to change..

Sanskar changes his clothes and he is remembering all the incident of village and a smile appears on his face. Then aarohi comes to sanskar for asking something but he sees that sanskar is lost somewhere and she see a smile and ask to sanskar.
Aarohi sheepishly – devar ji howzz the experience of spending time with ragini??
Sanskar is lost in his thoughts and says Awesome..she is very nice…
Aarohi – ohoo…
Sanskar comes out of his thoughts and see his bhabhi laughing..
San- bhabhi why r u laughing??
Aarohi – devar ji I think u r totally flat on my cute devrani ji. See na she is not yet come in ur life and u r latoo on her..
San started blushing- no bhabhi.. its not like that..
Aarohi – yess…yess ur blushing face is telling everything..
San- bhabhi… I am not blushing..
Aarohi – yess u r. Ok leave it come down every one is asking for u…

Ragini and aarohi are busy in talking arjun and armaan are playing football, sanskar and swara are also talking and dp shekhar and sumi are busy in playing cards.. just for fun..
Then Arjun gets a call and he stops playing he goes to receive it..
Arjun – yess Mr. Mehta.. what the call is came from Switzerland and meeting is confirmed also for day after tomorrow..
Mr.m- yess.. sir they arrived here by tomorrow evening..but sir u seems to be unhappy..
Arjun- no..no Mr. Mehta that’s. .that’s a good news.. ok u will ready paper we will reach there by tomorrow…
Arjun cuts the call and goes to dp and tells them everything…
Dp – what??? but they are coming after 15 days na..
Arjun – yess papa.. but they come early in fact day after tomorrow only.And for signing the papers we all must have to be present there.. so we have to leave by tomorrow morning…

Everyone faces become sad except sumi becoz she feels irritated by giving fake smile to everyone and is angry becoz of ragsan alliance..

Sanskar is hell angry on Switzerland clients because of them only they have to leave early and he is packing his bags making sad face.. then he thinks something and becomes happy and calls armaan..

Armaan comes running towards kitchen there ragini and aarohi are doing work.
Armaan – chachi… Chacha wants water and he goes from there hurriedly..
Aarohi smiles slightly and sees towards ragini..
There sanskar is waiting deseperately and repeatedly goes towards his room gate to check whether she came or not and he sees ragini coming and he hurriedly goes and sit on the bed behaving normally..
Ragini comes with water and gives it to sanskar..
Rag- some important talk…
Sanskar knows that his trick is not work on ragini- yess… Actually can u come on terrace in night…
Ragini looks on..
San- if u think this is right then only…And he gives the glass to ragini..
Ragini goes from there silently..Sanskar is in hope that she will turn and say yess…Then only ragini turns and says “I will try”…
Sanskar becomes happy and as ragini goes from there he starts jumping in joy..

Everyone gathers in the hall and sanskar is slowly talking with aarohi..
San- bhabhi plzz.. Plzz do something..
Aarohi- ok sanskar I will try..
San- what bhabhi.. u r also saying I will try and there ragini also..

Then Dp announces something..
Dp – everybody plzz attention here…. today is the last night we r staying here.. so today no one will sleep and we will play games whole night.. And don’t anyone dare to move from here..
Sanskar keeps his hand on his forehead and says..
San- OMG!!!!! Save me god… here bhabhi is not getting ready to help me and there papa is spoiling my plan.. oh god now how I will meet ragini…
Aarohi – Don’t worry sanskar!!! I will send her..
San happily – really bhabhi…
Aarohi pulling his cheeks- yess.. my cute devar ji.. but how will u escape from here.. hmm..
San smirkingly – Don’t take tension bhabhi.. I will manage…
He says something in the ears of aarohi and goes to armaan and ask him to come and sleep with him on the terrace..
Armaan hurriedly goes to dp and ask him..
Armaan- dadu… I will go on terrace and sleep with chachu…
Dp- what.. but here we r playing and enjoying. Sanskar will u not join with us..
San- papa actually there is a pain in my head so I will not able to play..
Dp worriedly – sanskar if the pain is more then u will take some medicine..
Shek- yess.. beta dp ji is saying right I will get some med..
San- noooooo!!!!!!! Everyone looks at him.. I mean if I will take some rest then it will be fine..
Dp- But sanskar… if u will not be fine then how we will tomorrow board flight…
Sanskar gives gesture to his bhabhi and aarohi hurriedly says something in the ears of arjun.. but arjun nods in no..and he is busy in reading newspaper..Aarohi grabs the newspaper and gives angry glare..

Arjun- yess..papa give some rest to sanskar it will be better for him…
And he looks at aarohi and says “done now give my newspaper”..
Arohi- no.. becoz in night reading newspaper is bad habit..
Dp- ok sanskar u go with armaan and if there is any need call us ok..
San happily – ok papa…
He leaves with armaan then suddenly ragini met him on the way..
Sanskar just stare her and ragini is also stare him.. both have eye lock… Suddenly armaan says…
Armaan- chachu.. let’s go I am feeling sleepy..
Both breaks the eye lock and sanskar says let’s go..

Armaan sleeps and sanskar is waiting for ragini..
There ragini is waiting for a chance to go to terrace but every time she tries she gets fail..
Aarohi see this and slowly said in ragini ears.
Aarohi- Ragini.. u go I will handle everything here..
Ragini smiles sheepishly and silently goes from there.

Jaane kya woh keh gayi
Aankhon ki bhasa mein
Dil mera dole asha nirasha mein
Uspar jaan leva ye tanhai sajni..

Sanskar is now lost his hope that she will come suddenly terrace door open and she comes.. Sanskar becomes happy.

Aaye bina teri reh nhi payi sajni
Aane se tere chandni si chayi sajni….

San- For one sec I thought that u would not come…
Ragini goes to armaan and puts blanket and says
Rag- sometimes in night the cold becomes more so thought to take extra blanket..
San smiles- hmm.. Thanks for coming and blanket.
Ragini doesn’t say anything..
Sanskar goes to balcony and see towards moon.
Ragini also comes there and says
Rag- u want to say something??
Sanskar see towards ragini and says
San- u know ragini when I met with kavita.. I don’t have that feeling which I felt with u.. But when I remember her betrayal I just get freezed and scared.. I want to ask u something..
Rag- Ask?????
Sanskar put her hands in his hand and in serious tone – Like kavita u will not leave me na.. becoz if this time my heart break then I am not gonna live..
Ragini hurriedly puts her hand on his mouth and says
Rag- Don’t ever try to say anything like this. I will not go anywhere..And she hugs him.. Both have a long hug.. Then they breaks the hug and stare at each other eyes both have tears as well as happiness in their eyes..

San wiping his tears and smiling- why we r talking this emotional things. Let’s talk about some good things..
They sit there only and talks for sometime and after sometime sanskar put his head in ragini’s lap and dozes off..

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Credit to: eku


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