Journey from Deceiver to Lover – Shivomika FF (INTRO)

Hey lovely people!!! Ashlyn here… I am here with my first FF ever
Firstly I just want to be thankful to all the talented writers here on the TU for motivating me …You guys are just too awesome…
Umm I am little nervous here…Enough of chattering I think!!!

The Mighty Sun is slowly waking from its another beautiful sleep…Birds are chirping…A cool breeze is blowing…there is a freshness in the atmosphere…Every living being is still awaking from deep slumber…

Despite of this quietness in the surroundings there is going on a lot of hustle and bustle in one of the most magnificient and beautiful mansions of the country,mansion of ‘THE OBEROI’S’.
Whole mansion is been decorated as a new bride as there comes a big occasion after soo many years.

(A middle aged lady is shown in a decent and stylish attire with her chunky jewellery…. directing the members of working staff )
Lady-I know you people are good in this… but I still want everything to be perfect.
Staff-Mam you don’t worry…we will manage this properly
Old lady(in simple attire)-Yes Jhanvi puttar u don’t take stress
Jhanvi-Why not to take stress mummyji?There is a marriage in this house today.

(Suddenly a young girl in her early 20s enters)
Girl-Mumma look,Bade Bhaiya’s wedding will be going to take place in few hours and still my friend cum stylist has not arrived what I’m gonna do
Jhanvi-Don’t worry Ms.Priyanka Singh Oberoi you are gonna be look just perfect and gorgeous.You are my chand na….
(A boy about 25 years with muscular build enters)
Boy-Chand par arz kiya hai ,Say “Irshad” Prinku
Prinku-Rudra bhaiya Aap bhi na I’m not saying anything
Rudra-Say na
Prinku-Okk okk Irshad
Rudra-Kaash tere chehre pr pimples ke daag hote,Kaash tere chehre pr pimples ke daag hote….

Chand toh tu hai hi ,sitaare bhi saath hote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wah wah ! wah wah !wah wah!
Dadi-Oye khoteya
Prinku-Shut up Rudra bhaiya …You are truly Duffer Singh Oberoi
Rudra-Hutt pagli I’m just sooo intelligent you won’t understand my smartness….Accha you were talking about your stylist …Is she cute???
Prinku(thinking something)-Very …Umm I mean Her name is Lovely… she is very pretty and cute You are gonna like her
Rudra-Oh my God ,now I am in much hurry than you

(Then someone enters with three female assistants…..)
Prinku-Oh my god There you are!!! Rudra bhaiya here is my friend cum stylist Mr.Lovely…
To Lovely-Meet my Mom Dadi and brother Rudra….
(Rudra who has started dreaming about beautiful Lovely feels the ground slipping under his feet seeing a male instead of female……(Chhann se joh toote koi sapna jag soona soona lage plays in BG)
Lovely-Hello to all!!!
Prinku(smirking like a devil)-Rudra bhaiya he is nice na…..
Rudra(in a very low tone so that only Prinku can hear)-Prinku ki bacchi you are gonna be murdered by me very soon.

Whole surrounding is just so bewitching…Its as if heaven has come down on earth…atmosphere filled with fragnance of Roses and white orchids making the place look enchanting and beautiful …Everything decorated in a combination of Red and white …In middle of this A beautifully decorated Mandap is shown With a handsome guy Beautifully dressed in the attire of Groom standing there waiting for his beautiful bride
There she comes just looking as the most gorgeous girl on this planet But the thing that catch his attention as always is her charm moon bracelet which she always wear on her left wrist…..But all of a sudden out of no where water is thrown on the groom…..
Guy-Ohh god what is this……
(While looking at his surrounding he comes to reality)
Guy-Oh my god that was dream
Rudra-haan Mr.Omkara singh Oberoi That was a dream….there is still time left for your marriage…khyali pulaon pakana band kro…… O I think something is burning
Om-You are burning duffer who bhi with jealousy ….
(then he sees his shirt which he was ironiong for last 1hr which is now fully ruined)
Rudra-Hey bhagwan O yeh kya kiya …Despite being a well known artist,a millionaire ,an Oberoi ironing your own shirt…..vaise iss pr ek sher aaya hai
“kamre mein baithe baithe O kr rha tha press, Bhabhi ki yaad aayi jal gyi uski dress”wah wah..wah wah…
Om-shut up Rudra…………….



I know Omkara weds Anika is not at all acceptable….. I am also a huge fan of just and just Shivika because they are just meant to be together….But trust me guys there are some surprises for you and as the story further unfolds We are going to see what we want to see……

With lots of love

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  1. Fantastically funny ff 😉
    Please don’t make Om negative

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank u soo much Nitika…I’m glad u like it…Om is a postive guy he will further remain soo…?

  2. Great… but please shivika oly should be getting married…all the best for ur ff..

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you soo much Sagithya…I noe omika is a bit shocking for now…but there are gonna be little twists and turns…soo keep reading and keep commenting …☺

  3. gazab ka twist & that too in 1st update
    amazing chapter
    curiosity’s lined up
    update soon

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you Aashi….i will try to update asap☺

  4. Dowlath786

    ? om wed anika i think it will be shivay nice ya

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank u soo much Dowlath…I think you are also a big Harry Potter fan like me…btw thanx for commenting dear….

  5. Anujohnson

    This seems interesting..pls don’t forget to send me links..I don’t come to TU page often…

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thanks a lot Anujohnson…I’m really happy u liked it….i will keep in mind to send you links…

      1. Dowlath786

        Ya ashiyn i love harry potter very much

  6. Awesome dr….. But plzz make shivika only…

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you Banita…i will keep ur wish in mind dear….☺

  7. Dhar

    Awesome episode ??, plzz dont make om a negative character, fab start

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you soo much Dhar….??

  8. Kanfi

    Ashlyn,,its a good start dear…
    I wish there would b surpris,,,dont want asnika n omkara,,,
    Waiting for next part,,

    Ifu have time ,do read mu ff

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you Kanfi…I am really happy you liked it dear….

    2. Ashlyn.G

      I ‘m gonna read your ff and gonna comment on it too… take care dear…

  9. Arthi

    I just loved it and I want them as a pair even though myself being shivika lover and this was superb and don’t make om negative pl……..

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you Arthi…your comment means a lot to me…and i will keep your wish in my mind in further updates☺

  10. It is awesome episode plz update next part soon

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you soo much Rhea…i will surely try to post next part asap

  11. Please their should be only shivika

  12. Niriha

    Awesome…interesting waiting for next update soon

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you Niriha…I’m glad You liked it dear….I’ll try to update ASAP….

  13. Ashlyn.G

    Hey Alisa dear …trust me You will be going to see what you want to see …thank you for your

  14. Wow!! Superbbbbb start!!
    Amazing concept!! Loved it!!!
    Update nxt one asap!!

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you soo much Bhavana dear?

  15. Aryaraju

    Good one ??

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thanks Aryaraju…..

  16. Anu16

    Wow nice twist post soon…

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thanxx Anu….

  17. Seems interesting ?…waiting for nxt update…

  18. Ashlyn.G

    Thank you sooo much Priya dear….. I’m glad u liked it….gonna update next pretty soon…till then tc….

  19. Alekhika20

    Nyc intro

  20. Ashlyn.G

    Thank you Alekhika…?

  21. Ashlyn, that is so amazing.
    If I say in Annika’s language. A khikditod intro…
    And I smell some mystery here…
    In initial days of IB, I liked Annikara as a couple, so I don’t have any problem imagining them as one.
    Shivika too have become my favourite…
    I would love it in both ways.
    But as the focus would be on shivika only, in the end, Would love to see how the mystery unfolds..
    Well done:)

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you Jenny dear….thank u soo much for your khidkitod comment….take care ya…

  22. superb very nice rudra shairies was soo gud end fuuny …plzzz dear I wnt rudra scene mor in nxt updt if u can

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Haha…I know Rudra shaiyris were lame?? but they needed to be match to his below room temperature IQ….???Thanks Aysha for commenting…

    2. Ashlyn.G

      And yeah I will try to include more scenes of Rudra if possible… becoz we all love him and his super intelligent brain???

  23. Great start dear… rudra is superb cute… Amazing update…

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thanks a lot Ankita for your precious comment….☺

  24. Lovely update…

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you ff fan…☺ next episode has also been posted

  25. Angela

    its awesome ashlyn and its really a different concept looking forward to it

    1. Ashlyn.G

      Thank you Angela…?

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