The joined fairytales Season 1

A beautiful day, the skys blue and the birds chirping and in a garden a woman in a pink dress talking with some friends about her golden days of their collage life. She had a lovable voice maybe that’s why her name was lovable. Anyways they continued their talks wen they suddenly hear a baby’s cry, they search and behind a tree they find a baby just a day old, covered In mud they didn’t know what to do and then lovable said I will take care of her until we find her family.

They all thought it’s a good idea and agreed with lovable and gave the baby’s pictures in police stations, newspapers and also announced on radio stations about the missing baby but it was of no use until a week, and then one day the mama of the baby came saying I already have 4 baby’s and cannot afford a fifth 1 lovable convinced she will take care of all the expenses but all in vain then after the mother left lovable adopted the baby and took the name lovable mama and gave her baby the name of lovable baby

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