Jodiyaan (Couples) EDKV and KRPKAB Part 2


The second part is here Thnk u for commenting all of you

The person without removing book from his face says: Kyn chahiye? (Why do u need)
Preeto: Parhni hy! (I want to read)
Person: kyn?(Why)
Preeto: mujhy achi lagti hy iss liye!(I like it)
Person: ye mainy le li hy!( I have bought it)
Preeto: Tou mai aapko parh ky de doon gi na vaada( I will return u after reading promise)
Person: Kaisy bharosa karoon mae apka?(How do I trust u)
Preeto:Trust issues!!! Murmers to herself
Person: You said something
Preeto: Nhi, Preeti Tiwari jo vaada krti hy poora krti hy! ( No l, whatever promise I make i complete them)
Person removes book from his face : Preeti Tiwari, famous Bussinesswoman???????
Preeto: Aap kaisy jaaaantyyy hain??? (How do you know)
(And the two keep staring each other as it was also love at first sight)
Person: Pushkar Malothra kisi ko na janta nahi ho yeh ho hi nhi skta! (i don’t know anyone, this can’t be happen)
Preeto: Ooooo! Dr. Pushkar Malothra?
Push : How do youuuuuu know?
Preeto: Hahahahaha!! Zaroori nhi ky sab ko tum hi janty ho! (It is not neccessary that only you know every1)
Push: Tum? (You)
Preeto: Haan tum…. pyaar aur jang sab kuch jaeez hy!!! (Everything is fair in love and war)
Push: Aur yeh kia hy? (And what is this) (Asks cutely)
Preeto:Ppppppp….yyyy….aaaaa.rr…. jang, jang hy book pr! De do na book please please please!!!!!! (Love. no its war, war for a book please give me the book)
Push: Nhi doonga! (I will not)
Preeto: Do na please( Please give me)
Push: Hmmmm… aik shart pr!
Preeto: Manzoor hy!
Push: Sun tou lo! Mery ghar akar wapis krni hogi! Ye mera number!!! (You have come to my home and return this book)
Preeto: Kia? (What)
Push: Ab tou manzoor krli. Ye lo book!!(Now you have accepted, take this)
Preeto: Mae aaongi!!!! Addresss????
Push: Phone krlena….
And both leaves in different directions but turn and see each other and smiles…

Here completes the three love stories but the twist!!!!!!

The girls trio!!! They were in a room but there was a complete silence!!!!!

Sona: Suno! (Listen)
Sumo and Pree: hmmmmm?
Sona: aik imp baat krni hy (i have to tell u something very imp)
Sumo and pree: krni tou humey bhi hy (we also want to)
Sona: tou sath bolty hain! (Let us speak together)
Sumo and pree: hmmm
Sona: 1……2…..3………go
The trio: I am in love
The three again said at the same time
Sona: Aik aik kr ky bolty hain (Speak one by one) 😉
And the three told their stories!!!
Sumo: Acha naame tou batao (name)
Sona: Dev Dixit
Sumo: Shravan Malothra
Pree: Pushkar Malothra

Sona: Mera(my )boss tumhara(your) preeti.??????
Sumo: Mera opposite lawyer tumhara sona ?????
Pree: Mera client tumhara sumo?????
And they laugh hard and tell their first meetings and everything to each other!
The same happened in the boys
( I am not writing about because it will be way too long)

One day pushkar forget his imp file in hosp. He called sona and asked her if she can drop that file at his home the other day. The other day sumo leaves for dev’s home for some work and sona asks preeti to acomany her to pushkar’s home. Sona and preeti leaves and reaches pushkar home.
Wendy bhabhi welcome them and made them sit in lounge and she goes to call pushkar
Preeto: Sona di kitna bara ghar aapky dr.boss ka!!!! (Sona di how much big home your boss have)
Sona: hmmm !!! Ab boss hy!!! Liken tumhara…. (He is boss but yoursss…..) winks
Preeto: Na kr na ? (Don’t do na)

Pushkar come and he saw preeti!!
Sona: Dekh preeti! Tumhy hi dekh raha hy(he is seeing u) ? ( teased her)
Preeti hit her
Sona: hello sir. Sir aapki file! (Sir your file)
Pus: Thank u!!! Ye tumhari behn hy? (Os she your sis)
Sona: Bff
Pus: Acha!!! (Oky)
Sona: Sir preeti aapse kuch kehna chahti hy(sir preeti wants to say you something) ( teased her again)
Pus: haan bolo? (Yes) thinks(What ever I want to listen please speak)
Preeti: thinks(Bolna tou i love u hy liken) Maee….. wohh…. book!! Aapki book bhool gai!!!! Baad mae de doongi!!!
Pushkar? Pushkar??? Kamini chachi come there calling him!
Pus: Ji maa?
Kam: Wo pushkar!!!!!
She saw preeti and sona sitting there. She loved sona and preeti at once and decided to make them DIL of her house (Sona 4 push) (Pree for Shr)
Kam: Kitni sohni bachiyaan hain!!(how much beautiful girls they are) She said this and leave…
Sona and preeti give each other a look and then sona ask for a leave.
They were at the door when they accidently met shravan.
Pree: Mr . malothra? aap?
Shr: Ms. tiwari? Aap?
Preeti makes sona meet him and they ( p and s) talk a bit about their contract and they leave.
There sumo come dev home for some case issues as she need a guidance from him. (not writing the full story). Ishwari liked sumo alot and she decided to marry dev to sumo!!!

What will happen now? Will the mummies make the jodies of

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  1. Asmita...

    Where is the first part

    1. Fati

      Asmita di! Check out the ek duje ke vaaste written updates and you will find that. It has the picture of sonakshi and dev

  2. Simplesweety1

    Loved It ! Lol 😛

  3. Marie

    Wow yr fati vry nice ep I loved it to the core ……..
    Ahhahahah mummies plzz don’t do dis we love only preekar shraman n devkashi…!! <3

  4. Nikita

    Bhen.. Everything’s amazing.. But I’m damn confused.. Ye mummia bhi naa.. You’re writing really well.. Post soon..

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    haha lol kya swap hain 😛 😛 😛 u know when I saw krpkab n edkv promo very first time even b4 the show began I knew dev and suman due to their prev shows but not sona n shravan as they r new, and I was think why devMan not in the same show they can be a pair 😛 ? 😛 and now i think about it is like how stupid of me 😛

    1. Fati

      Hahahaha. My sister wants the same. She wanted to see sona and shravan as a pair nd dev and suman ?

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Hahah I find sona-shravan pair weird 😛

  6. Omg!! Now it’s interesting….wanna read next one…post soon

  7. A little confusing but interesting as well. Loved it especially the ‘pushakshi’

    1. And please post a link of this episode n ur next post so that we can get a quick recap. So hope u dont mind that

      1. Fati

        Its okay nandu. I will ?

  8. Fati

    Thankyou so much everyone ?. I will post the next part soon.

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    I can’t laugh more…???
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    Yaar…..u r a crazy writer….?????
    I mean excited..wala crazy…seriously..???
    Loved it..from the bottom of my heart.??☺☺???

  10. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Very nice ep ?? .. I luv it … nd the names that u mentioned at last looks really funny as they r not made for each other?? anyways post soon

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  13. LovelyLady

    nyc epi… n good to read a frsh story…….

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    Amazing yr loved it can’t wait to read what will happen now…u loved the swap of jodis yr amazing post soon dear

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