Jodiyaan (Couples) Episode 1


Kam: Yeh baat tum loag pehlay nhi bata skty thy??? ( Can’t u tell this before)
Shr: Koshish ki thi mgr…… (We tried but)
Ish: Magar kia???? (But what beta)
Dev: Aap dono bolny nhi dia!!! ?
Lalaji: Aray sohniyo ab tou sab sahi hogaya na!!!! (Now its all okay so)
Kam: Kuch bhi ainvi! Agar in kuryon ki shaddi ulti hojati tou?????
Pus: Magar maa ab sb sahi hy na!!!! 🙂 (every thing is okay now)

Asha: Larkiyon tayar hui ya nhi????? (Girls did u get ready?)
The girls come back from their flashback and stepped into the present…
Sona: Han maa! Bus kuch min aur!!! (Maa just some mins more)
Sumo: Waisy hamari kahani thi baray mazay ki,nhi?? (Don’t u think our story was amazing?)
Pree: Haan! Itny twists nd turns!! (Yeah! So much twists and turns…)

Sona: Mae ny tou kbhi socha tk nhi tha ky mery sath yeh sab kuch hoga!!!! 😉 ( I had never thought that these things will happen with me…)
Pree: Hmmmm!!
The girls get ready and were looking stunning…
Sonakshi was wearing an orange dress and matching jewellery…( The same dress as she wore in dev’s imagination)
Suman was wearing a pink frok with golden work on its frill with her hair tied into a messy but beautiful back braid with pink nd golden jhumkas and a beautiful golden chain with a pink square pendant in it….. nd some pink bangles in her both hands….
Preeti was wearing a white and red (tye and dye) frok with her hair tied into headband and the rest of hair were open. She was wearing big round tops (balay) in her ears made of pearl and a pearl necklace in her neck was making her more and more beautiful… nd she was wearing some white and red bangles in her both hands…..

Sumo: Sona di bari piyari lag rhi ho!!! ( You r looking beautiful…)
Sona: Thank u!! Tum bhi bht khubsurat lag rhi ho! Waisy pink colour kyn???? (u r also luking beautiful! Btw why u wore pink dress?)
Sumo: Thank u di! Wo shr ka fav colour pink hai na!! Iss liye! ( Its shr’s fav colour that’s why)
Pree: Wao aap dono bht piyari lag rhi ho!! Sona di yeh orange is suiting u too much :* ( u both r luking stunning and sona di this orange colour is suiting u soo much…)
Sona: Thanks ye orange colour dev ka fav hy…ab suit tou karay ga hee na…. (shies)….Tum bhi kisi pari se kam nhi lag rhi :* ( orange is dev’s fav colour so it will suit na…. u r also luking like a fairy…)

Sumo: Thanks pree! Aik baat batao ye white and red kyn??? ( why did u wear red and white pree?)
Pree:Thank u! Sumo di red and white pushku ka fav hy!!! (its pushku’s fav)
They all leave for Malothra Mansion as it was decided that the engagment will be held there… The girls and their families reach there…. The girls decided to keep veil on their faces so that the boys can not see them and recognize them….. The girls took seats. The boys came down from the stairs.. and saw the girls in veils.
Ish:Chalo bachon larkiyon ky sath beth jao! ( Come on boys go and sit with girls..)
Dev to shr and pus: Pata kaisy chalay ga konsi kon hy? (but how will we recognize them?)
Pus: Mtlab bhai?

Shr: Aray buddhu! Yeh jo larkiyon ny apny sar pr ghoonghat liya hy! Pata chal raha hy kon kon hy? ( the girls have taken veils. How will be recognize who is who?)
Pus: Nhi! (no)
Dev: Tou phir? (then?)
The girls see each other nd smiles…
Kam: Larkon? Kharay kyn ho? Beth jao! (why r u standing boys.. sit!!)
Shr: Ji…..ji chachi!!!! Beth rhy hain! (stammers…) ( yes chachi…)
Pus: Liken bhaiya agar ghlat beth gaye???? (but what if we sit with wrong girls?)
Dev: itni mushkilon se we have got correct life partners… 😉
Shr: Aik min….. dev tumhara fav colour kia hy?? (one min.. wht is ur fav colour dev?)
Dev: Orange….
Shr: Haan tou orange wali sona hy. Mujhy pink pasand hy aur pink wali sumo hy…. ( so it means the orange one is Sona. I like pink colour so pink one is Sumo)
Pus: Yani red aur white mujhy pasand hy tou red aur white wali preeto hy?(means red and white is my preeti)
Shr:Haan! (yes)

Dev:Yeh baat shravan!!! The boys go and sit beside them….
Sona,sumo and pree remove their veils and ask in a surprised expression : Tum logon ko kaisy pata chala??? ( how did u all know?)
Dev: Choro! Ab tou pata chal gaya na!!! ( let it go… now we have already recognized u…)
Pus: Haan aur pehchany my madad ki shravan bhaiya ne!!!!! ( yeah shr bhaiya helped us…)
Shr: Thank u thank u
Sumo: Magar kaisy???? ( but how?)
Shr: Choro na!!! ( leave it)
Sona: Aik min mae batati hoon in ko kaisy pata chala!! Sumo tumharay ka dress colour?? ( One min. I’ll tell how they knew. Sumo whats the colour of your dess)
Sumo: Pink
Sona:Aur Shr ka fav colour?(and whats shr’s fave colour)
Sumo: Pink
Sona: Mery dress ka colour? orange! Dev ka fav colour orange! Preeti tumhary dress ka colour? (My dress colour is orange and dev’s fave colour is orange nd preeti what is your dress colour)
Pree: Red and white
Sona: Push ka fav colour(pushkar’s fave)
Pree: Red and white
Sona: Smjhy tum dono ( did u understand now)

Sumo and pree: Smjah gaye di ham ny inn ky fav colour ky dress pehny hain iss liye pehchan liya…. ( yess we have worn dresses of their fave colours due to which they have identified us)
pree only: warna inn ky bass ki baat nhi thi!!! (They weren’t able to do so if they didn’t got hint from colours)
Pus: Hum ny wese bhi pehchan liya tha! ( now we had already recognized you )
Pree: Jhoot ? ( Liar)
Finally the time arrived when all of them exchanged rings. First sona and dev
then sumo and shravan
Then preeti and pushkar!
The family members got busy in guests….
Sumo: Shravan?
Shr: Bolo? (yes)
su: Munh dikhai mae jo mangty hain dety hain na!! ( We get whatever we ask for in munh dikhai ri8?)
Sh: Haan! (With surprised expression) (yess)
Su: Phir theek hy !!! 😉 (its ok then)
Sh: Kia mang rahi ho aisa???? ( what are you going to ask)
Su: Kuch khaas nhi bus! 2 inch ki high heels ki sandles!!! ( nothing special just high heels of 2 inches)
Sh: What????
Su: haan bhai! Tumhari height tk anay ky liye!!! ( yes brother. I have to match your height)
Sh: Mujhy bhai na banao sumo!!! Please!! 😉 ( please don’t call me Brother)
Su: Hmm nhi bana rhi… Acha tou do gy na!! ( haha ok. So you are going to give me naw)
Shr: Kia? ( what)
Su: High heels!!
Shr: tum pagal hogai ho !!! (you’ve gone mad)
Su: haan tumharay piyaar mae! ( yeah in ur love)
And she takes her stroller on head and hides her face and removes that and smiles madly and makes funny faces… ( I hope all of you have watched kareena’s scene in Mein prem ki deewani hoon in which she makes funny faces in the same way sumo makes…) 😉 :p
Shr smiles and says: Tum sach mae pagal ho!!! ( you r really crazy…)
Su: Hayee…..
they both smile….
Push and preeti
Pus: preeti????

Pre: Bolo? (yess)
Pus: Meri book tou wapis krdo!! (please return my book)
Pre: Had hy pushkar! Tumhy apni book ki pari hy!! De doon gi ghar pr hy!! ( Oh God Pushkar.You are worried for your book. I’ll give it to you its at home)
Pus:Hmm thnku!!! Acha preeto?
Pre: bolo?
Pus: Mujhy trust issues nhi hy!!! (I don’t have trust issues)
Preeti takes her a tongue a little out and press it b/w her teeth…
Pre: Tumhy suna tha?? ( u listened???)
Pus: thora sa!! ? (a little bit…)
Pre: Pushku!!! And she hits her lightly….

Dev and Sona…..
Dev gives a gift box…
Sona: gift? For me???
Dev: Haan! Khol ky dekho… (yeaah.. open it..)
Sona: Aww dev!!! ? Sona
Sona opens the gift box and finds an oscar award (a fake one ?)
Sona raises her one eyebrow and asks dev
Sona: Yeh kya hy??? (Whats that?)
Dev: Oscar! Tumhari kal ki acting ky liye… kya khoob acting ki thi tumny! Mae tou tumhara fan hi hogaya hoon!! ( For ur yesterday’s acting… it was amazing… I have become ur fan…)
Sona: Ehmm… Ehmmm…. Acha Mr.Dixit!
Dev: Don’t call me Mr.Dixit!! ? I am dev for u… ?
Sona: Dev!!! ? she blinks her eyes numerous times with love!!
Dev: Kitni cute lagti ho tum yeh krty huay!!! (U look so cute when u do this…)
Sona: Yeh oscar aap ky liye!!!!
Dev: Why for me???
Sona: Kyn ky aap mujhse zaida achi acting krty hain…. Mr.Dev Dixit…
Dev sees sona and smiles… Sona gives a smile back…
Atlast the 3 families were asked for the family photo………

And after that they live happily ever after… Maybe ? because I never think after this so IDK that how they live their lives ?

My ff comes to an end today… an I know many of u didn’t like the end but still…. It was great experience writing this one because I never knew that my ff can get much comments and people will like it this much… I never knew that I’ll be making people laugh like a mad person? but u all guys were amazing……..
I am thankful to every single one of you…..

And the one who comments on my ff I know u all also writes ff and I read them but sorry for not commenting on them but I want let all the writers know that they are beautiful writers, their stories are amazing, their twists and turns are just…. amazing…. I am sorry for not replying anyone of u on my previous part… ?
I hope that no one minds it…
I love u all..
I will write again if I get time with a new story…
God bless u all…
Till then take care
Bye… ???

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  2. Ariana

    Wow…It was sooo funny. I really enjoyed it. Sona with great acting skills (Where was gareeb ki beti to catch her?) Pushkar nd books!!! LAMO. Nd Sumo’s heels. Yah true Shravan itna lamba jo hai. But heels r soooo not her type. I loved it. Finally not an emotional OS but a funny one. Keep writing more. Love u

  3. Fati

    Tu has mentioned this part as episode 1 but this is the last!!! ?

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  5. Aaru

    Awesome as always..I’ll really miss was always funny..

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