Jodiyaan (Couples) EDKV and KRPKAB Part 5


Thats a very long epi…
Sorry for not uploading the episodes for many days as I was having my exams and when I decided to upload I copied it and from a click, it was deleted… It take me 2 days to write it again…

Sona: aik min(one min)
Dev: kia hua? Darr gaye? (what happened? Did u got afraid)
Sona: nothing like that!!! Marny se pehlay aakhri khwahish tou pooch lo! ( ask last wish before dying)
Pree: and if u don’t then hum khud bata dete hain! ( we will tell by ourself)
Sumo: hum uss ky samny maren gy jis ko hum pasand krty hain!
And they shuffled so that shr, dev and push comes infront of sumo sona and pree respectively……
And they drink that poison…. Boys were shocked and their voice didn’t come out of their mouth they were numb….
And the girls started to feel dizzy and atlast they fainted….
The girls fainted in such a direction that sona fell in shr direction, sumo fell in push direction and pree fell in dev direction so to prevent them falling the boys have to hold them….
Well the boys were shocked….
Was it their end? Well no 😉
It was all their plan……

Sumo: ye dekho!! ( see this)
Sona: poi….son…. Poison?? Tumhara matha kharab? ( are u crazy?)
Pree: di hum kyn mar jayein?? ( why should we die?)

Sumo: sona di and peeti ye poison nhi hy!! Ye sirf poison ki bottles hain… Iss mae se mae ny poison nikal kr paani bhar diya hy!!!!!! (it is not poison.. these are just the bottles of poison.. I have spilled out the poison and filled it with simple water…)

Sona: acha magar ye sab kyn?? ( Oh! But why u did this all?)

Sumo: dekho behno… larkon se poochni hy unn ki feelings that waqai the one we r going to engage love us or there is something fishy there too… tou ye poison bottles. Mtlab we act to drink them and Agar jin se hum pyar krty hain they stop us then they love us too…..

Pree: wao di kia idea hy!

Sona: ruko… drama krna hy tou zara hifi type karo!! (if u want to do a drama then do a hifi type)
Sumo: mtlab?

Sona: hum ye pee lein gy aur behosh hojayein gy aur phir aisi direction mae giren gy that humy wo hold Karen jin se hamari engagement horhi hy… mtlab mae shr ki direction mae… sumo pushku ki direction mae… aur pree dev ki direction mae…. Aur phir agar dev mujhy ly shr se…. shr le sumo ko push se…. and push le preeti ko dev se then they love us……… ( we will drink this and will faint and will fall in the direction of those to whom we are getting engaged, if they change their places means dev comes to me, Shravan goes to Suman and Pushkar comes to Preeti then this means that whom we love they love us too)

Pree: Can I have a right to add something more in that??
Sona and sumo: yup dear!!

Pree; ab hum behosh hogain tou… tou tab tak nhi uthein gy jab tk the respective boys don’t confess…. ( we will not get up until the respective boys don’t confess their feelings)

Sona: done
Sumo: done
Pree: done…………
And then they share a a highfive…………

The boys were really worried… they saw that they r holding the wrong girls so they changed their places…
The girls were doing brilliant acting and everything was happening according to their plan…
Dev: sona utho na… ( sona wake up)
Shr: sumo ankhen kholo plz aur else… ( sumo open ur eyes or else)
Push: preeti ankhen kholo na utho plzz ( preeti open ur eyes plzz wake up)
The girls were controlling their laughs….
Dev: sona utho yr I love u so much… mae tumharey bina zinda nhi reh skta hoon ( sona wake up I love u soo much.. I can’t live without u)

Shr: sumo I too love u! I am nothing without u…..

Push: mae bhi preeti….

Preeti: mae bhi kya? Sahi se bolo u love me or not? ( I too what?Say it do you you love me or not)

And the boys were shocked! Their tears stopped in their eyes.. pushku look towards preeti while dev and shr look push and pree..

Push: tum zinda ho?
Pree just realize wht she have done!

Pree: n… hi… nhi t…t..tou… meri rooh tumse bat kr hi hy! (no my spirit is talking to u…)

Push: what?

Preeti open her eyes and stands up..

Pree: sona di sumo di utho na…..

Sona and sumo didn’t wake up!!!

Pree: di utho na… hum pakry gaye hain…

The boys shockingly looks at preeti and the other two girls…

Sona and sumo wake up this time…

Sona: preeti tumi ki koche ( preeti what u did?)
Pree: sorry di…

The boys were shocked..

Dev: ye sab kia tha?? ( what was all that?)
Pree: dev bhaiya… Natak ( drama..)

Shr: what
Pree: haan sona and sumo ka masterplan…. I just helped them a little…

Sumo: Preeti…
Preeti: ji di? (yes di)
Sona: koi aur raaz bhi kholdo!(If there is any secret left tell it too)
Sumo: ye bhi bata do unn bottles mae kia tha! ( Tell them too that what was in those bottles..)
Pree: haan batati hoon.. shr dev pushkar bhaiya!!! ( okay I’ll tell)
Push: tum ny mujhy bhai banadia????( You made me brother too)
Pree: tumhe nhi bola bhaiya… Dev aur shr ko bola hy pagal… haan mae keh rhi thi ky unn bottles mae zehr thori tha.. paani tha bus….( I didn’t call you brother. I called Shravan and Dev as brother. You crazy. Okay so I was telling that there was no poison in those bottle it was just simple water)

Dev shr and push: what???
Sona: yahan koi deewar hy jis se mae ja kr apna sar marloon…( is here any wall so I can hit my head to it)

Dev: sar baad mae marna… pehly ye batao ye sab kia tha??? ( Hit you head later first tell what was all this?)
Sumo: mr.dixit aapki choti behn ne sara raaz khol tou dia hy… (Mr Dixit, your sister has opened the whole secret what else now?)
Shr: mtlab wo sahi keh rhi ha?? Ye tum dono ka plan tha?? (Means Preeti is saying truth. This plan was made by you too)
Pree: haan na shr bhaiya… magar 90 % sona di ka tha…( yes Shr brother. But 90% plan was of Sona di)
Sona: preeti!!!!!!!

Dev: sona tumhara?? ( sona yours?)
sona: jii…..
Push: I love u pree.. tum kitni bholi ho….. ( how innocent you are)
Pree: I too love u pushku….
Dev: tou miss.bose aap apni safai mae kuch kehna chahen gi…??( So Miss Bose would you like to say something?)
Sona: yehi ky yeh sab aap logon ki wajah se kia humny… ap loag kuch bolty he nhi thy…. ( yes that all this was done because of you all… You all don’t say anything)
Shr: tou sona tum teen bol dete….( So you 3 can say it)
Sumo: hum larkiyaan hain….(we are girls)
Push: tou…(so)
Pree: tou yeh ky larky pehlay bolty hain…(so this that boys say first)
Dev: kisny kaha??(Who says)
Sona: humny…(we say)
Push: ahhhh!!! Aap aurton se argument mae jeetna… ek dum impossible… (winning argument with woman is totally impossible)
Sumo: aurat kisko kaha?? Hum larkiyan hain….(to whom you are calling woman? We are girls)
Shrvan shouted: aik min…. agar argument aur confusion khatam hogai ho tou ghar chal kr bata dein chachi aur ish aunty ko….( one minuteee… If this argument and confession is oven so can we go home now and inform chachi and ishwari aunty abt this)

And then they all go home and told everything….

Fatimagulesarfaraz u were amazing. U predicted correct 😉

P.S: The next epi will be last.. this was second last…

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Ahhhhhh !!!! So finally u posted …
    This ep was full of drama .. lol BHOLI PREETI … she told everything. ??? ..
    Fabbbbbbb ep .. nd the plan .. what a mastermind ..
    u nailed it girl .. keep it uppppp ..
    Nd seriously .. I guessed it right .. woahhhhh !!!! ??
    Post last part sooooooon ..
    Waitingggggggg ..

  2. Manya

    Superbb imagination?????????

  3. Hahaha dramebazz tin unke gadhe bhi tin tin … Itna funny Tha Ki has has ke main ro pari hahaha khikhikhikhi ummmm ummm umm ab nahi hasa jayega …..
    hasi ke sath alvida?- Neeti

  4. Pheonix

    Its Fabulous!!!

  5. Prettypreeti

    Fati it was amazing
    Post next one soon
    Loved it

  6. Aaru

    Damn funny yaar.. aurat kisko bola!! Hahahahaha..

  7. Nandini aka Nandu

    U r too good fati dear?????? what an amazing sense of humor u have
    ???? lots of love. Post soon?

    1. Nandini aka Nandu

      And hats off to u for writing this whole stuff again just for us. You are such a sweetheart?????? lots of love again and sad Ki its gonna end in the next episode only? anyway, post soon.

  8. Marie

    Hahaha fati u have so great imagination yr…..I was laughing so hard…..loved it….!

  9. Oh..shit????
    That’s means..its gng to end so sad…????but..jitney bhi parts tuney likha…
    All are hilarious…????????
    Loved it a lot..

  10. Nikita

    what a imagination yr!
    i was laughing so hard!
    post soon!!

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