Jodiyaan (Couples) EDKV and KRPKAB Part 4

Maa humey ye engagement nhi krni (we don’t want to do this enagement) !!!!! The 3 said to kamini chahchi and ishwari!!!!
Kam: Tou phir? (Then)
Dev: Humay…..humay doosri larkiyan pasand hain!!! (We like other girls)
Ish: Kiaa???? (Wht)
Shr: Mtlab aunty, chachi jis se hamari shaadi horahi hai wo larkiyan shuffle hogaien ( The girls we want to marry have been shuffled)
Kam: Mtlab?????? (Means)
Pus: Mtlab jis se meri shaadi horahi hy mujhy uss nhi shaadi krni mujhy uss se shaadi krni hy jis se bhaiya ki shadi horahi hy!!! ( Means I want to marry the one who is bhaiya is getting married)
Kam and Ish: Haan smjh smjh gaye hum!!! ( okay we understood)
Thank u maaaaaaa
All screamed in happiness
Ish and Kam come to asha and manju
And talk about the misunderstanding!!!!!!
Asha and manju agreed
The jodies still are ghalat!!!! (Wrong)
Kamini and Ishwari understand like this so they set the jodies like this
1) Sona- Shravan Sovan
2) Dev- Preeti Devti
3) Pushkar- Suman Pushman

Now the story become more complicated!!!!!
Manju and Asha told everything to sona, sumo and preeto and they were hell shocked!
Asha and manju leave!!!
Sona: Ye kia hogaya? Shravan???????. (What happened)
Sumo: Pus…….push……pushkar????
Preeto: D…
Sona: Boldo yeh jhoot hy! (Say this is a lie)
Sumo: Meri behna ye sach hy! (No its true)
Preeto: Nhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! (Noo)
Sona: Mae shravan se shaadi nhi krskti!!! (I can’t marry shr)
Sumo:Aur mae pushkar se…..
Preeto: Aur mae dev se!!!

Sona: liken shr mujhy pasand krta hy, push tumko sumo and dev tumko preeto! (But shr likes me, push likes sumo and dev likes u preeto)
Sumo: Aik kaam krty hain! Bata dete hain! (Lets tell)
Sona: Kia? (Wht)
Sumo: feelings!!!!
Pree: Kisko? (To whom)
Sumo: Larkon ko? (To boys)
Sumo tells everything in detail!
The girls call the boys to a place!
They reach and the boys also reach there….
Sona tells everything to the boys!!!! ( about their engagement)
Shr: What?
Dev: kia?
Pus: Mtlab?
Sumo: Dekho pushkar I don’t like u……
Pus: mtlab?
Sona: mtlab ye ky hum tum teeno ko pasand nhi krty! (We three don’t like you three)
Dev: Wh……what????
Shr: ye kia keh rahy ho?
Pus: Sach mae?
Pree: yehi sach hy!
Dev: Dekho…….

Sumo: Mr. Dixit aap dekhiye jab mae
aap ko pasand he nhi krty tou engaement!!!! (You see when i don’t like u how do i get married to you)
Sona: Hum kisi aur se engagement krna chahty hain aur agar hamari uss se engagement na hui tou hum…….. (we want to engage some one else and if we won’t then we will do
sumo, sona and pree: Suicide krlen gy!!!
Boys: sachi???? And then laugh!!!
Pus: tum loag suicide?????
Sona, sumo and pree take the poison bottles out of their bags.
Sona: Dekh lo!!!! (See)
the boys were shocked!
The girls open the bottles and take it near their mouth….

what will happen?
will the girls drink poison? Or the boys will save them!
Sorry for any spelling mistake 🙂

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  1. Nice superb very entertaining I love love love it ??????

    1. Fati

      Thankyou ?

  2. Marie

    Wow fati lovely ep…….haha 😀 no they will definately nt let d girls drink poison….

    1. Fati

      hahaha Wait for the next part ?

  3. Hahaha..loll???
    Yaar..tu.kya..confusion ki been lagti…ho…????
    Such mey..kabhi aatj saath key aathi ho..aur…humey khoobh hasarhi ho..well..
    I think boys will save them…
    This..ff was so sweet of u..thanks for this..☺☺☺

    1. Fati

      Hahahaha. ? Thankyou

  4. itni si episode ye kiya ha abhi to shuru hua tha khatam bhi hogaya thats not fair

    1. Fati

      Suspense rakhna tha na islye yaha end krna para

  5. Yaar..spelling mistakes k liye sorry..idk..y its happening..I hope u understood wt I said..

    1. Fati

      Haan I did.
      Koi baat nhi Sona ?

  6. OMG so much confussion ……plz plz plz sona, sumo, preeti dont drink the poison

    1. Fati

      Umm lets see what they do ?

  7. I hve an awesome imagination

    1. Fati

      Thankyou Ayushi ☺

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Oooops hahahaha !!!! Sorry sorry bt this ep was fabulous .. luv it .. nd lol the poison part .. I think they won’t hv poison .. they hv water in their bottles … they r just testing their reaction …
    Post soon ..!!
    Stay blessed ..!!

    1. Fati

      Thankyouuu ?.

  9. Barah funny epi tha, loved it-Neeti

    1. Nandini aka Nandu

      When are you gonna post the next part dear? Aur pls bata na n class r u?? Are u a bangladeshi?? Coz ur name seems hindu one??

      1. Fati

        Nandini is that comment for me or Neeti? Sorry it is not for me pr I thought pochlun coz if this is for me and I dont ans it, tou acha nhi lagega ?

    2. Fati

      Thankoo Neeti ?

  10. Nandini aka Nandu

    Really really hilarious fati dear. Just just love ur sense of humour. You are too gooood. Maine yeh bilkul bhi nahi socha tha ki jodiyan will shufflr again. I was hell shocked and laughed hard. U are too gud. Eagerly waiting for the next part. Keep writing. Lots of love, post soon.

    1. Fati

      U loved it? Thankyou ?.
      Next will be posted soon.

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    hahah funny yaar fati

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