Jodiyaan (Couples) EDKV and KRPKAB Part 3


Sorry for being late. As I was so busy and when I decided to upload TU website was not working.

Precap: Pushkar and preeti meeting. Kamini likes preeti and sona and ishwari likes sumo and decided to make them as their DIL’s. Love confession between sona, sumo and preeti and dev, shr and push.

Chachi thought that preeti and sona are sisters. Chachi take sona’s home number from pushkar and called her .
Asha: Hello?
Kam: Ji mae Kamini baat kr rhi hoon? ( I am Kamini)
Asha: Kon Kamini? ( Who)
Kam: Pushkar ki mother. Jis ky hosp mae Sona kaam krti hy!! (Pushku’s mother in which hosp. sona works)
Asha: Acha! Acha! Kaisy ho aap? Kaisy phone krna hua?( Okay okay! how are u? How did u call)
Kam: Ji ma theek hoon. Darasal baat yeh hay kay mujhy aap ki betiyaan Sona aur Preeti pasand hain apnay beton ky liye! ( I am fine! The real thing is that I want your daughters preeti and sona for my sons as their brides)

Asha: Yeh tou bht achi baat hy magar ji…. preeti hamari beti nhi hy sona ki bht achi dost hy. Meri dost ki beti hy ( This is good but preeti is nt my daughter. she is my friend’s daughter)

Kam: Tou aap unn ko batadijiye and unn ko kisi din apny ghar pr bula lijiye tou mae ghar aakar rishta maang loongi… ( Please tell her do I will come to your home and ask for the alliance)

There Ishwari take sumo’s home number and call asha and talk the same!
Asha tells them both the same date.
They come with their sons and asha and manju( preeti mother) sees them and they like the boys. Sona , sumo and preeti come and saw dev, shravan and pushkar respectively. They thought that they are here for them so they said yes and so as boys and this how from Ghalat Fehmi (Misunderstanding) the alliances got fixed!!!!!!!

A day before from their engagement they get to know the truth and they were like
Sona: Pu…..Push…….. Pushkar sir?? Mery….. nhi nhi nhi boldo yeh jhoot hy!!! Yeh sunany se pehly mae andhi, behri aur goongi kyn hogai!!!!! (What ? please say this is false! Why I didn’t got blind and deaf before listening this.)
Sumo:Apna chor sona! Mera soch? Mr….. Dixit??? Agar ghalti se bhi meri unn se shaddi hogai tou socho hum dono tou case case khelen gy!!!! (Leave it sona! Think of mine… If I and dev get married then we will play case case…)
Sona: Ayee! Sumo! Mery devv se shaddi ka na sochna! wo mera hy!!! ? (Sumo please don’t think of marrying my dev. He is dev)
Sumo: Pata hy pata hy mujhy bhi uss overconfident lawyer se shaddi nhi krni mujhy tou shravan se………… (I know! I also don’t want to get married to that overconfident lawyer. I wnnt shravan….)
Sona: Cutting her… Mery dev ko overconfident na bolo! (Dont call my dev over confident)
Preeto: tum dono chup raho mera socho wo shravan lambo kahin ka. Kahan wo qutub minar kahan mae taj mahal!!! Haye mera pushkar! Hamari tou height bhi same hy !!! (You both stay quiet! Think of mine. Shr is a qutub minar and i am a taj mahal…. My pushkar. Even we both have same heights)
Sumo: Preeti mery shravo ko kuch na bolna!!! Ab lamba hy tou hy!!! Zaida complan pee liya ( Dont say anything to my shr… now he is tall so what??? He drink enough complan!!!)
And the 3 girls cry like babies!!!
Push: Meri preeti??????? Shravan ki dulhan!!!!!
Shravan: Meri sumo???? Dev ki dulhan!!!!!
Dev: Meri sona????? pushkar ki dulhan!!!!
Pushkar: Agar meri… preeti se shaadi nhi hui na!!!! Tou…… tou!!!! (If i do not get married to preeti then…)
Shr: Suicide??? ( serious from crying)
Push: Nhi bhai! Mae kisi se shaadi nhi karonga! (I wont marry anyone)
( imagine him saying this coverting from crying to a serious one)
Dev: haan phir theek hy pushkar!!! Mae pagal hojaon ga. (I will get mad)
Pus: Kyn bhai? (Why)
Dev: Agar meri sona se shaadi na hui! (If i do not get married to sona)
Shr: Phir tum bhi nahi shaadi krogy???(then u also wont marry anyone)
Dev: Mae pagal hojaon ga! Ab pagal ka kia bharosa!!!! ?? (Mad person xan fo anything)
Shr: Aur agar meri shaadi sumo se nhi hui tou……….(if i wont get married to sumo then…)
Pus: Bhaiyya!!! Aap humko chor kr nhi jaskty!!! Mae kaisy zinda rahoon ga???(no bhaiya! You cant leave us! How will i live?)
Shr: Aray pagal? Rulay ga kia??? Agar shaadi nhi hui tou na mae qad chota krloon ga!!!! (No i will make myself small)
Dev: Wo kaisy? (How will u do that)
Shr: Pata nhi!!!! 😉
Pus: I luv u bhaiyya!!! Phir aapko gardan ooper utha kr nhi dekhna paray ga!!!!
And so this pagalpan ka drama continue…..
Basically everyone was talking insane so they also dont know what they were saying…
So kia shaadi hojayegi?????
rahengy aik?
ya badl jaein gi jodiyaan?
i am sorry if there is any mistake. I wrote while listening songs so…..

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hahahaha hahahaha. ???? !!!! Ooopsssssss sorry sorry bt this ep was hilarious …. MashaAllah u got amazing sense of humour …. amazing ep … luv it luv it luv it ?? … u r just fab dear just fab … huge round of applause for the sense of humour u got ????????????????????????? … post next part very soon … I can’t wait ..
    Stay blessed !!!!

    1. Fati

      Soo much love in one comment ?. Thank you sooo much Fatima. I will post the next episode soon in sha Allah.

  2. ur ff is boring

  3. Vinya

    This was the most hilarious ff that I’ve ever read ?????……. Amazing……. Write the next episode soon…. Honestly I can’t wait to read the next episode…. Thnq and keep writing….

  4. Marie

    It WS toooo tooooo good yr…!!
    I WS laughing lyk mad…! 😀
    Post soon…! Egrly waiting..

  5. Nandini aka Nandu

    You seriously have a really good sense of humour fati. Btw hiw old are u? Really loved their insane talks. Eagerly waiting for the next part. Post it jaldi please.

    1. Fati

      I am going to be 14 this december IA).Thankyou soo much nandu ?. Yes yes i will post it jaldi 😉

  6. Nikita

    I was laughing so hard..very nice.. “Mei apna qad chota kar dunga” you write very. Well post soon…….

  7. Asmita...

    Super funny ?????…. Sumo says dev aur main case case khelenge…. Loved this

  8. Hhahahaha…
    I’m eagerly waiting for next partpart☺☺?

  9. Y don’t u bcm d writer of a comedy show, coz u’re hilarious..super funny

    1. Fati

      hahaha I wish :D. Btw thankyou :*

  10. heyy can you plz give the link of part 1 plzzzzzz

  11. heyy can you plz give the link of part 1 plzzzzzz

  12. Fati

    Tysm everyone ?. I feel super blessed..
    Vinya, Marie, Nikita, Asmita, Sona, Aaru, Ayushi thankyouuu ????

  13. 4nshika

    I think shravan drank an expired complan….It was hilarious 🙂

  14. Neeti

    Oh i love this part main to unka pagal pan soch soch kar has rahi Hu love you di?

  15. It was so hilarious!!! I kept laughing like an idiot on my bed and everyone was stairing at me??? post the next one soon!????

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