Jodiyaan (Couples) EDKV and KRPKAB Part 1


Basically I was writing os but it turn out to be so long so i divided it into parts might be 5 or 6 or more than that! I am writing first ff on edkv. I have written 2 ff on krpkab. Idk whether u will like it or not.

Decorations were going on and the whole house was screaming (the people) ‘udhar light kyn nhi lagai?’ (Why light is not there?)
Udhar phool nhi lagy ( The flowers are not there)
And many other voices were goonjna
‘Chachi itni tension kyn lerhi hain’ ? ( Why are u taking so much tension?)
A tall boy come there and asked her.
(All of you have guessed whom I am talking about ?)

Chachi: Kuch bhi! Ainvi! ?Shravan puttar kyn na loon mae tension hain teri, dev aur pushkar ki sagai hy. Ab agar teri maa iss duniya mae nhi hy tou kia hua mae teri maa jaisi hoon na (Shravan son, wht shouldn’t I take tension its yours, dev and pushku’s engagement. If your mother is not alive that what happens, I am like your mother) ( Actually Shravan’s mother is dead ?)
Shravan becomes emotional
Chachi: Aray kyn ro rha hy puttar ja jaky taiyar ho ja( Why are u crying son go and get ready)
Ishwari: Jao jao dev bhi taiyar hony gaya hy ab mae bhi tumhari maa jaisi hi hoon na( Go Go dev get ready, dev has also gone. Atlast, I am also like your mother)
Shravan go.
Shravan and Pushkar are brothers and Dev is their cousin
Dev Dixit
Shravan Malothra
Pushkar Malothra

Dev is a lawyer
Shravan is a bussinessman
Puskhar is a doctor and own a hosp.
The three are getting ready and remember their love story….
Dev: Yaad hy tumhy jab hum larkiyon se pehli baar milay thy ( Do you remember when we meet the girls for the first time?)
Shravan and Puskhar together: Yea we do! Kitni baar yaad dilao gy? ( How many times will you make us rememver that?)
Dev: Okay!! Baba Ab nhi ( Not now)
And then the scene shifts to the girls house. ( Ofcourse there are three heroes and three heroines too)
Sonakshi Bose
Suman Bose
Preeti Tiwari
Sonakshi is a nutritionist

Suman is a lawyer
Preeti is a bussinesswomen
Sona: Yaad hy jab humari pehli wali engagement tay hui thi?? ( Remember when our first engagement got fixed?)
Sumo and preeti give her a look
and then the ladies go in a flashback
Sona applied in Pushku’s hosp. and seeing her record she got the job. She was very happy and when her job was fixed she went to pushku’s room
Sona: Thank u so much Sir.
Pushku: No need
Pushku looked at her and ask her to start her job.

Sumo is fighting a case and opposite her is Dev. Dev was so good in fighting his case but Sumo wins it. After finishing the case
Dev: Congrats Miss Suman Bose
Sumo: Thank u
Dev: Your proofs were awesome
Sumo: Suman Bose kbhi baighar proof ky case nhi larti Mr… ( Suman bose never fights without proofs mr….)
Dev: Dev Dixit
Sumo: Yea
Dev: Over confidence
Sumo: Never mind.

Preeti has signed a contract with shravan’s company.
Preeti: Mr. Shravan Malothra we need good products warna (or) you know
Shravan: Don’t take tension Ms. Preeti.

All 3 had their meetings like this and they all 3 eventually became friends.
One day when dev was at Shravan’s home

Shraman phone rings
Shr: Preeti?????? Ab kya hogaya? (What happened now)
He talks her and comes back
Dev: Kia hogaya???? (what happened?)
Pus: Kon hy yeh preeti????? (Who is this preeti?)
Shr: Na pooch (Don’t ask)
Push: Batao na!! (Tell)
Shr: Aray
Dev: Tell tell!!!! ? (Taunt)
Push: koi…… (any?????) ?
Shr: Tum loag na…..( You people are…) Aisi koi baat nhi hy(There is nothing lyk this)….. she is a client hamari company se contract kiya hy(She has done a contract with our conpany)!!!!! Bus (Nothing much)

Dev and Push: Ooooooooohhhhh ? ( Gives a each other a look)
Shravan hits them with pillow!!!
Dev: Waisy meri bhi aik over confident lawyer se mulaqat hui hy!! ( I have also met an overconfident lawyer)
This time shr and push: Ooooooooohhh (winks)
Dev: Bus lawyer hy usually mery opposite hoti hy!!! (She is just a lawyer, usually she is at my opposite)
Push: ehm…. ehmmm…..
Dev: Pushkarrrrrr…………..
Pushkar: Aray dev bhaiyya! I am just joking… main bhi kisi se mila tha ( I also met someone)
Shr: Phir baat pakki karein ( Then we should talk?)
Push: Kia shravan bhaiyya (What) ??? She just works as a nutritionist in my hospital
Dev: Waisy pushkar naam kia hy? ( what is the name)
Push: Bhaiyya pushkar!!!!
Dev: Tumhara nhi uska ( Yours not, hers)
Push: Aapny bataya? ?
Dev: Suman Bose
Push: Sonakshi Bose
Shr: Preeti Tiwari!
Dev: Tumsy poocha? ( Did we Ask you)
Shr: Iss se pehly ky poochtay, batadiya….(before you ask I told you)
Dev: sonakshi bose, suman bose
Ye behny hoskti hain na? ( they can be sisters)
Shr: Abhi shaadi hui nhi behno ki par gayi! (Winks)
Dev gives him a look

There the girls trio……..
Sona: I have met someone!

Sumo: Kon kon kon????? (Who)
Sona: My boss…. Mr Pushkar Malothra! Aik dum…..
Preeto: Cute?
Sona: Bus krdy behna…… ( Stop this sister) he is okay…
Sumo: Meri bhi mulaqa hui hy aik lawyer se prosecutor lawyer! ( I have also met a prosecutor lawyer)
Sona: You liked him? Baat kron maa se ( Should I talk to mother?)
Sumo: Just a lawyer Sona di……
Preeto: Name?
Sumo: Dev dixit! Acha preeti abhi kisko call ki thi? (whom did u call)
Preeto: Jis se contract kia hy ( Whom with I have sign a contract ) Shravan Malothra naam hy aur sirf contract kia hy! ( shravan Malothra is hss name and I have just signed a contract)
Sona: Kia bola? Malothra? Shravan malothra, pushkar malothra? bhai??( Brothers)
Preeto: pata nhi! (Dn’t know)

Some days passed by and dev’s mother get unwell. He takes her dr.sinha !
Dr. inn ki diet!! ( her diet)
Dev: kia hua? ( what happened)
Dr. Her diet should be controlled mr.dixit else anything can happen.
Dr. I will, thank u dr.

Dev is tensed and suddenly something clicks his mind!
Push: Dev bhaiyya? Kia hua
Dev: tum nay bataya tha ky aik nutritionist tumhary hosp mae kaam krti hy? (u told that a nutritionist works in ur hosp. Can u please send her to my home?)
Push: I will ! But kia hua?
everything okay?
dev: bus maa ki tabiyat thori kharab hogayi! (Maa is ill)
Push: acha bhaiyya mae bhej doonga…..(Okay i’ll send)
Pushku called sona and tells her the situation and she hurries to go to dev’s home. She reaches there and finds dev
Sona: Mr dixit? She stand on the door
Dev: Aap kon?
Sona: Dr. Sonakshi bose
Dev: Pushkar send you?
Sona: No!!! ( she was lost basically)
Dev: Acha! ( he was too…. lost)
It was love at first sight!!!

Dev: Mtlab kia? (what)
Sona: Mtlab…. mtlab…. Mujhy unhon ne hi bheja h

y! ( He sent me)
Dev: Kinho by? (Who sent u)
Sona: Dr.Push……push….kar
Dev: Okay! But kyn bheja? ( why he sent you?)
Sona: Aap se milny keliye!! (to make me meet you)
Dev:hmmmm shayad!!!
(They were both talking insane as pyar mae sab pagal hojatay hain!)
Dev: What? I am sorry kaam ky zaida stress ki wajah se sab kuch ulta ulta bol raha hoon . Meri maa ki tabiyat sahi nhi hy! (I think that I am speaking everything wrong because of stress of work. My mother is not feeling well)
Sona also come out of pyar ka pagalpan
Sona: Ji ji! Dr. Pushkar na bataya tha. Aap ki mother kahan hay? (Where is ur mother)
And then dev take her to his mother. Dev cant stop himself from staring sona and the same was happening with Sona. She talk to her mother and dev asks her to work in his house until his mother gets well. She agrees.

Shravan calls dev the same day and asks for a defence lawyer.
Dev: Kia hua? ( what happenedl
Shr: Some bussiness issues so lawyer chahiye? Can u fight my case?
Dev: I can’t as I am a prosecutor lawywer
Shr: Kisi ko janty ho?(do u know anyone)
Dev: Hmmm…. nhi…… balky aik min Suman , Suman Bose defence lawyer hy uss ko poochta hoon
Shr: Hmmm please haan and thank u
Dev: Dosti mae no sorry no thank u.
Dev calls sumo and tell her about shravan. He asks her meet him fast ASAP. She asks for the address and leaves for his house.
Shravan was sitting in the lounge. Sumo knocks on the door. He sees her and……. really fall for her like really. He fall on the ground and sumo rushes for his help but also fall for him .And she also really fall fall for him. Before she helps him shee also falls near him. Both laugh and then stands up.
Sumo: Hi I am Suman Bose
Shr: Shravan Malothra
(Both shake hands)
Sumo: Suman Malothra ( she mutters to herlself)
Shr: Aap ne kuch kaha? (Did u say something)
Sumo: Nahi! Wo aapka case?
Shr: Kaisa case? (Aap ko dekh kr tou mae apna case bhool gaya! Mutters to himself)
Sumo: Wo bussiness wala

Shr: Haan Haan wo hy mae batata hoon na ( I tell u)
He explains the case to sumo
Shr: Smjh aagaya? ( Understood)
Suman: Haan! (Yes)
Shr: Tou larein gi? (Will u fight)
Sumo: Aap ko smjh ky aap se kyn laroon?(why i will fight with ul
Shr: Ji?
Sumo: Sorry! Mae laroon gi case!
Shr: Thank u
Suman: Iss mae thank u kaisa?
Shr: Magar kyn?
Sumo: Kecho na!
Shravan gives a surprised expression!
Shr: Ji???
Sumo: Mtlab kuch nhi

Preeti came to a library and search for a book
Preeti: Kahan hy? Kahan hy? ( where it is)
And she finds the book in someone’s hand.
Preeto: Excuse me! Mujhy yeh book chahiye! ( I want this book)
Guess who was him?

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