Jodhaa Akbar 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Jodhaa Akbar 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Jodhaa Akbar 29th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
jodha is terrified and shouts it was her dream masaa comes and says no one is there just calm down nothing has happened. Dadi comes and says nothing will happen to your brother. Masa comes to bharmal and says this doubt is in everybody’s heart that mughal will come someday and give us heads our sons. She ask him to do something. She is worried about shugni bai’s talk of jodha’s fate.Bharmal is thinking deeply and ponders over the words of mughal friend to be friends with jalal. Bharmal says he has to meet him.

Scene 2
adham khan is seen enjoying the dance of the girls he is drinking and enjoying when jalal comes and says stop. He comes adham who sees your are to congratulate me for malwa jalal says Problem comes without telling and knows everything. He puts his

sword on adham’s neck and ask you killed kids, oldies in war? Adham says elephant doesn’t see who is under his feet. Adham ask to lower the sword. Jalal says he is king first than brother. He is about to kill adham when maham comes in between. Sword is on her neck and ask jalal to listen first. Jalal lowers his sword. Maham with tears says that if you kill him what will people say. Jalal says he accepted his crime adham denies. Maham says you are king if you kill him without proof what will people say. Jalal says okay I will get proof first than will decide and he wont allow anyone to kill kids, oldies and women. Adham ask what about harem maham slaps him jalal says women in harem are being won in war and we respect them do not kill them brutely he leaves saying this.


Scene 3
voiceover-maham wiped all proofs against adham.jalal is standing infront of killed womens maham says they were coming in favour of adham but were will killed by someone. Jalal ask for proofs against adham. Maham points to adham and he sits in jalal feet and says sorry forn earlier. Jalal says will not accept brutal killing and i stopped just because of maham but will not spare afterward he leaves. Fb is shown. Maham is same women who says adham killed their friend . Maham tries to bribe them but they ask for jalal maham says you to sacrifice to meet jala and ask resham to kill them for sake of adham he kills them.

Scene 4
adham is angry as jalal insult him infront of everyone even with the fact that he won malwa. Maham ask to calm down. Adham says will cut jalal’s head in war. Maham says jalal is warrior and you are nothing. jalal is everything and you are just small prick. He will sweep you in one move Dont ever think to go for war against jalal he obliges and sits down

scene 5
bharmal in shawl is going somewhere and meet mughal friend and says no one should know that he is ready to meet jalal he not even told his family. Suddenly they hear some noise someone comes it is jodha. Bharmal is shocked to see her and tries to give explanation for deed but jodha stops him from giving any and says you are a king first so first think as king than as father. She does his aarti and wishes him a luck for whatever he is going for.

Scene 6
maham does her prayer and comes to meet maham and informs her that he is going to ajmer. Other side Bharmal and mughal meet some soldiers in their way who informs them about jalal’s visit to ajmer. Mughal comes to meet jalal and updates him with current scenario and informs that amer king bharmal wants to meet him. Jalal is happy and agrees to meet him.

Precap-mughal suggests the idea of getting jodha married to jalal. Bharmal is hell shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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