Jodhaa Akbar 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Jodhaa Akbar 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Jodhaa Akbar 19th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
it is shown that bairam khan has left everything and is leaving for makkah he bids adieu to everyone jalal comes and says you gave me this sword but today i am giving you this for safety but khan baba says you need it more india’s safety is in your hand. Jalal ask to stay back not to leave but he says this is my last wish and i pray you become the best king in the history and do the government with full power. He leave jalal is teary eyed. Maham anga smile victorously.

Scene 2
in amer , everybody is choosing Jewellery for jodha and her sister teases that after ceremony suryabaan will not be able to see jodha. Dadi says she will leave us alone jodha becomes emotional and leaves. Her mother comes to crying jodha and make her sit and says you will welcome your new

life like this. She says she is not going anywhere. jodha emotionally says to her mom why it is so that to go to in-laws girl have to leave parents place. She says to get love of husband girl have to leave parents affection. Why this. Mother says every girl ask this question before marriage but this is irony that God gift daughter which is blessing but she leaves everyone devastated. Do you know how much concerned i am but now suryabaan is there for you i am relaxed. One has to have ship to reach beach bank point and you are near to it you will get much love there that you will forget us we will be waiting for your letter. But jodha says leave letter she herself will come to them.

Scene 3
sukaniya comes and says you both are crying i am very happy as now no will snatch anything from her. Whole jewellery dresses will be for her.She becomes emotional and says she is very happy that you are going now i will rule here will get everything but cries and hugs her. Jodha wipes her tears.

Scene 4
voiceover-someone said it right that you know the worth after you lost it. Jalal is tensed that who will take place of bairam khan .someone says that amer kings came to know about bairam’s leave and is planning against them but jalal says his realm is not weak. Here maham anga is concerned who will be next prime minister as she want it. She try to lust upper body of government that she is on there side so make her prime minister.

scene 5
now adham khan and maham anga is in front of jalal and all suggest the name of shamshuddin both fume. But maham interrupts when she is about to say someone interrupts and says that women can’t talk in between government discussions but jalal interrupts and says she is my mother and can talk. She says that he is finance minister and if he will become prime minister then it will be difficult for him to handle things he will not be able to save boundaries. So jalal says that you are great and think like khan baba why don’t you become the prime minister everybody is stunned. Maham and adham smirks but suddenly maham says she doesn’t want it jalal ask why she says it is awkward to have women in upper body. Now flashback is shown that maham is coconuting plan for this designation. But some bahadur khan from different group listens to their convo. Maham says she has perfect plan. FB ENDS.jalal ask whom she think is competent adham is happy thinking she will take his name but unpredictable maham takes out bahudur’s name he is shocked. Jalal made him prime minister voiceover now enemy of maham is on her side they got to know her power.

Scene 6
bakshi bano(sister of jalal) comes to agra with the news that she lost her husband ibrahim. She is crying badly and jalal says from today you will stay here. Rukiya and she leaves. Jalal says it was sad and ibrahim was too young to die how she will survive without him. Maham evilly thinks that if adham marries bakshi than jalal will be debt and relation will form between and he will bow down forever. Jalal ask for leave and maham says decision should be in favor of adham . She will make sure this happens.

Precap-maham ask to send forces but jalal ask after khan baba whom to trust? She says adham khan. Jodha’s mother give her something(i think poison) you may need it jodha is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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