Jodhaa Akbar 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Jodhaa Akbar 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Jodhaa Akbar 10th July 2013 Written Update

Amer Fort:

Some lady is praising Jodha’s beauty, she says that the jewellery is gifted by her brother Sujamal, she finds her ear ring missing and goes to find it at her mother’s room. She overhears the lady and her mother’s convo and comes to know that it was her mother who sent the letters to her and SB. She is deeply hurt and questions her mother, enquires the reason which spoilt her reputation in front of her brother and father. Finally her mother relents and tells her about the prophecy by Shagunibai. Jodha assures her that she will prefer death and wont ever go to the Mughal’s house as she is a true Rajputani.

Sujamal is conniving with Shareefuddin to topple Amer and take revenge from King Bharmal. Shareef asks him to prove his loyalty by licking his shoes, Sujamal

refuses and tells that its loyalty which he wanted from Mughals and not slavery. Shareefuddin is impressed and strikes friendship, gives him a token and assures him of the right time to start the war.


The ladies from the harem are organising a mela, Meena Bazaar and discussing who will get the best benefit at the hands of Jalal. Whom will Jalal favour and from where will he buy the most.They wonder why Rukaiya is given so much importance than them. Ruqaiya comes there and gives a cold stare at everyone. She tells the eunuch that though she wont put up a stall but still for Jalal –she will be the chosen one.

The ladies are awaiting and Jalal is doing the rounds of the stalls , he doesnt like the shoes which Zeenat shows him and then visits the stall where Ruqaiya is busy having hookah. He asks Ruks why has she not decorated her stall, she states that its the simplicity which counts the most. She tells him that she will show him something which he will buy at any cost. She comes up with pasmeena shawl and tells Jalal about its importance and the goodness. Jalal is in doubt so she makes him wear it, asks him to have hookah and see for himself. Jalal finally agrees that though its old but its really good, she quotes its price to be 1 lakh gold coins, Jalal is surprised but eventualy agrees as he always likes to keep the things he loves. Jalal leaves after giving a final glance at others and then Ruks.

Ruks tells the ladies that they spent their time decorating themselves and the stall but forgot that its only her who knows what Jalal really wants.
One of the ladies tell that very soon Ruks pride will fall.

Precap: MA’s son is torturing someone and the other soldiers are petrified.

Update Credit to: Pollyanna

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