Jodha Akbar….. A revisit (Episode 1)


Location: at sambhar
Jodha is dressed in a beautiful blue saree with a gorgeous necklace multiplying he saree’s beauty….. Anyone who sees her will not be able to take their eyes off her….
Jodha ( in her mind ): I ought to do this. For the protection of aamer I should marry… It’s not even a month after raja suryabhans death… But to give justice to his death I should marry… Don’t know who is the person with whom I am going to share my life…. Surely he must be a good person… The one who will help mee in completing my oath…..
Rani nainaavati arrives and praises jodha’s beauty…

Sukanya(still unknown about the fact that her sister is marrying jalal): jiji what will be the first thing about which you will speak with jijasa????? Will you feel shy or will you speak boldly??? Will you tell him about us??? Or will you be busy talking about yourself???
Shivani: is Jodha jiji a fool to talk about you and waste her time… She will of course speak about their ‘ future’ plans… Na jiji….

Shivani and sukanya smirk….
Jodha: this marriage isn’t a usual happy marriage. It has a very deep cause behind it… I will first thank my husband to give hand to aamer when it was utmost needed…
We suffered a under these mughals who won our continent by unfare tricks and because of which bapusa thinks soojamal bhaisa is wrong….

I wish everything gets fine after thismarriage…..
Nainaavati: what’s the secret thought going on between sisters here
Sukanya: maasa jiji is dreaming about hone wale jijasa….
Nainaavati feels a bit uncomfortable and leaves…

Nainaavati : rajasa its high time we should inform Jodha about whom she is going to marry… ( raja bharmal goes into deep thinking,.) I can understand rajasa that you tried once but don’t you think she should know it now….

Rajasa: you are right Rani.. And leaves towards jodha’s room….
Jodha at the same time remembers the bitter moments one by one,…..
Soojamal bhaisa leaving the palace…
She meeting Jalaluddin Mohammad…..
War raised against her continent…..
Raja suryabhans getting killed…..
Pearls of her tear rolls down her flawless cheeks…. Jodha gently wipes out the tear….

Precap: raja bharmal asks Jodha to be brave… Jodha is blogged by his words…. Shehensha Jalaluddin Mohammad’s entry….

Credit to: Priya

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