Has Jodha Akbar lost it’s charm post leap?


Jodha Akbar is an epic drama set in the sixteenth century, revolving around the political marriage of a Mughal emperor Jalal Uddin Akbar to a Rajput princess Jodha Bai. The show focuses on the path their marriage walks through and their journey of love. Post marriage, Akbar did not know he would in turn be embarking upon a new journey – the journey of true love – he would discover the heart which he never felt he had. The show has been a hit on Zee tv ever since its launch on 18th June 2013. With Akbar and Jodha’s contrast personalities and their love definitions, the show was doing tremendously well. With Rukaiyya’s spice up drama bringing many twists and turns in the show, the viewers had the daily dose of the vamp’s evil plotting.

The birth of Salim was a delight for Akbar, and brought him out of the pain of losing his two sons Hasan and Hussain. Their death track and Rukaiyya’s truth coming out was the high point of the show. Post leap, little Salim is the new eye candy of the show. Akbar and Jodha have got different mindsets and want to do his upbringing their way. This brings a rift between the two. Rukaiyya is still working out to snatch away Salim from Jodha, by cutting her off from his mum, thinking this way she can get Marium uz Zamani place. Rukaiyya is trying to exploit the situation to her advantage by poisoning Salim’s mind. Even the entry of Anarkali did not help in maintaining the TRPs of the show. What do you think about the show losing its charm? Is it because of less of the love story between the leads, and shifting focus to Salim? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. obvioulsy it did brought a drastic chng ,,,jodha’s partial nature,rukaiya’s never ending plans 2 get jodha dwn,jalal in his own world of taking decisions etc…made 2 loose the charm of the shw…y dnt they shw some moral things in d shw so that it grabs d pulse of d audience….never ending plots as such in saas bahu type serials they r turning dis shw too…if d shw continues like the day is no far when it hardly receives any response 4m d viewers….anarkali track is of no use nw cz they r small now…it doesnt help in grabing/gaining any sort of trp’s 4 d shw………………

  2. this show has lost its flavor because the plots are toooooooooooo long and drawn out it is taking tooooooooooo long always to find out who the evil one is making all the mischief and parts are coming tooooooooooo monotonus

  3. I come from indonesia. As this serial is shown at one of our tv station, it becomes soo famous here. We tried to keep watching this serial from youtube and try to understand the dialogue by read from written update.
    But this lately I start feel bored and I have not see this serial again from you tube. Because I think, I love this serial because of love story between Jodha and Akbar. I think now the serial is not showing those thing anymore. Don’t know the focuss

  4. Marina vasanthi

    We fans have said time and again that we wee not in favour of the leap but you guys insisted on going ahead with it. After the consummation epi. there were only a handful of Akdha moments, which were interrupted with Ruks pregnancy and after that all kinds of interruptions, the leaps , after leaps. After the war, Jodha and Jalal reconciliation, pregnancy and Salim’s birth were all done in two episodes. What is the hurry ? You guys should know by now that this show sells becos of Rajat and Paridhi’s chemistry and we look forward to Akdha moments. After the war, Jalal and Jodha’s journey together , their reconciliation and rekindled their love should have been the main focus. But all imporatant scenes like these were omitted and the. After Salim’s birth, the kids track started much to the annoyance of JA fans.. Now Jalal and Jodha look like they always don’t see eye to eye and there are hardly any Akdha moments. Even if there is, it is for a few seconds or minutes. Now, you guys are going for the same track. Looks like , we have to permanently quit the show ! Let the show dip down further at the TRP rating. I’ll just have to see the old JA episodes which were awesome to watch !!

  5. If Ruks isn’t caught red-handed soon, the serial will certainly lose it’s charm!!

  6. sick serial…yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  7. U r Right di ….. I guess RUKS shud be caught red handedly ASAP ….coz her lies are as dark as her lipstick …!

  8. Lol 😀 u are so right ahil and I also agree with di …!!

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  10. This is my favourite serial when i don’t watch others i don’t miss an episode of this…but am tired of Ruks behaviour it’s full time they caught her, more Jalal and Jodha scenes Plz

  11. If I am not mistaken Jodha & Akbar has 13 kids. On this serial we only saw 3 children has born. How if they plan a kind of honey moon trip ? So that we can enjoy their romantic moments together.. Plus magical chemistry through their eyes when they are looking to each others. How melted… ^.^ We will enjoy that scenes a LOT….please…please… please ^.^ Thanks….

  12. What trip ?? I didn’t understood …. And ya this serial has already lost its charm ! Nothing is left to show so the dragging it with useless tracks …. God ekta u suck …. Yuck i hate this serial now

  13. Disgusting negativity.already in life we face much negativity ,and jodha akbar increases it. Peopl want to see just relaxing thr mud and time bt

  14. This show is definitely lost its charm only dragging can be found in the latest episodes
    now the serial sucks . I hate jodha akbar

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